Lime Streak
Student Info
Role Delinquent
Class Unknown
Club Unknown
Persona Violent
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Lime Streak (placeholder name) was a delinquent and a female student who attended Akademi High School.


She wore the default female school uniform, regardless of customization.

She used to have short black hair with blue highlights in the front, and blue eyes. Her appearance was changed because her previous style looked too close to someone else's art, and they requested for it to be changed.[1]

As of the March 16th, 2016 Build, her hair color was changed to brown with lime-colored highlights and matching lime-colored eyes. She wore a grey surgical mask over her mouth. She used a baseball bat as a weapon.

In the January 1st, 2016 leak, her design was slightly different. She had short black hair. She had no blue or lime streak in her hair. Her eyes were red and she wielded no weapon.


Among the personas currently in the game, Lime had the delinquents' persona. If Ayano got too close to her, she would shove her away. If she tried to attack her, she would attack Ayano and put her in a coma, resulting a game over. If Ayano had a weapon out, she would assume a menacing stance, ready to fight.


She spawned by right side of the disposal area at 7:15 AM. She disappeared at 8:30 AM and returns at 1:15 PM. She disappeared again at 1:30 PM, this time for the rest of the day.


  • She was implemented in the March 2nd, 2016 Build and removed in the April 26th, 2018 Build.
  • Lime kept her identity hidden so that it was harder to link her to her crimes.[2]




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