Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki is a popular anime franchise that exists in Yandere Simulator's setting. It has five cameos in the game: in posters, mangas, animes, an augmented reality game and in a video console game.

There is also a Miyuki Easter Egg.

Augmented Reality Game


MGPM gameplay

There are virtual monsters that spawn everywhere in school. Only one monster will appear in a time, in a certain location. The Gaming Club members are addicted to this game. To prevent the Gaming Club from spotting the monster and a potential murder, the player has to destroy the monster and let it spawn somewhere else.


Activate: Shift

Shoot: F

Video Console Game

This game is the second video game that can be played on Ayano's gaming console. Unlike Yanvania: Senpai of the Night, the player can play this on the first day of the first week.


There are three parts in the game: on the left and right are Miyuki illustrations. In the center, the player controls Miyuki and shoots monsters. She only has 3 lives, so a game-over will occur if the player is attacked three times. The game also has a harder mode.



Movement: Arrow keys

Slower movement: Hold left shift key

Shoot: Z

Back: Q


Movement: D-pad, left control stick, or right control stick

Slower movement: Hold LB

Shoot: A

Back: B


Sprite Artwork: Moenette Kyra

Miyuki's Design: Guillermo Varela Iglesias

Miyuki's Artwork: Mulberry

Music: Ixbal, Cleveland Rock, and Alex Falkenberg

Voice of Miyuki: Lizzy Hofe

Programming: YandereDev



According to Yaku Zaishi's words in his conversations with Horo Guramu, the show's main antagonists are invisible monsters that feed off of negative emotions. If these monsters grow powerful enough, they can influence human behavior, which results in crimes such as murder or stealing. The show is about magical girls who can see and fight the monsters. Their power depends on how many admirers they have, so the girls are usually pop idols. Their power gets weaker when they're far away from their fans, so the magical girls of each country usually stay in the area. If they stopped being popular, then they would also lose their power, so they have to juggle their public celebrity life with their secret magical girl life.

According to YandereDev, he imagines the show being like Evangelion. It starts out as a typical show with all the usual tropes, and then things start to get weird. The characters go through extremely traumatic experiences, there are weird artsy segments where the characters are talking to themselves inside their own minds, we find out that every one of the characters has a messed-up past, people start dying/losing body parts\going into comas, everything gets worse and worse, every single character is miserable and suffering in different ways, and then at the end everyone turns into liquid. The director gets death threats for the way he ended the show, but the series was so popular that he gets to make a full-length film that serves as an alternate ending to the TV show, and with an insanely huge budget, the production team creates some of the most impressive animated sequences in cinema history, but then at the end of the film everyone turns into liquid again, and the director laughs at everyone from atop his throne of millions of dollars, because he's a sadistic madman and his favorite hobby is torturing the fans of his work by killing off their beloved characters in horrific ways.[1]

YandereDev also stated that magical girl's power is directly proportionate to how many people love/admire them; but if being popular is what triggers the powers to activate, then every female celebrity on earth would be a secret magical girl. So, instead, he thinks that it's something that only triggers for some people who have "The Potential", and there might be some entity that travels around the earth, finding girls with The Potential and then activating their powers. This entity might make itself known, or it might be completely invisible and it might never communicate with the girls. So, from the girls' perspective, they suddenly obtained powers one day from no source, even though the source itself is intelligent and deliberately choosing who gets the powers.[2]


As presumed, the protagonist is a girl named Miyuki. Unlike the other magical girls, she isn't a celebrity but is a popular girl in her school. The show is about Miyuki's struggle to cut it as a magical girl even though she's relatively weak, and none of the other magical girls respect her. Miyuki is not power-hungry, but in order to keep the world safe, she strives to become more powerful, so each episode would have her "branching out" into a new field (singing, acting, modeling, vlogging) in order to gain more fans.[3] According to Mulberry, Miyuki's personality is assumed deredere and happy magical protagonist.[4]

Yandere simulator q chibi girls by qvajangel-dbb6beg

Possible characters from the anime.

Magical girl figurines d by kawaiisugarrose-dc68bna

Possible characters from the anime.

Most of the time, Miyuki is on her own, and sometimes she has more rivals than allies. The outfits of some of the magical girls look more like sentai character, because they grew up watching Super Sentai shows instead of magical girl anime, or like an ecchi character because they previously idolized a superheroine from an ecchi anime. Instead of each episode is about defeating a new monster, each episode might revolve around a specific magical girl with a one-time appearance. Sometimes, a magical girl would be the real "villain" of the episode. Some magical girls want to work together to defeat evil, but others want to reach the "top of the food chain", and create scandals.[3]

One of the main characters is a swimsuit model who has millions of fans because she's super busty. However, the girl's power as a magical girl comes from how many people love her and genuinely admire her, not just how many people are attracted to her.[3]

The most powerful magical girl is a multi-lingual vlogger with millions of subscribers because she has fans all over the world and can communicate with most of them efficiently. Most magical girls are limited to fighting only in their country of origin, but the vlogger can fight anywhere on earth because no matter where she goes, she will always be in range of her fans.[3]

Easter Egg

The easter egg for Miyuki was implemented at 31st October 2018 build.

To activate this easter egg, the player has to follow the instructions below:

1.Pick up the Magical Girl Wand In the Drama Club.

2.Type "love and justice".

3.Type the "c" key to crouch.

4.Type the "c" key again to stand up.

5.Pick up the wand again.

6.Type "e".

After this easter egg is activated, Ayano Aishi will transform into Miyuki and she will be able to attack Students when she is holding the Magical Girl Wand by clicking the left ctrl button.

YandereDev planned before that the player had to collect 10 Miyuki manga volumes to activate this easter egg.


  • The 魔法少女 (maho shoujo) in the icon of the game and the posters mean "magical girl" and みゆき is "Miyuki" in hiragana.
  • The name ”Miyuki” in kanji means "Deep Snow" (深 mi means deep, and 雪 yuki means snow). It can also mean ”Beautiful Happiness” (美 mi means beautiful, and 幸 yuki means happiness).
  • The 5 figures, made by Qvajangel, was named by him, as Telaina (Green), Mermia (Blue, originally Blue-Green[5]), Aria (Yellow), and Flaria (Red). He also confirmed the last to be tsundere.[6]
  • The 14 figures, made by Kawaiisugarrose, was named by Masky, with Pink (Miyuki), Yellow ("Aria"), Evil1 (reference to Yui Rio), Long-side-tail, Sassy, Teasugar, Cute-Night, Heart-ahoge, Space-Buns, Blue {"Mermia"), Green {"Telaina"), Red {"Flaria"), and Slot-Girl.[7] For unknown reasons, only the one with blonde ponytail, and cyan outfit haven't been named by him.
  • YandereDev was thinking that perhaps every girl in Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki could be named after a form that water can take, like Miyuki ("yuki" is "snow"), Mizuko ("mizu" is "water"), Kasumi (means "mist"), Nami (means "wave"). Their names should also be authentic Japanese names, not western fantasy names.[2]
  • The name ”Miyuki” along with the name "Sadako", was used by YandereDev in a parody of a popular Christmas song on December 26 2014, as names for hypothetical rivals.
  • Miyuki's Magical Girl Wand can be found in Drama Club room. This is because, last year, the members of the Drama Club adapted the plot of anime to a stage play, and performed the play in the school gym. The Miyuki costume is gone, but the wand prop is still in the room.[8]
  • Probably about 25% (22-23 students) of the school's population are fans of the "Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki" anime.[8]
  • The anime is mentioned in five conversations between Yaku Zaishi and Horo Guramu.
  • The video console game is very similar to the Super Famicom game Hong Kong 97.
  • Figurines of the possible other characters currently can be found outside the Gaming club.


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