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Modes are the different versions of Yandere Simulator that affect gameplay. They will be fully implemented in the future.

Not to be confused with Easter Egg modes, the two modes of Kuudere Simulator, or the three modes of Kuudere Simulator 2'.

There are currently four planned modes[1] and three implemented modes. All of the modes, excluding Story Mode, will be inaccessible in the demo.[2] YandereDev wants the other modes to take about one month to fully implement.[3]

  • Story Mode
  • 1980s Mode
  • Endless Mode
  • Custom Mode
  • Pose Mode
  • Mission Mode
  • LoveSick Mode


Pose Mode

Main Article: Pose Mode

Pose Mode.

Pose Mode is a mode where the player can pose a selected student in a variety of different ways, such as re-positioning their body parts or changing their hairstyle.[4]

Mission Mode

Main Article: Mission Mode

Mission Mode.

Mission Mode is a mode where the player is given missions in which they need to kill a certain student. Increasing the difficulty level will result in more objectives that the player must complete.[5]

LoveSick Mode

Main Article: LoveSick Mode

LoveSick Mode.

LoveSick mode is a darker version of the main game where mechanics such as Easter Eggs are removed to provide a more serious atmosphere.[6]

Planned Modes

Story Mode

Main Article: Yandere Simulator

Story Mode

Story Mode is the main mode of Yandere Simulator. The player must eliminate ten rivals, one in each week for ten weeks.[7] In the demo, Story Mode will only be one week.[8]

1980s Mode

Main Article: 1980s Mode

A challenging mode where the player plays as Ryoba Aishi, the yandere of 1989, from the Mysterious Tapes.[9] It would have a different story with different rivals and won't be as elaborate as Story Mode.[3] There are no phones, Info-chan, or anything that didn't exist in the 1980s. This mode has stricter school rules and some backstory.[10] It will be unlocked after beating the game for the first time.[3]

Endless Mode

Main Article: Endless Mode

Endless Mode is a mode where there are randomly generated NPCs.[11] Since this mode will never end, the objective is not to "acquire" Senpai but instead achieve the highest score.[12]

This mode may have been renamed to "Random Mode".[13]

Custom Mode

Main Article: Custom Mode

Custom Mode is a mode where the player can customize their rivals, students, and the school. There will not be more than 10 rivals.[14]


  • There might be a mode called "Endless Summer" where the player can continue playing forever, even though there are no longer any objectives. [15]
  • There might also be a mode called "Sandbox Mode" where the player has access to debug commands.[16]
  • 1980s Mode is meant to be the most difficult of them all.[17]
  • In Story Mode, the rivals will remain female, even if there is a female Senpai. In other modes, there might be male rivals instead.[18]