Osana Najimi, a Lovestruck student. September 9th, 2020.


A student with the Lovestruck Persona. April 26th, 2018.

Lovestruck[1], formerly called Clingy/Damsel[2], is a persona that is unique to most rivals. Only 6 out of the 10 rivals will have this persona. The rest will have completely different personas.

Lovestruck is a rival-only persona, and it is currently exclusive to rivals. If a student with this persona sees Ayano murder an NPC or holding a corpse, they will run to Senpai and tell him all about her actions. This will cause an "Exposed" Game Over [3] unless she is wearing a mask when she was witnessed murdering someone.

If a student with the Lovestruck persona discovers a corpse, they will run to tell Senpai, run out of school with him, and call the police, triggering the police timer.

If a rival is eliminated peacefully, she will no longer have this persona.[4]

Like the Social Butterflies, they will strike a cute pose if Ayano points her camera at them.

But attempting to aim camera on Osana will cause her to be annoyed with Ayano, causing a reputation penalty.



  • The persona was implemented in the November 1st, 2017 Build.
  • Muja Kina and Mida Rana may not have this persona, since the school nurses will be Heroic[5] and the teachers will be Strict. Oka Ruto is also an exception, as when she was implemented, she had the Coward persona. Osoro Shidesu may not have this persona either; if she witnesses murder, she will not run to Senpai, but will instead attack the player.[6] Megami Saikou may also be an exception, as she will apprehend Ayano with her bare hands instead of running to Senpai.[7]
  • As of the November 1st, 2017 Build, this persona can be accessed by changing the persona value in the JSON file to 7.
  • It is unknown why Hanako would have this persona, as she only loves Senpai as a brother. It is possible that the persona name would be changed back to “Clingy” only for Hanako, but this would take a lot of extra coding. Instead, she may be given a new persona, or something similar to the Coward persona.


I need to find Senpai and get out of here!
— After witnessing a murder or finding a corpse.
Senpai! Ayano from class 2-1 just killed someone!
— Talking to Senpai after witnessing Ayano committing a murder.
Senpai! There is a killer in the school! We have to get to safety and tell the police!
— Talking to Senpai after they finding a corpse.


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