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January 1st, 2016. All the manga found..

Manga is an activity that Ayano can use to increase her Seduction Level, Numbness Level, and Enlightenment Level in Yandere Simulator.

It is located on a bookshelf on top of the panty drawer in Ayano's bedroom. Ayano is not able to interact with it during the day. At night time, however, Ayano can walk up to the shelf and a small HUD will appear saying "Read Manga".

Read Manga HUD.

Each volume increases Ayano's skill by one level, but the same volume cannot be read twice. Press E to accept and Q to decline.

In the future, there might be five sets of manga that have effects on gameplay while one set of manga is for Easter Eggs,[1]and another set would relate to a game YandereDev made before Yandere Simulator.[2]All manga illustrations were made by volunteer Mulberry.

202X Mode Manga

Manga can be purchased at the manga store in Buraza Town. In the case of Life Note, it may be found in the Photography Club.

Currently, the manga novels that are in Story Mode are:

1980s Mode Manga

In 1980s Mode, manga can also be purchased at the manga store in Buraza Town.

Currently, the manga novels that are in 1980s Mode are:


  • There may be a manga series called "Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki," a popular magical girl manga in-game.
  • Manga may work differently in the final version: it may take five nights to read one book, but reading won't make the protagonist late.[3]
  • If Yandere-kun is ever implemented, a gender-swapped version of "Cherry Touch" will need to be created. If implemented, then Seduction would initially work on girls, before finally working on boys at level 5.[4]
  • YandereDev is open to the idea of fan-comics of Yandere Simulator, but they'd have to be at the level of the fan-comic, "Fall Girl".[5] To include "Fall Girl" in the game, however, YandereDev would have to have the author's permission.[6]
  • Although Ayano buys manga, she does not enjoy them. She only reads them to make herself look like a normal school girl.[7]
  • Manga has no outline in Yandere Vision. However, the signal bars on Ayano's phone indicate how close Ayano is to a volume.
  • In the future, it may be possible to read a horror manga so Ayano can learn new methods to kill with.[8]
  • If the player presses S while at the manga menu, Ayano's Seduction, Numbness and Enlightenment levels will increase. While at school, the player can press \ for the debug controls and then S to max out their Seduction level.
  • The game's warning referred to manga, saying that this game contained "lewd manga". This warning was later removed because YandereDev said that it was "cringey".
  • 'Bukiyona-chan's Daily Life' may not make it to the final game due to the tripping feature being removed.
  • "Cherry Touch" and "Yokai Story" were deposited and located in random places in the school, up until the October 22, 2019 Build.