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Masks on the Drama Club room's wall. May 19th, 2017.

Masks are items in Yandere Simulator used to hide Ayano Aishi's identity while performing any suspicious actions.


The masks rest on a brown stand on the Drama Club room's southern wall. There are six masks in total. They are highlighted in cyan in Yandere Vision. Mask #7 and #8 were removed in the March 15th, 2016 Build.

Mask #1: A red and white fox mask.

Mask #2: A red and white wolf mask.

Mask #3: A red and white cat mask.

Mask #4: A white noh mask with red lips.

Mask #5: A red and white dog mask.

Mask #6: A red demon mask.

Mask #7: A Bad Romance mask.

Mask #8: A demon mask that covers the jaw.


If Ayano joins the Drama Club, she will gain access to the masks. No reputation will be lost while wearing one if she is partaking in suspicious actions. She can only put on a mask when no NPCs are nearby/watching, to establish a better sense of anonymity.

If Ayano wears a mask while committing murder, witnesses will report that the killer used a mask but will be unable to recognize her. To prevent any more deaths, the masks will be removed from the club room the next day, effectively rendering them unusable for the future. In the future, if Ayano repeatedly does bad things while wearing a mask, students will attempt to unmask her.[1]


The masks being removed.

If Ayano kills someone in front of Senpai, he will rip the mask off of her face and discover her identity, leading to a Heartbroken Game Over.


Concept art of Senpai ripping the mask off, shown in Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator.

When a mask is worn, it will take up a hidden fifth slot in the inventory space. It can be picked up or worn. Ayano cannot interact with other students while wearing a mask so she cannot be recognized.


March 16th, 2016. Mask icon.

In the future, if Ayano has any outside of school targets, she would wear a mask as to not be identified.[2]


  • If Ayano is apprehended while she is wearing a mask, it will disappear.
  • Sometimes the mask cannot be picked up again when dropped on the floor.
  • If Ayano kill someone in front of 3 NPCs and Senpai, Senpai will also pin down Ayano instead of unmasking her,



The Masks on the Akademi Wall.

  • The masks used to float next to the left side of Akademi High School's fence before being moved to the Drama Club in the November 15th, 2015 Build. They were fully implemented in the March 15th, 2016 Build.
  • Masks were a feature that was supposed to be put into the game months prior to being added, but kept getting delayed.[3]
  • The pink and white heart mask that was removed was a reference to Bad Romance.
  • Kizana, the president of Drama Club, would react positively if the masks were banned.
  • Ayano cannot quit the club while wearing a mask.
  • Senpai cannot recognize the player if they are wearing a mask, unless, as mentioned before, they murder someone in front of him.
    • Senpai used to lack this reaction but YandereDev added it because he thought that the game is too easy if there is something that allows Ayano to kill someone in front of Senpai.



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