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Kuudere Simulator is a simple short game by YandereDev where the protagonist can switch between being a kuudere and a tsundere. It is the predecessor to Kuudere Simulator 2.

Kuudere Simulator

Kuudere Simulator.

This game is the exact opposite of Yandere Simulator. Kuudere-chan is unemotional. She doesn't want a senpai at all and sits on a chair inside of a dark, grey room. Tsundere-chan shows emotion through dialogue, doesn't want a senpai and stands in front of the chair with hands on her hips and head facing left. The game can be downloaded here.


Tsundere Mode

Tsundere Mode
Pressing the T key will unlock Tsundere-chan. She will say the exact same lines as Kuudere-chan, except in an annoyed manner and with exclamation marks.
Kuudere Simulator

Kuudere Simulator

When in Tsundere Mode, pressing B will make Tsundere-chan say "Baka!".

Eye Patch

Pressing E will give the character played an eye patch.


  • YandereDev has jokingly stated that a deep game such as Kuudere Simulator should cost $60.[1]
  • This game is 100% complete, so it will never be worked on again.[2] If there were to be anything else, it would cost money. $10 DLC: Sigh, $20 DLC: Stand up, $30 DLC: Blink button, $40 DLC: Face other walls.[3]
  • Fans have given the main character the names Kuudere-chan and Tsundere-chan (when in Tsundere Mode).
  • Kuudere is a common personality trope in anime. Kuuderes show a cold-hearted and inexpressive behavior as they have difficulty recognizing their feelings.
  • Tsundere is a stereotypical anime personality. A tsundere will show aggressive/rude behavior towards another character only to hide their softer, more caring side (as well as their romantic feelings).
    • The word "Baka" means "stupid", "idiot" or "absurd" in Japanese and is the most commonly trademarked word of tsundere characters.
  • Kuudere-chan's and Tsundere-chan's appearances are references to Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu, a kuudere and a tsundere from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, respectively.[4]
  • Kuudere-chan makes a small cameo in YandereDev's video, "I Want my Senpai Back". She eventually became a real character in Yandere Simulator, named Kuu Dere.
  • T can repeatedly be used to switch between the two modes.


Hey there boys and girls! Are you excited for Yandere Simulator? Well forget about it! Get ready for something even bigger and better...Kuudere Simulator! This action packed title full of light knuckle edge of your seat thrills and chills! Sit in a chair! Stare at a wall! Experience apathy towards the concept of a Senpai! Are you a skilled enough gamer to discover the hidden Tsundere Mode? Will you be able to locate the button dedicated to saying the word baka? Forget all about Yandere Simulator, and get your hands on Kuudere Simulator! Available now for free!
— Trailer for Kuudere Simulator, spoken by Michael Potok.