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  • It's up to you entirely, but may I please know why you left the discord?

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  • I'm bored and I guess it isn't breaking wiki rules if it's my message wall

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    • tnt

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    • LAIFV: Take that back we love Izumi

      Toothpick: You don't need to do that you know

      LAIFV: [Retracts HMGs] Well I heard they're still dealing the tank problem. Hopefully they don't bring the TOS-1.

      Toothpick: And I'll snipe those incendiary rockets out of thin air.

      Sand Soldier: Well you can't even destroy any of mine considering my rocket launcher is a degraded version of it.

      Toothpick: I saw that you hate me :(

      Sand Soldier: Well, I do have a shovel and a Jackhammer. Spades. It's plural, I suppose.

      Toothpick: I got bored XD I had enough playing Yan Sim.

      LAIFV: Why?

      Toothpick: Tanks are good at fighting, but bad at developing. You knew what happened in 2030?

      LAIFV: The Tank Lives Matter government campaign?

      Toothpick: Yup. They thought Yan Dev was sponsoring anti-TLM insurgents even though he's too ugly to get any funding. Tanks raided him and legalized chalice memes, which is why Sand Soldier didn't really like what they were doing. 

      LAIFV: And they said I'd be better with a random tenke. Turns out that random tank just shoot everything on sight, thinking that humans don't talk to each other anymore.

      Toothpick: While I pick off these angry missiles you'd better snipe these protesting insurgents on the streets. If you don't, there's a a high possibility that an insurgent will smash you with a rocket launcher.

      LAIFV: [Activates weapons] Well, you think I have to die? Nah.

      Toothpick: HENLO INSURGENTS

      LAIFV: [Fires explosive 80mm autocannon, devastating oncoming insurgent infantry] (Repeats random tenke quote): They just shoot me on sight! Why don't insurgents try to talk to each other?

      Toothpick: Because tanks assumed that everything should be shot on sight. This isn't that lethal against tanks, mostly due to the league of tanks overturning the UN which in turn led to a literal global tank alliance. They said UN was greedy. I can't agree more.

      LAIFV: [Blows up more insurgents] Are you sure they need more bullets?

      Toothpick: Even my secondary isn't enough. So you'd take that as a yes.

      LAIFV: ......I------

      Toothpick: Yes, the military probaly slaughtered a huge amount of innocent people. But one thing's certain: IT IS US, OR THEM. I wish I saw him smasing through insurgents while launching incendiary missiles that scorch the rest. Too bad he isn't into it.

      LAIFV: He was only assigned here after HIMARS was discovered to be a weeb.

      Toothpick: [Retracts HMG] Reloading......Yeah, I mean who would try to run around the base telling everyone that gold plated armor is cool when your job is to grab your M270 friends and wreck havoc.

      LAIFV: Aaaaand done. The insurgents we killed here would stack to a skeleton army. Skarmy.

      Toothpick: Or our burning endoskeletons if they were alive. Fair enough?

      LAIFV: Yes.

      Toothpick: I wish you can get that Mona Lisa pic off your body. The insurgents always see us whenever we try to pull off Spec OPs.

      LAIFV: It's taken by another stryker who got wrecked by some angry insurgents an hour later. Too bad you're the last of your kind.

      Toothpick: [ROFL Emote] At least I managed to kill the angry propagandist. Was nice to meet some tanks who really helped, but hoped that I never saw them again.

      LAIFV: Welp, you'd gotta kill. I hope the LOT also helps negotiate peace between light vehicles so I don't need to wreck technicals.

      Toothpick: I'll ask the local heavy vehicle division. You're an LAV, remember? Your job is to smash infantry and other opponents while running while Imma snipe their explosives.

      Sand Soldier: They gave me lightning missiles. That was exhilarating. 

      Toothpick: We just gotta wait for the attack heli to return so we can head back the outpost.

      Sand Soldier: Although I didn't liked Yan Dev Chalice memes the heli used those to lure out insurgents. Try that yourself sometome. XD

      Attack Heli: *hi, sniped down a dozen insurgent civilian espionage helis today, let's get back there and drink some plasma.*

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  • Spam

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  • nice

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  • so... should I call you Tank, or...

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  • Please remember to add a source when adding new information to a page. Thank you.

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  • Hello! Are you Discord user SUPER-TANK#6666?

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  • Hi, welcome to Yandere Simulator Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Game Over page.

    Make sure to check out our rules page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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