Life Note is a series within the world of Yandere Simulator. It can be seen with manga, an anime, an easter egg and posters in Ayano Aishi's bedroom.

Life Note is used to boost Ayano's Enlightenment level. There are five volumes in total, all of which are located in the Photography Club room.


All of the volumes can be found on the table in the Photography Club.


Life Note is connected to a game that YandereDev was developing several years ago before he started working on Yandere Simulator. As soon as Yandere Simulator is finished, he will start working on that game. In the future, collecting and reading the Life Note manga will lead to an Easter Egg that will allow the player to learn more about that game after Yandere Simulator is finished, or possibly even a demo of the game. The "enlightenment" the player earns has no practical functionality or any effect on gameplay.[1]


Picture Quote Function Required Level Back Description

Life Note Volume 1.

"A young woman finds a magical notebook that gives her power over the life and death of other humans." TBA
"The human whose name is written in this note will obey any command that is written after their name."

Life Note Volume 2.

"A young woman begins to use her magical notebook to purge "undesirable" people from the world." TBA
"This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected."

Life Note Volume 3.

"A young woman attempts to create a utopia free from evil and suffering, but encounters resistance." TBA
"After using this note to issue a command to a human, it will no longer be possible to issue any further commands to that human using this note."

Life Note Volume 4.

"A young woman must outwit enemies who seek to kill her, stay true to her values, and save the world." TBA
"Multiple commands can be issued, as long as the commands are written within 60 seconds of writing the human's name."

Life Note Volume 5.

"A young woman reaches the end of a long and difficult journey. How will her story end?" TBA
"This note can only affect a human's behavior for 60 minutes."


The anime of Life Note is currently only made of one episode, but more might be added in the future and will function as a tutorial for various actions.

The one currently viewable instructs Ayano with the elimination method of electrocution.

Easter Egg

As the March 17th, 2019 Build, an Easter Egg corresponding to the main character Yamiko can be activated while pressing F3 in the Easter Egg menu. When activated, Ayano will turn into Yamiko, and a Life Note will spawn with her.

If one presses CTRL, a display similar to the one of a letter will appear, and it can be used to kill any student at any time with any method.


  • Life Note was implemented in the January 1st, 2016 Build.
  • Before the May 14th, 2018 Build, the manga volumes were located on the rooftop.
  • Life Note is a parody of Death Note, a popular series about a young man who finds a mysterious notebook that kills any person whose name he writes into the notebook. The man eventually uses it to purge the world of "criminals".
    • The volume descriptions parallel and ultimately summarize the Death Note storyline.
    • The sentences on the back of the volumes are identical to the instructions and rules of the titular Death Note notebook.
    • The main character’s name, Yamiko, is a reference to the name of Death Note's main character, Light Yagami, 'Yami' (闇) meaning 'dark' and ‘ko’ (子) being a common suffix for Japanese girl’s names.
  • MulberryDreamer designed the Life Note covers.[2]
  • Selene2005 is a fan of Life Note.



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