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Midori Gurinishi

Student Info
Role Student
Class 1-2
Club Gaming
Persona Phone Addict (2/2/18)

Social Butterfly (2/1/2016-2/2/18)
Loner (8/12/2015 – 1/15/2016)

Crush None
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1
Games Yandere Simulator

Midori Forest

Voice Cait Myers/Mom0ki[1][2]

Midori Gurin, whose real name is Midori Gurinishi, is one of the female students who attends Akademi.

She's the former leader of the Gaming Club and also stars as the main antagonist of Midori Forest. She was the second student to be introduced as an Easter Egg after Pippi Osu.


Midori wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player.

She has green hair and eyes. She has a bust size of 1.

Midori's first hairstyle was waist-length and green with bangs parted evenly on both sides. Midori's panties were changed to green for the "Senpai Customization Update" because of a Twitter conversation.[3] They were later changed back to white because YandereDev was waiting for some panty models that can be attached to a girl's body.[4] Her stockings were green but were also changed to white socks, most likely for similar reasons. She was the first student to have different colored panties. As of the August 15th, 2016 Build, she once again had green stockings and panties.

In the November 15th, 2015 Build, her hairstyle was later changed to one similar to Ayano's hairstyle. With straight-cut bangs, her hair was longer, and not tucked back into a ponytail. YandereDev thought the old hairstyle was ugly.[5] He would like Midori's hairstyle to look a specific way, but there are no volunteers to work on this.[6]

Her hairstyle as of the January 1st, 2016 Build had her hair in the back go to her elbows. On her left and right side, she had some hair that went to her elbow while some of it only went down to her chin. Her bangs were cut short and met in the middle.

As of the February 8th, 2016 Build, Midori has bangs parted in the middle with hair that ends right below her busts.

As of the October 15th, 2017 Build, Midori's stockings have been replaced with short green socks.

As of the August 18th, 2018 Build, she has a red bandana tied around her phone, symbolizing her membership in the Gaming Club.

As of the May 2nd, 2019 build, her socks have changed colour to match her hair.


Official Website

"A very curious and inquisitive girl.

She has gained a reputation for constantly asking foolish questions, which can often irritate her teachers and fellow classmates.

Claims that she is a video game character who can see beyond the fourth wall of the game she's in, but has given up trying to convince people to believe her."[7]


"Known for irritating her classmates and teachers by constantly asking foolish questions. Stubbornly insists that she is a video game character who can see beyond the fourth wall of the game she's allegedly in."


Midori striking a cute pose.

Among the personas that are currently implemented, Midori is a Phone Addict. She will happily pose for a picture if Ayano aims her phone at her. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will take a photo and text it to the police. She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers.

She is known for irritating her classmates and teachers by constantly asking foolish, stupid, and sometimes rhetorical questions. She also insists that she is a video game character who can see beyond the fourth wall of the game she is in, according to her Student Info. Her character is part of a running gag in some of the videos YandereDev uploads, where she was created to personify a person spamming YandereDev with useless emails, which explains her personality.[8]

According to YandereDev, Midori is very stupid.[9] Her parents might be exactly the same as her.[10]

Although she is a joke character, Midori still has her own interests. Midori's favorite foods and drinks will be anything green, such as lettuce, green tea or spinach. On that note, when she eats M&M's, she only picks out the green ones because they "taste better".[11] She also loves nature.[11]


Midori's default reputation is -20.

Midori's reputation graph.

Liked: -50

Respected: -10

Feared: 0


Before the June 29th, 2016 Build, she would instantly spawn on the rooftop at 7:04 AM and stayed there throughout the entire day in a similar fashion to how Rival-chan stands under the cherry tree. Unlike Rival-chan, Ayano can interact with Midori like a normal student. After the June 29th, 2016 Build, Midori would walk into school and stay on the rooftop all day.

Midori playing an augmented reality with the Gaming Club.

As of the October 1st, 2017 Build, Midori enters the school grounds at 7:03 AM. She walks to her locker at 7:05 AM and changes from her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes. At 7:15 AM, she walks to the rooftop and falls off, landing on her feet. After she falls off, she walks back to the rooftop. At 8:00 AM, Midori walks into Classroom 1-2 and sits at her desk. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM and leaves to go to the Rooftop at 1:00 PM.

Midori walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates in cleaning time between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM. Afterwards, she heads to her locker and changes from her indoor shoes to her outdoor shoes.

In the July 24th, 2016 Build, she types on her cell phone whilst talking about the emails that she's sending.

As of the February 3rd, 2018 Build, she no longer mutters while texting.

As of the August 18th, 2018 Build, Midori now plays an augmented reality game with Mai, Ryuto, and Pippi.

As of March 22nd, 2021 Build, Midori spends her time conversing with Mai instead of spending her time playing augmented reality game with Ryuto and Pippi. She no longer participates in cleaning time as she will also use this time to converse with Mai.


The topics towards Midori are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Drama
  • Violence
  • Reading
  • Gossip
  • Solitude


  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Cosplay
  • Memes
  • Friends


  • Everything else.


  • She was implemented on August 12th, 2015 Build.
  • Her name, Midori (緑), means "green" in Japanese, referencing her green color scheme. Her last name is adapted from the katakana transcription of the English word "green", グリーン (gurīn). This means that her name is "Green Green" in English.
    • This was changed on the July 1st update, where her name was retconned to a nickname and changed to Midori Gurinishi. Her nickname remains the same as her previous name.
    • A possible kanji representation of her real surname Gurinishi is 倶利西, which means "club", "benefit" and "West" respectively.
  • If she were to be a rival, she would be a DLC and have omniscient (or, at least, Genre Savvy) knowledge of Yandere Simulator and its mechanics as a result of constantly asking YandereDev questions.[12]
  • She was based off of the chibi who shouted, "YandereDev, YandereDev!" during YandereDev's "E-Mails, Volunteers and Progress" video who asked often repeated questions. This ended up turning into a running gag with Midori Gurin, who has made several appearances in the videos since. She has been killed six times in his videos.
  • She was the second student that can be pushed off the roof, the first being Kokona Haruka.
  • Her voice actress, Mom0ki (Cait Myers), was not credited in the "I Want My Senpai Back" video's description. The description was later updated to include her.
    • Her voice actress also made a non-canon SoundCloud where she does short voice samples as Midori.
  • Despite her abilities in YandereDev's videos, she will never break the fourth wall.[13]
  • Pressing M on the title screen of Yanvania: Senpai of the Night used to cause her to say her signature phrase and then the afterlogue, instead of Beldere-chan.
  • She will have no function in the final game.[14]
  • She is a one-time gimmick.[15]
  • She makes a small cameo in the Gaming Club's games by appearing on the fighting game, being kicked in the face by Budo Masuta.
  • On June 20th, 2016, YandereDev shared a parodied song called "YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV!!!" created by the voice actress for Midori on his blog.[16] The song is about Midori's emails.
  • Before the June 1st, 2016 Build, if the player pressed the G key in the Debug Menu, Midori would walk to the edge of the roof where the player could push her off.
  • As of the August 15th, 2016 Build, the player can go to the Light Music Club and summon Midori as the female victim by praying to Tatoro. If she is killed, she cannot be summoned the next day.
  • She was based on Churuya, a parody version of Tsuruya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.[17]
  • During a Twitch stream, at around 30 seconds in, YandereDev stated that her birthday is likely April 1st.[18]
  • She is YandereDev's favourite female character in the school.[19]
  • Her current hairstyle is almost identical to Ami Kawashima's from the anime Toradora!.
  • As of an unknown build, if the player teleported to the roof using the Debug Menu, Midori would be teleported to the roof as well (even if she’s a corpse and hasn’t been disposed of yet), and ignore the Gaming Club routine. However, she doesn't type on her phone, nor say anything about emailing YandereDev.
  • On June 1, 2017, her voice actress, Caitlyn Myers, was featured in a heavy metal song by XanduIsBored [20] called "Resentment" [21], which is about Yandere Simulator, specifically about Ayano herself and how she'll kill anyone who she sees as a "threat" to Senpai. Caitlyn wrote the lyrics and performed the death screams during the bridge.
  • She is thought to be the first student created by YandereDev.


YandereDev, YandereDev!
— Midori's catchphrase
YandereDev! YandereDev! If the students know there is a serial killer on the loose, why would they keep coming to school?
— Midori's question in "Customization and School Atmosphere".
YandereDev, YandereDev! Why are you talking about this? What does this have to do with the game?
— Midori in "Friendship, Gossip, and Bullying in Yandere Simulator"
I haven't seen anything all day! I'm too busy writing e-mails to YandereDev to waste his time with stupid questions!
— Midori in "I Want My Senpai Back".
What does the school's logo symbolize? Yes, I checked the FAQ this time.
— Midori's question on the school page.
YandereDev! YandereDev! The Akademi Institute is a boarding school that teaches magical arts to young men and women who have high potential for wizardry and witchcraft. Once every one hundred years, under the glare of a full moon, the ghost of a long-dead succubus will appear within the Institute and beg one of the Institute's upperclassmen to resurrect her with a tribute of blood. If the succubus is resurrected, all of the school's students will vanish...except for any students who were in love with the upperclassman that resurrected the succubus. If the succubus is not slain before the sun rises, the school's students will be lost forever, and the succubus' full power will be restored. The succubus can only be slain by a young woman who is in love with the upperclassman that revived the succubus. The time has once again come for the forces of Love and Lust to engage in their ancient battle. The Institute beckons you...and no man can say who shall emerge victorious.
— Midori speaking the afterlogue of Yanvania.
YandereDev, snap out of it! You can't spend your time making whiny videos! People are counting on you to make Yandere Simulator!...yeah! That's the spirit! Now get back to-
— Midori in "Dumpsters, Buckets, Bathing, and Electrocution in Yandere Simulator".
YandereDev! YandereDev! Why are there weapons on the ground in front of the school?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
Okay..but YandereDev! YandereDev! Why is there an incinerator near the entrance of the school?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
No! I'm asking why is there an incinerator at a school in the first place?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
So, where will the incinerator be located in the final game?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
So, how easy will it be to access the incinerator in the final game?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
Is it possible to kill a delinquent?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
If Delinquents are invincible...stand near the incinerator...and attack you if you're moving a dead body...how will you ever be able to put a corpse in the incinerator?!
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
Is it possible to sneak a corpse past the delinquents without using a cello case?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
It sounds really tedious to slowly dispose of body parts one by one!
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
So... Which one of these delinquents is the leader of the gang?
— Midori in "Delinquents in Yandere Simulator"
YandereDev, YandereDev! Aren't you forgetting someone?
— Midori in "Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator"
The Gaming Club! Aren't you going to talk about us? Go on! Tell us what kind of cool benefits the player gets for joining our club!
— Midori in "Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator"
Uhh.. oh.. okay..
— Midori in "Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator"
YandereDev, YandereDev! Why don't you just-
— Midori in "Yandere Simulator's BIGGEST Problem"
But that's not what I was going to say! I was going to ask why don't you just make multiple email accounts?
— Midori in "Yandere Simulator's BIGGEST Problem"
Well then, why don't you just-
— Midori in "Yandere Simulator's BIGGEST Problem"
Background decoration...background decoration... background decoration! YandereDev, YandereDev!
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
Oh! You..you do?
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
Yay! We get to be a real club!
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
Oh! I-it's not what it looks like, I just...um...uhhh...
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
I-I found something dangerous, so I was taking it to a teacher!
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
Makes what easier?
— Midori in "The Gaming Club"
YandereDev, YandereDev! Wouldn’t it be weird if Ayano was constantly opening up her skirt everywhere?
— Midori in "Additional thoughts about Yesterdays Inventory Proposal"
But, YandereDev, YandereDev! What happens when Yandere-chan is wearing pants? What happens when Yandere-chan is naked? What happens if the player chooses to make the protagonist a male?
— Midori asking more about the new inventory
— After being told to stop asking questions
YandereDev! YandereDev! Why doesn't Yandere-chan just stab Osana when she's alone in the classroom? She's defenseless and there are no witnesses.
— Midori in "January Osana Progress Report - Part 1"
YandereDev! YandereDev! You said the gardening shed was locked, but there's no lock on the door!
— Midori in "January Osana Progress Report - Part 2"
But why don't you just...
— Midori in "January Osana Progress Report - Part 2"
YandereDev! YandereDev! So, like, yeah, I just saw your latest video, and I came up with an idea and I wanted to suggest it to you. And I also wanted to ask a few questions about-
— Midori in "March Progress Report".
Ooh I know what to ask him. / I'm sure nobody has ever suggested this idea before. / I'm sure he has time for one little request. / Maybe he'll tell me what he's going to put in the game next. / Oh! Maybe he'll put my original character in the game! / I wonder if he's already answered this question on the FAQ? I'll ask him anyway. / I wonder who his favorite character is?
— Midori's removed quotes when emailing on the rooftop.