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The main menu in the official demo.

Mission Mode is a mode in Yandere Simulator.

The mode features a storyline that is in a separate reality from the main '202X Mode' in which Ayano plays as a 'killer for hire' employed by Info-chan, who specifically targets students of Akademi.


This mode is accessed through the game's main menu.

In this mode, Ayano will be given a random student to kill. When using Yandere Vision, Ayano's target will be highlighted in red. Depending on the difficulty level, there will be other requirements that she will have to fulfill, such as killing the student with a particular weapon.

The player's objectives for the mission can be seen at any time when the game is paused. Once Ayano has completed all of her objectives, she can exit the school via a portal by the entrance.

If enabled, security cameras and metal detectors will appear in school. Being seen by a camera while acting suspiciously, or brandishing a metal weapon while passing through a metal detector, will cause Ayano to fail the mission. The player must be careful to avoid the cameras, and the metal detectors can be disabled with a screwdriver.

Differences to 202X Mode

  • Sanity based attack animations are default and cannot be turned off, and all of Ayano's stats are also set to "1" by default. 
  • Senpai is dead since Ayano killed him. Ayano does not also have a crush on him in this mode.
  • School Atmosphere is dependent on the difficulty level in this mode.
  • When this mode is active, the player is unable to use debug commands or easter eggs.
  • The default uniform for this mode is Uniform 5. The default soundtrack of the game has also changed to suit a more ominous and foreboding atmosphere.
  • The reputation meter is replaced with an awareness meter. It will increase when students see Ayano acting suspiciously (e.g. holding a weapon). If the awareness meter reaches 100, Ayano will fail the mission as she has blown her cover.
  • Cans of gasoline contain infinite gasoline.
  • Lethal poison only costs 10 Info Points, compared to the 50 in 202X Mode.
  • Osana Najimi and Raibaru Fumetsu's schedules change so they are not with each other. Osana now patrols the school, and Raibaru now mourns at the tree she usually talks to Osana. During the mode, Raibaru uses the Heroic persona, is as strong as Budo Masuta, and will not be able to dodge buckets with any liquid inside, as well as she will have her lunch at afternoon.
  • The player cannot use the "Send Student Home" Service.
  • The delinquents will accept foods from Ayano (such as the Salty Snack).
  • Otohiko Meichi will arrive at school just after the delinquents at around 7:20 instead of at 7:52, walking instead of running.
  • The pink accent colors are replaced with white, and most text uses Arial Bold instead of League Gothic.
  • Ayano can get a student council member fired for 25 info points, which will make the fired student council member a normal student. They will be able to be killed normally as they don't have their pepper spray and will use the Heroic persona if they find a corpse or witness a murder. They will also have lunch in the Student Council Room.
  • The Photography Club will eat lunch even if the atmosphere is 80% or lower.
  • Miyuji Shan and Gema Taku will eat lunch instead of being in their club rooms.
  • You don't have to befriend Osana or have your reputation high enough to send her to her locker.
  • NPCs get annoyed much faster than in Story Mode, as standing near them for a few seconds will annoy them.
  • The Delinquents, Horuda Puresu, and Spiteful students will react positively to notes on the topic of 'bullying'.
  • Ayano starts with $20.00 instead of 10.

Difficulty Levels

When starting this mode, the player can change the mission's difficulty level. There are 10 levels, and each level will add one unique step that Ayano will have to complete to complete the mission. If Ayano does not complete all of the steps given, she will fail the mission.

The difficulty level will also affect the school's atmosphere, with higher difficulty levels resulting in a lower school atmosphere, making it harder for Ayano to go unnoticed.

Custom Missions

If the player goes to the 'Design Mission' option on the Mission Mode menu, they will be able to design their own missions. Players are able to choose factors such as the difficulty, objectives and their target.

In addition to this, players are also able to create a unique 19 digit code for their missions, meaning that the missions can be shared. To access it, the player must go to the 'Load' option on the main menu and type the code, known as a Mission ID, into the box.


Main Article: Nemesis

If enabled, Nemesis will appear on school grounds and will actively try to hunt and kill Ayano.


Icon Objective Description
Mission Mode objective 1.png You must kill the target with a knife/katana/syringe/pair of scissors/box cutter/screwdriver/circular saw/occult ritual knife/baseball bat/shovel/dumbbell/axe/magical girl wand. The player must use the requested weapon to kill their target.
Mission Mode objective 2.png You must kill the target while wearing a school uniform/swimsuit/gym uniform/painter's smock/martial artist's gi. The player must kill their target while wearing the requested clothing.
Mission Mode objective 3.png You must dispose of the target's corpse by incinerating it/shredding it/burying it. The player must dispose of the target's corpse with the requested method.
Mission Mode objective 4.png Kill ONLY the target. The player must kill only their target.
Mission Mode objective 5.png No witnesses. The player cannot be seen by other students or faculty members while killing someone or carrying a corpse.
Mission Mode objective 6.png No corpses discovered. No students, faculty or security cameras may find a corpse.
Mission Mode objective 7.png Dispose of the murder weapon. The player must dispose of the weapon used to kill the target.
Mission Mode objective 8.png Clean all blood The player must clean any bloodstain left on the school grounds.
Mission Mode objective 9.png Complete the mission within 10 minutes. The player must complete the mission within the time limit.
Mission Mode objective 10.png Don't let students observe your suspicious behavior. The player cannot be seen by students or faculty members while doing any activity considered suspicious.
Mission Mode objective 11.png Don't let security cameras observe your suspicious behavior. Security cameras will appear on school grounds. The player must be careful to not be seen by them while doing any activity considered suspicious.
Mission Mode objective 12.png Don't pass through metal detectors while carrying a weapon. Metal detectors will appear on school corridors. The player can't go through them carrying the knife, ritual knife, scissors, katana, box cutter, shovel, dumbbell, axe, or screwdriver. The screwdriver can be used to disable metal detectors.
Mission Mode objective 13.png You are not allowed to speak to any students, except for club leaders. The ability to talk with students is disabled. It is still possible to talk with Shoku Tsuburaya, Tsuruzo Yamazaki, Shin Higaku, Geiju Tsuka, Miyuji Shan, Budo Masuta, Fureddo Jonzu, Kaga Kusha, Gema Taku, Uekiya Engeika and Itachi Zametora.
Mission Mode objective 14.png You must find a key, unlock a safe, and steal documents from it. A safe and its key will appear in the Headmaster's Office. The player must take this key, open the safe and steal the documents inside.


In this mode, the player would be able to kill at most 10 students in missions.

Failing to follow the objectives of the elimination method in Multi Missions will result in the multi-mission failed.



Drowning The player can complete this elimination method by sending a note to their locker or put an emetic poison to the student's bento. And there, it is possible to drown them.
Crushing The player can complete this elimination method by sending a note to their locker, and meet them at the outside cafeteria. And there, the player would be able to crush that student.
Poison The player can complete this elimination method by putting a lethal poison in the student's bento, and that student will be poisoned.
Push The player can complete this elimination method by sending a note to their locker, and meet them at the rooftop, and they will fall to death. And there, the player would be able to push that student.
Attacking The player can complete this elimination method by attacking students instantly.
Electrocution The player can complete this elimination method by sabotage the water sink, give the salty snack to students, and they will be electrocuted. Kenko Sukoyaka cannot be killed in this method, as he rejects a salty snack from Ayano, but he can still be electrocuted by the other electrocution elimination method.
Burning The player can complete this elimination method by setting a trap of bucket that contains gasoline, and when students got splashed with gasoline, and pass through the candle, they will burn to death.

1980s Mode

YandereDev has confirmed on his Patreon that there will be something similar to Mission Mode for 1980s Mode, though he hasn't disclosed any details yet.[1]


  • This mode was added in the November 15th, 2016 Build.
  • This mode was inspired by the escalation missions in the Hitman (2016) video game.[2]
  • Senpai and Kocho Shuyona do not appear in this mode.
    • As of August 1st, 2019, it has been revealed through the official manga "Retribution" that Senpai was Ayano's first target in this timeline and that his sister Hanako Yamada became Nemesis to get revenge.[3]
  • YandereDev has mentioned several features he would like to add to Mission Mode, in the event it gains more popularity:
    • A leaderboard system, where players can share their scores
    • Achievements, that players can earn by doing certain tasks

'How To Hentai Without Hentaing'. December 16th 2016 Build - April 2021 Builds

  • The awareness meter, metal detectors, security cameras, the safe and Nemesis were implemented in the December 16th, 2016 Build.
  • The previously removed book, 'How To Hentai Without Hentaing' by Senpai, is found inside the safe during this mode.
    • It was removed again in April 2021 Builds due to YandereDev's negative feedback.
  • In the March 15th, 2020 build, the "Aggression " condition for nemesis was added. If activated, Nemesis will become aggressive and run towards Ayano when she sees her.
  • In the above build, Nemesis' path finding has improved and she can spot the player from even further away.
  • As of the May 17th, 2022 build, Raibaru Fumetsu will have lunch instead of crying at the tree.
    • The reason she is depressed in Mission Mode (and likely the Alphabet Killer Challenge too) is because she had an argument with Osana and they are no longer friends[4].