LMC Mirror

The mirror in the Light Music Club. October 21, 2018.

The mirror is an object that allows the player to change Ayano Aishi's outward persona.


The mirror is a small wall mirror hung in the Light Music Club room. It has a wooden frame.

As of the March 6th, 2018 Build, there are also mirrors in each bathroom. The mirrors are rectangular and have no frame. They don't reflect the room, like the one in the Light Music Club does.

There are also two mirrors near the stairs, by the Science Club, which also reflects. One is by a small table with a potted plant, the other is in front of an empty table.


Photo 1-1561284330

The mirror in the bathrooms.

The mirror can be found in the Light Music Club room and in every bathroom, as well as two by the stairs leading to the rooftop, (the Occult Club members investigates one of the mirrors). When the player moves closer to it, it will give them the option to cycle through eleven different persona poses for Ayano, including her default pose.

Different persona poses will provide different benefits to Ayano while the specific pose is active.

Changing your persona to "Tough" is an important step in joining the Delinquents.

Persona Pose Grants Benefit From Benefit (and Potential Deficit)
Default No Students None.

Art Club.
Science Club.
Teacher's Pets.

They will take longer to notice Ayano.

If they notice Ayano behaving suspiciously will decrease her reputation by half of the normal rate.

They give more reputation points to Ayano when complimented by her.


Gaming Club.
Photography Club.
Social Butterflies.


Heroic students.
Martial Arts Club.


Drama Club.


Social Butterflies.
Cooking Club.


Gardening Club.




Light Music Club.
Social Butterflies.
Sports Club.


Occult Club.


Spiteful students.


Every student.

Doubles Ayano's reputation penalty when her suspicious behaviour is noticed by other students.


  • The mirror was implemented in the March 28th, 2017 Build.
    • It was improved in the March 6th, 2018 Build.
  • If the player activates the Delinquent Team Skull Easter Egg, they will be able to access one other pose, this being the dance the delinquents do.
  • The “Scholarly” pose used to be called “Bookworm”.
  • Some NPCs use some of the poses.


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