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Second sprite for Kidnap from "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future".

Kidnapping is a non-lethal method used to eliminate rivals in Yandere Simulator.

The necessary preparations include Rank 1 in Biology, a syringe, and the tranquilizer.

The description on the schemes menu is, "This scheme will end with your rival being kidnapped".

Note: If used incorrectly, such as using the syringe on a male student, you having no tranquilizer, or you having already kidnapped 2 students, it will only kill the student.

How to Kidnap a Student

The requirements for kidnapping from "How to kidnap a girl in Yandere Simulator".

Ayano must get to Rank 1 in Biology so that she knows how to properly attack with a syringe without accidentally killing the victim. Old-Fashioned Fundoshi Panties will make the process of leveling up her Biology stat easier.

Ayano must possess a syringe with a tranquilizer inside of it, both of which can be found in the school's infirmary. However, Nasu Kankoshi is always on guard and vigilant about keeping an eye on anyone in her office, and the items will not be easily obtainable. Currently, Ayano has to poison any student's bento with the headache poison and retrieve the tranquilizer while she is giving medicine to the student. Alternatively, Ayano can also get a sedative from Info-chan, which will work just like a tranquilizer.

Ayano must also be able to ask the target for a favor in order to get them to follow her. She can access this action by befriending the target beforehand by completing a task, having a high Reputation, or by having a high Seduction level.

She must also have a case to keep her victim inside, which can be found in the storage room on the right side of the gym. The box will be there from the start of the game, but in the future, one must get a Favor from Info-chan for it.[1]

If Ayano has all of these, she must ask the target to follow her, lead them to the storage room and close the door, after which Ayano can attack them with the syringe.

A "Kidnapping Checklist" will appear onscreen when entering the storage room, informing Ayano if she is currently meeting all of the criteria in order to perform a kidnapping. If Ayano doesn't meet all the criteria, she will kill the victim instead. The checklist makes sure that Ayano is possessing a tranquilizer, their biology stats are at level 1, the follower is female, a syringe is currently being held in the hand, and that the door is closed.

The kidnapping checklist. June 3rd, 2016.

The target will scream when tranquilized and Ayano's sanity will decrease. Once they are tranquilized, Ayano must place the body into the musical instrument case. After the school day ends, Ayano will leave the school and come back during the night to pick up the victim, pretending to be a musician from a late-night show. After tying up her victim, Ayano will be so exhausted that she will go automatically to sleep and wake up the next day.


Note: If the police are called because of a murder, they will find the student and take them out of the case.

The police finding Kuu Dere.

If Ayano tries to kidnap a female student and frame her, when the police arrive, they will find her sleeping in the case and assume that she hid from the police. She will then be arrested.

The police finding Kokona.

The next morning, Ayano can go down to her basement before going to school and the student will be there, secured to a chair. They will look at her wherever she goes. She is then able to torture the student or leave them. If a rival is betrayed, they will be tied up in the basement the next day. If Ayano tortures a rival enough and lets them go back to school, they will be sitting against a wall of the school, saying aloud some depressing thoughts. Ayano can also give them a weapon at this state and tell them to kill a person from their gallery. Since the kidnapped student is so traumatized, weak, and depressed, they lose control of themselves and their sanity. The student will then slowly walk towards the chosen victim with their head down and arms twitching, muttering "Kill, Kill, Kill..". If the insane student reaches the intended victim, they will tackle the other student and repeatedly stab them, until that student is dead. After their job is done, they will stab themselves in the neck, killing themselves as well.

Saki Miyu kidnapped. March 15th, 2020.

The day after a kidnapping, the School Atmosphere will decrease by 5 points because a student went missing without explanation. If the student was a club leader, then the club will be closed because the members do not know what to do with their leader missing.

The leader of the Occult Club missing. March 5th, 2016.

Previously, when Kokona was the test rival, there was another reason to kidnap someone. In order to befriend Kokona, Ayano had to kidnap Musume Ronshaku. Musume, in addition to being tied up, would also wear a white blindfold. The player could record Musume begging for help and the video would be sent to her father. Ayano would then transport Musume back to her father's business. Musume would be extremely traumatized after the kidnapping.

Musume kidnapped. June 1st, 2016.

Returning Musume. June 1st, 2016.

Kidnapping after January 1st, 2019

Kidnapping before January 1st, 2019 ( Kidnapping after November 15th, 2015)

Kidnapping before November 15th, 2015


  • Normally, kidnapping is only possible with female students. However, if the code is modified to allow for the kidnapping of male students, they will have the same animation, but will end up bugged.
  • In the full game, if there are two or more kidnapped students in the basement, it is possible that they might talk to each other, or that Ayano will put gags in their mouths so they cannot interact.[2]
  • It may be possible in the future to tell a teacher that there is a dead body, so that they may follow the player. The player could then kidnap them once they are inside the storage room.[3]
  • Ayano can never let a kidnapped student free because there would be no way to prevent the student from incriminating her. Even if Ayano successfully concealed herself during the entire kidnapping, the victim's last memory would be being alone with Ayano in the storage room. She would tell the police and it would be over. As of now a tranquilized student found by the police will remember nothing.
    • Musume Ronshaku is an exception to this rule as she remembers nothing.
  • Kidnapping was put into Yandere Simulator sooner than originally planned because YandereDev hyped it up in an earlier video.[4]
  • As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, the correct student model will show. In previous builds, a blue haired girl will only be kneeling on the floor, regardless of gender or hair color. However, if a teacher (through debug) or Student Council member is kidnapped they will have a bugged appearance.
  • Any student that is kidnapped will have Saki Miyu's voice.[5]
  • Male students are no longer able to be kidnapped as of the October 8th, 2015 Build.[6] This is because the "Basement Prisoner" is hardcoded to be a female. If a male was kidnapped, he would turn into a gender swapped version of himself.[7]
  • YandereDev has not yet explained how Ayano's mother and father would react to a girl in the basement.[8]
  • Pressing any teleportation number while dragging the sleeping student will have the body be teleported alongside the player just like any other. Teachers and students will react as if the main character is carrying a dead body.
  • YandereDev has stated that in the final game, Ayano can only kidnap up to ten people.[9] The original plan about how kidnapping would only work with the current rival will probably stay.[10]
    • The original intention of the kidnapping feature was to brainwash them into killing the following week's rival.[11]
  • The chair that Ayano uses is the one her mother and grandmother used, judging by Basement Tape #1.
  • Once a girl is kidnapped, her fate is sealed.[12] She can never escape, but she may die if not checked on often.[13] The player will be able to choose to feed or starve her.[14]
  • If the player kidnaps ten students without Ayano disposing of them, they'll get a special ending in the full game. In the case of kidnapping less than ten students, Ayano either keeps them as pets forever, or just exterminates them off-camera.[15]
  • The pole was removed as of the October 17th, 2015 Build.
  • As of the October 15th, 2017 Build, a kidnapped student will have a missing poster put up on the wall facing the School's Main Entrance.
  • It is impossible to kidnap Raibaru since she would sense the player behind and would only ended up being apprehended by her.