Kiyoko Tatsuhara
Student Info
Role Student
Class Unknown
Club Student Council
Persona Dangerous
Crush Unknown
Strength Carries Pepper Spray
Appears Unknown
Kiyoko Tatsuhara is a hypothetical female student and a Student Council member that would attend Akademi High School.


Kiyoko has long, blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes: red on her right and blue on her left. She would likely wear the Student Council uniform, with the "Red Armband of Leadership" on her left arm reading 生徒会 (seito kai), meaning Student Council written in kanji. She would also wear yellow fingerless MMA gloves[1] and stockings that match her eyes.[2]


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, Kiyoko would likely be Dangerous. If she saw Ayano murder anyone, she would run up, spray her with pepper spray, and restrain her. She would push Ayano away if she gets too close and would spray her with pepper spray if she would attempt to kill her without stealth.

According to YandereDev, Kiyoko would be hot-blooded. She would be burning with passion at all times, and be the physical embodiment of guts and determination. She would usually be striking poses, and giving speeches about how any problem can be solved through force of sheer willpower, or ranting about how nothing is more powerful than the human spirit. Her ultimate dream would be a world free of evil, and she joined the Student Council to "stop evildoers," "protect the weak," and "deliver justice." She also never seems to run out of energy; she would have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time, and can't do anything without making a show of it, even if she's doing something as simple as cooking breakfast.

If she saw two students fighting, she would jump between them and launch into a speech about how they shouldn't be fighting because humanity's greatest strength is the ability to forge bonds of friendship that make any challenge become possible. Even after the two students walk away, she would still be there, giving her speech, caught up in her latest rant about justice and crushing evil, completely unaware that everybody else has already left.

There would be rumors that sometimes she goes to the beach and practices posing like Sentai heroes from Japanese TV shows, silhouetted against the setting sun. Actually, this wouldn't just be a rumor, because Musume Ronshaku saw her doing it, took a picture of her, and shared it with everyone. Kiyoko wouldn't be ashamed, though, because "The burning passion in her heart is nothing to be ashamed of!"

The only thing she enjoys talking about - aside from justice, the human spirit, creating a world free of evil - is Sentai. It's extremely clear that she actually thinks she can become one of those characters in real life if she tries hard enough.[1]


Although she is not in the game, YandereDev has stated that she would patrol the classrooms,[3] similar to the other Student Council members


  • She would represent the Yellow Dragon.[4] The Japanese word for "Yellow" is (黄: Ki), so her name is Kiyoko, and the Old Japanese word for "Dragon" is (竜: Tatsu), so her surname is Tatsuhara.
  • She would possibly be the "Public Relations Director".[5]
  • Her favorite food would be kale/cabbage/spinach/asparagus, because at some point when she was a child, her parents cooked something with it, something that kids don't usually like to eat. She was refusing to eat it, and then one of her parents said, "You know, I bet all of those Sentai heroes eat lots of spinach. If you eat spinach, you'll grow up to be like them." Then she devoured everything on her plate and asked for seconds, and ever since then, she has eaten as much of that type of food as possible.[3]
  • Her parents would probably be nothing like her.[3]
  • There are rumors that she has a sibling that attends Akademi but they refuse to interact with each other.


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