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Kokona Harukawa
Student 30.png

Student Info
Role Student

Test Rival (formerly)

Class 1-1
Club Drama (8/18/2018)

Cooking (11/15/2015 – 8/18/2018)
Sports (5/24/2015 – 11/1/2015)

Persona Social Butterfly (2/1/2016)

Loner (2/1/2015 – 1/15/2016)

Crush None (8/18/18)
Senpai (9/1/2015 - 8/18/18)
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1 (Debug)
Games Yandere Simulator
Voice Cait Myers/Mom0ki (main)

Hayden Daviau-Hunt (poisoned Kokona)
Chelsea Druce (old rooftop conversation)[1]

Kokona Haruka, whose real name is Kokona Harukawa, is one of the female students who attends Akademi.

She was the second test rival, the first being Victim-chan.


Kokona wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player.

She has fair skin, light purple eyes, and a bust size of 2. Her hair is a light purple color and is styled into twin-drills with right-swept bangs and rounded locks that frame her face. As a member of the Drama Club, she wears a red rose accessory in her hair, as well as a purple friendship bracelet on her right wrist. If the Drama Club is disbanded, she will remove her rose accessory for the rest of the game. If her reputation drops too low, she will remove her bracelet. She previously had purple thigh high socks, and is still shown wearing them in fan interpretations.

In her alternate outfit, she wears a lilac pullover sweater with a white collar, a gold heart shaped necklace, a two-tiered lace skirt, white socks, and lilac flats with black piping. She wears this outfit in the "Driving Your Rival To Murder" video and in the town where she participates in compensated dating. In this outfit, she has looser curls in her hair and the rose and bracelet accessories are removed. She also appears to have pink lipstick.


From her implementation in the March 1st, 2015 Build[2] until the February 8th, 2016 Build, Kokona had light purple eyes and dark purple hair styled into twin-drills.

As of the February 8th, 2016 Build, Kokona has had rounded twin-drills and right-swept bangs. Additionally, from this build until March 18th, 2017, she had dark purple eyes.

From the September 20th, 2016 Build until the August 18th, 2018 Build, Kokona wore purple stockings and purple panties.

As of the January 16th, 2017 Build, Kokona wears a purple friendship bracelet on her right wrist unless her reputation is below -33.

As of the March 18th, 2017 Build, Kokona's eyes are once again light purple.

As of the August 18th, 2018 Build, Kokona has a Drama Club rose accessory in her hair. Her purple stockings, panties, and friendship bracelet were removed.

As of the August 22nd, 2018 Build, Kokona's friendship bracelet was restored.

From the December 25, 2018 Build to the December 26th, 2018 Build, Kokona had silver-white eyes. This was a bug.

As of the January 28, 2021 build, her hair color and eye color has changed; Her face texture has also been changed with a slight resemblance of Mai Waifu's face texture. She now has dull purple hair and eyes styled in large twindrills slightly resembling her 2015 hairstyle. She has two strands of hair on both sides of her head.

As of the January 29, 2021 build, her hair color is changed to her old hair color and she now has lipstick.



"Admires Kizana Sunobu, leader of the Drama Club, and joined the club to learn how to be more like her. This annoys Kizana, who doesn't want anyone imitating her unique style."


Kokona striking a cute pose.

Among the personas that are currently implemented in the game, she is a Social Butterfly. She will happily pose for a picture if Ayano aims her phone at her. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will run to the nearest secluded area and call the police. She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers unless she witnesses them murder Saki Miyu.

According to her former Student Profile, Kokona may be participating in compensated dating (also known as Enjo kōsai) and may be a victim of domestic abuse, though the latter has been proven false as of the June 1st, 2016 Build. Although she does not enjoy it, Kokona only engages in such an activity to try and help her father out of debt. Her biggest regret is getting Saki involved with her issues.

According to her current Student Profile, Kokona admires Kizana Sunobu, leader of the Drama Club, and joined the club to learn how to be more like her.

If she and Ayano ever teamed up to kidnap Musume Ronshaku, Musume would be able to push Kokona to the point of murder if she was repeatedly mocked by the former for her father's financial situation and her compensated dating.[3]

In one of Druelbozo's streams, he explains that Kokona tries hard to become popular, but she constantly ends up being bullied.[4] However, YandereDev has confirmed that Druelbozo's stream comments aren't entirely canonical.[5]


Kokona's default reputation is +27.

Kokona's reputation graph.

Liked: 30

Respected: 50

Feared: 0



Kokona's new routine.

At 7:04 AM, Kokona enters the school grounds. She walks to her locker at 7:06 AM and changes from her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes. At 7:15 AM, she walks into the Gymnasium and watches Tsuruzo Yamazaki and Tokuko Kitagawa rehearse for an upcoming play with Shozo Kurosawa and Riku Soma.

At 8:00 AM, she then walks into Classroom 1-1 and sits at her desk. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves the classroom at 1:00 P.M. and goes to the outside of the Drama Club to eat her lunch at 1:00 PM.

She lastly walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates in cleaning time between 3:30 P.M. and 4:00 PM. Afterwards, she heads to the Gymnasium and stays there until the end of the day.

If the Drama Club is disbanded, she will socialize with the other former members outside of the club room during periods in which she would normally attend it.

As of the March 22nd, 2021 Build, Kokona spends her time conversing with Saki Miyu instead of spending her time at the Drama Club. At 7:00 AM, then runs to her locker and changes her shoes, and quickly go outside the school gates a bit far as their hanging spot where she will converse with Saki. At 7:09 AM, she and Saki will move to the rooftop for another hanging spot. In addition, towards the end of the day, Kokona will run out of school for some reason.


As of the September 19th, 2020 build, all of Kokona's events were disabled. Below is all of her events before they were removed.

On Monday, at 7:45 AM, Kokona would receive a call from a mysterious stranger and would run to the eating area behind the school. She would go to the rooftop from 1:10 PM to 1:20 PM to talk with Saki about what was vaguely hinted to be domestic abuse. After cleaning time, she would go to the Cooking Club, make octopus-shaped hot dogs, and share them with her friends.

On Wednesday at 7:45 AM, Kokona would go to the girls' bathroom on the first floor. She would stay in the classroom until 1:03, when she would walk down to the plaza with her lunch. Once she arrives at 1:07, she would place her lunch down on a bench and go to hide behind a tree to admire Senpai. This was later removed in the May 22nd Build, before the September 19th, 2020 build.

On Thursday, at 7:15 AM, she would go to the shower room to take a shower and leave her phone inside her locker, which the player can steal. After cleaning time, she would make octopus-shaped hot dogs and leave them on the table.


When Kokona was younger, she was a normal cute baby with the potential to become anything she wanted to, just like any other.[6]

It is assumed in a conversation between her and Saki Miyu on the rooftop that she has been abused by her drunk father after her mother's death. This is incorrect. When spoken to, Kokona will talk about how her father comes to her to cry about his debt problems. Her family is very broke due to a loan he took out to pay for Kokona's school tuition, accidentally becoming in debt with a group of loan sharks, called Ronshaku Loans.

Kokona Haruka is also involved in compensated dating with a person who she has seen at least once in Shisuta Town. Kokona does this to pay for her father's debts. If Kokona's dark secret is bought, Yandere-chan will receive video footage of Kokona selling used panties to a boy from another school that can be used as blackmail.

Kokona talking with Saki Miyu about her family problems on the rooftop.


Main Article: Tasks

Kokona has a uniform that is too tight around her chest. She will ask Ayano to get her a new one. To achieve this, the player can either buy a clean uniform from the drops menu using 5 panty shots or befriend Hazu Kashibuchi to get a free uniform, and then take the uniform to the sewing room and alter it. She will thank the player after the new, altered uniform has been given to her.


Saki Miyu

Main Article: Saki Miyu

Kokona is seemingly good friends with Saki and almost opens up to her about her father's debt problems. According to Saki's Student Profile, Kokona is willing to tell Saki about personal matters, but not too much.

However, if Saki learns about Kokona's compensated dating, she will be distraught and won't do anything to help Kokona out. In the full game, Saki might have comforting animations for Kokona but will avoid her if it gets too bad.[7]

Saki Miyu will not be Kokona's senpai, as they are just friends.[8]

It is revealed that Kokona had Saki involved in her plans for her father to get out of debt, though regrets having Saki help her, as Saki planned to sell her underpants to boys from other schools but was too embarrassed to carry it out. This sets up Saki's task for Ayano to find her bra somewhere at school.

As of the October 31, 2019 Build, Kokona will attack Ayano if the latter kills Saki in front of her, and the same goes for Saki if Kokona is killed.


Main Article: Senpai

Kokona was a test rival. The only event that showed her feelings was her Wednesday speech, where she hid behind the tree and spoke while staring at Senpai. This event could be used as an opportunity to poison Kokona's bento.

However, since Osana Najimi's release in the demo, Kokona's feelings towards Senpai have been removed, as she is not a test rival anymore.

Riku Soma

Main Article: Riku Soma

Kokona's secondary crush is Riku and from the September 22nd, 2016 Build to the release of the game's demo, Ayano could matchmake Kokona with him. Riku will attack Ayano if the latter kills Kokona in front of him.

Kizana Sunobu

Main article: Kizana Sunobu

Kokona admires Kizana, the leader of the Drama Club, and joined her club to learn how to be more like her.

Kokona's Father

Main article: Kokona's Father

Kokona cares immensely for her father, being concerned for his emotional wellbeing to the point of engaging in compensated dating to try to help him get out of debt with loan sharks. It is initially presumed that her father beats her; this is proven untrue with her conversation, and instead, her father comes to her to cry about the debt problems, signifying a close parent-and-child relationship between them.


The topics towards Kokona are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Occult
  • Solitude
  • Violence
  • Gossip
  • Video Games


  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Cats
  • Justice
  • Socializing
  • Family
  • Money


  • Everything else.


  • Many fans link her appearance to Teto Kasane the UTAUloid. However, YandereDev did not intentionally make her look like Teto. It was a pure coincidence.[9]
  • YandereDev stated that her hairstyle was final in 2017.[10] However, her hairstyle was changed four years later.
  • Her hairstyle was originally cyan instead of purple. However, YandereDev switched her hair color with Saki Miyu due to making Saki have cyan twintails.[11]
  • Her name is a reference to the eleventh and twelfth most popular female Japanese names in 2012, 11th most popular being Kokona, 12th most popular being Haruka.[12][13]
    • Her first name, Kokona, has several possible writings, such as "heart, south" (心南), "heart, vegetables" (心菜), "heart, name/reputation" (心名), "heart, summer" (心夏), or "heart, pear" (心梨).
    • Haruka, as a first name, has several possible writings, such as "distant" (遥), "spring fragrance" (春香), "spring flower" (春花), "sunny weather, fragrance" (晴香), "distance, flower" (遥花), or "spring, good" (春佳).
  • Her real name is Kokona Harukawa as of the July 1st, 2020 build.
    • Her real surname, Harukawa, means "spring" (haru, 春) and "river" (kawa, 川).
  • YandereDev used her character to test the original elimination methods every new update, as he has shown in his tutorial videos.[14] When asked about the reason for this, he stated that somebody had to be the guinea pig and she was simply unfortunate enough to be the one picked.[15]
  • In older versions of the game, her name was Nodo Mana. The placeholder name was inspired by Nodoka Manabe from K-On!.[16]
  • YandereDev is not sure where she lives at the moment.[17]
  • YandereDev nicknames Kokona as "Everyone's favorite punching bag", referring to how she can be killed in more ways than any other student. The main reason why it was so easy to kill her is because YandereDev needed to test killing methods quickly for the sake of debugging the game.[18]
  • She succeeded Victim-chan as the test rival.
  • Her male counterpart is Riku Soma.
  • Before the June 29th, 2016 Build, Kokona used to arrive on school grounds 7th in line on the left side, at 7:05 AM.
  • In the September 18th, 2015 Build, her crush was set to "None" by mistake.
  • She makes a small cameo in the Gaming Club by appearing on the racing game, racing against Saki.
  • Her cell phone is the same purple color as her hair.[19]
  • Pressing "G" on the debug menu used to cause her and Ayano Aishi to teleport to the rooftop, where the player could push her off or offer help. Since the release of the demo, that option has been changed to Osana Najimi.
  • She finds slicked back hair, purple hair, glasses, piercings, and intelligence attractive in a guy.
  • As part of the final game, she (being a member of the Drama Club) would possibly serve as a tutorial to Ayano on various game mechanics. She would do this by acting out various features, such as performing attacks and dropping items.[20]
  • She was the first in the rainbow six to get colored stockings and panties.
  • Her hair physics were restored in the August 20th, 2017 Build.
  • She is considering a career as an actress.[21]
  • YandereDev may consider that Riku is her boyfriend, as she won't be an important character in the final game.
  • In YandereDev's video, "The Curious Case of Kokona Haruka", it was said that he was running out of hairstyles for her, so he decided to go for something different; which was twin-drills.
  • As of the October 17th, 2019 Build, she can be seen sitting on a bench in town cuddling with an older man.
    • However if you freed her father of his debt, kidnapped her, or killed her, she will not appear.
  • As of the October 17th, 2019 Build, she appears to have a different hairstyle model in the town.
  • As of the December 1st, 2019 Build, she can no longer be eliminated by expulsion.
    • This was done in preparation for implementing Osana.
  • While this character is not meant to be her, the Crush Crush character Generica is based on her.
    • Fittingly, Ayano also makes an appearance as a character, and kills Generica during her introduction. She later returns as a ghost for the Phone Fling segment of the game.
  • Female students use her voiced lines when burned, drowned, sent a note in locker, and many more.
  • Her backstory of being indebted isn't gone - Mulberry confirmed it'll likely come up again during Kizana's week.[22]


Oh! There he is! Oh, Senpai...when will you notice how I feel about you? Okay, I've made up my mind... I'll tell him how I feel this Friday! I hope he accepts my feelings...
— Kokona talking to herself about Senpai on Wednesday at lunchtime.
Sorry, my phone's ringing! I'll be right back.
— Kokona when receiving a phone call at 7:45 AM on Monday.
Oh...well...it's it's nothing...

I...I guess there's one thing I want to talk about...

Ever since my mom died, my dad's been drinking a lot. Sometimes, when he's drunk, he comes into my room, and... ugh! Forget I said anything. I really, really, don't want to talk about it.

Look, I said I don't want to talk about it. Just leave me alone, okay?

I'm not gonna say anything else... please, just drop it...

— Kokona during her rooftop encounter with Saki on Monday during lunchtime.
Hello? Ugh- I told you not to call me when I'm at school! Like I said, that was a one-time thing! I don't wanna do that again! ...h-how much did you say...? Well... if it's just one more time, then... I guess it's okay... how about tonight? Where we met last time, in Shisuta Town? Okay then... see you tonight. Ugh! I can't believe I'm doing this.
— Kokona talking to an unknown person on Monday at 7:45 AM.
Kyaaaa! / Did someone really just throw water on me? Why would someone do this?!
— Kokona after Ayano pours water on her.
Kyaaaa! / What is this?! Is this blood?! Where did all this blood come from?!
— Kokona after Ayano pours blood on her.
Kyaaaa! / What is this?! It smells like... gasoline?
— Kokona after Ayano pours gasoline on her.
I can't go to class like this! I need to change my clothes.
— Kokona after water is dumped on her.
I can't go to class like this! I need to go wash this off!
— Kokona after blood or gasoline is dumped on her by Ayano.
Someone threw blood on you too? Who is doing this?
— Kokona noticing Ayano covered in blood while she is covered in blood as well.
Hey! Don't turn off the lights!/No! Turn the lights back on!/Stop! There's someone in here!
— Kokona after the lights are turned off while she is using the toilet.
Ugh! I have to turn the stupid lights back on... Where is it?
— Kokona while trying to turn on the lights if the player turned them off.
No, I haven't seen your Senpai.
— Kokona in "I Want My Senpai Back"
Hey! What are you--
— Kokona before being drowned.
It... it's not what you think... I was just... um...
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being scolded by the counselor for her dirty secret.
No! I'm not the one who did this! I would never steal from anyone!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for theft.
Huh? I don't smoke! I don't know why something like this was in my bag!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for smoking.
Where's my phone? Did I drop it somewhere? I hope it wasn't stolen...
— Kokona noticing that her phone disappeared.
Oh, my phone! How did it get here...?
— Kokona finding her phone.
What?! I've never taken any pictures like that! How did this get on my phone?!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for panty shots.
What? Wait, no! I don't know how that got there!
— Kokona defending herself after being accused of cheating.
No! Please! Don't do this!
— Kokona imploring the counselor not to expel her.
Ugh...My uniform doesn't fit...It's too tight around the chest..I want to get a new uniform, but...I can't afford one right now...Oh...! I guess there's no point in complaining..It's not like there's anything you can do...
— Kokona asking for a new uniform.
You'll get me a new uniform? Really? I would love that!
— After accepting her task.
... sorry for whining about my problems...
— After denying her task.
No way! This uniform is tailored to my exact measurements! Now I'll finally be comfortable! Thank you so much!
— After completing her task.
Oh! You're the one who wanted to meet me here? Your note said that you wanted to talk about...domestic abuse?
Oh...you've got it all wrong! My father doesn't do anything to me!
He...he...He cries...
He cries...and talks about his debt problems...
When my mom died last year, my family lost a lot of money...my dad took out a loan so that he could continue to pay for my tuition fees...but...It turns out that he borrowed money from some really shady people...they raise the interest rate by 10% every ten days...and they threaten to get violent with him if he doesn't pay up...
I'm trying to help my dad get out of debt...I'm trying to earn money any way I can, but...the only ways to make money fast are...gross...
Um...I think it's called...Ronshaku Loans.
What? No! Please don't get involved. I doubt there's anything you could do about it...
I appreciate your concern...but I don't think there's anything else to be said...thanks for letting me talk about my problems...
— Kokona's conversation with Ayano at the rooftop.
My dad just got a phone call...he says his debts have been wiped clean!
Did...you do this?
What did you do?!
That's...kind of scary...but, I can't remember the last time I saw my dad this happy!
I don't know what you did...and I'm...afraid to ask...but you saved my dad! Thank you so much!
Words can't express how grateful I am! If there's anything you need me to do for you, just say the word!
What is it?
I'll be there! And, one last time...thank you!
— Kokona's text conversation with Ayano.
You have a nice place, Yan-chan!
Where are your parents?
So, you take care of yourself? That must be hard.
I want to thank you again for helping my dad. I won't ask what you did. I'm sure it's something you wouldn't want to talk about...But I hope you gave him what he deserved! Loan sharks are awful people...I did a bunch of stupid things while I was trying to make money, but my biggest regret was getting Saki involved. I never told her about my dad's debt, but I did tell her that I needed money fast. She tried to help me out by selling her underwear to some boys outside of school. In the end she couldn't go through with it, so instead of selling her bra, she threw it over the school wall! I wonder if she ever found it...That must have been so embarrassing for her...I feel so bad about it..but now it's all in the past. You saved my dad, and now I can finally stop spending my time trying to make money in gross ways! Oh! I just realised I've been rambling this entire time. You said you had something important to tell me, right?
...oh...you know about that...?...what did you want to say about him...?
...I...have...really strong feelings for that boy...I don't want to lose him...but...I could never take someone away from you, after everything you've done for me...okay...I'll stay away from him.
...but...you'd better take really good care of him...okay?
— Kokona's conversation with Ayano at her house.
Wait, what are you doing?! That's not funny! Stop! Let me go! ...n...NO!!!
— When Kokona is eliminated at Ayano's house.
We definitely have the same opinion.
— When Riku makes a positive remark in about something Kokona likes with very low affection.
Right! I couldn’t have said it better myself.
— When Riku makes a positive remark about something Kokona likes with low affection.
Y...you really think so...? ...nobody’s ever called me that before...
— When Riku tells Kokona that she looks cute with low affection.
Cool. Not many people are aware of that.
— When Riku displays wisdom to Kokona with very low affection.
Wow! You're very well-informed!
— When Riku displays wisdom to Kokona with low affection.
You could be a professor and teach a class about this!
— When Riku displays wisdom to Kokona with medium affection.
How do you remember so much information? You're a genius!
— When Riku displays wisdom to Kokona with high affection.
Uh... well... bye, I guess...
— When Riku leaves Kokona with no affection.
See you later.
— When Riku leaves Kokona with very low affection.
I hope I see you around later.
— When Riku leaves Kokona with low affection.
Hey! Just so you know, I take offense to that...
— When Riku makes a negative remark about something Kokona likes.
To be honest with you, I strongly disagree...
— When Riku makes a positive remark about something Kokona dislikes.
Ugh... how many times will I have to hear people say that... do people really think that’s a compliment?
— When Riku tells Kokona that she looks sexy.
Uh... well... go tell someone who has twin-tails, then...
— When Riku tells Kokona that he likes twin-tails.
...every time I've tried to make cupcakes, I’ve ruined them somehow.
— When Riku tells Kokona that he likes cupcakes.
...wh...what?! Don’t ever talk about my undergarments again! Hmph…
— When Riku tells Kokona that her panties suit her.

Wh-What?! Who are you calling a skank?
N-No! I don't! I just go to dinner with them! It doesn't go any further than that!
I...I never asked for my body to look like this!
I don't get to keep any of the money I make! I give it all to my dad!
I give my money to my dad so he can pay off his debts...to YOUR dad!
Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! *hits Musume several times*
I...did I...wait...she's not dead, is she...?!
Oh my god...oh my god! She...she's dead! She's actually dead! I killed her!
Ayano! What are we going to-...A...Ayano...? ...Where are you?...
— Hypothetical dialogue between Kokona and Musume in Driving Your Rivals To Murder