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Jokichi Yudasei

Role Senpai (1980s Mode)
The father of Ayano Aishi (Story Mode)
Occupation None
Age 18 (1980s Mode, 1989)
51 (Story Mode, 2022)
Persona Loner (1980s Mode)
Crush None
Strength Unknown
Appears 1980s Mode
Voice Austin Hively

Jokichi Yudasei is the husband of Ryoba Aishi and father of Ayano Aishi.

He is a character in 1980s Mode as a student attending Akademi High. He and his wife are out of the country for ten weeks in Story Mode[1] because his wife is chasing down The Journalist, as stated in Basement Tape #10.



"I've seen him in my dreams thousands of times. \ I see him on the back of my eyelids every time I close my eyes. \ We're destined to spend the rest of our lives together!"


Jokichi looks like an adult version of default Senpai.[2] He has light skin, black hair, and black eyes.

In Story Mode, Jokichi appears as an adult man in his early fifties (51). As seen in the photo in the Aishi House, he has short bangs, and he wears a white, long-sleeved button-up shirt, tied with a black tie, and khaki pants with a brown belt.

In 1980s Mode, Jokichi appears as a young man in his late teens (18). As seen in the intro, in the flashback from Ryoba's school years, his bangs were long enough to cover his left eye, and he wore the 1989 uniform.


Jokichi Yudasei was born in 1971. At some point in his life, he began attending Akademi High School. He was in his first year from April of 1987 to March of 1988, and in his second year from April of 1988 to March of 1989. During his first and second year, Ichiko Saikou was an upperclassman a year above him, but they never crossed paths. During his second year, his future wife, Ryoba Aishi, was an underclassman a year below him, but they had never interacted.

Although they didn't even speak, Ryoba fell in love with Jokichi right away, as he was the boy she saw in her dreams every night. Ryoba wanted to interact with Jokichi, but she was afraid that she might say something to make him hate her. She he began to stalk as she built up her courage for him, and about a year later, she found out that there was another girl who had a crush on him. To eliminate her first rival, Ryoba killed her in third floor girl's bathroom.

After eliminating the unnamed girl, Ryoba continued to stalk Jokichi, and began to stalk any girl that spoke to him, constantly finding a new rival. After eliminating them all, Ryoba planned to confess her love to Jokichi underneath the cherry tree behind the school, but she never had a chance due to The Journalist, who was able to convince the police to take her into custody.[3]

After being declared innocent by the judge, Ryoba again planned to confess her love to Jokichi, but the case casted a lot of suspicion on her and affected her reputation at school. Ryoba became worried that if she confessed to Jokichi, he would reject her, and then, she won't be able to resist the need for killing him and herself. Ryoba did not want to accept that outcome, so to reduce her chances of failure to 0%, she decided to kidnap him and keep him in her basement instead.[3]

As revealed in Basement Tape #1, Ryoba kept Jokichi in her basement and tied him to a chair, just like her mother had done to her father before. However, unlike her mother, Ryoba decided to not mind-break Jokichi, as she always felt slightly bad for her own father; instead, she kept him in that basement for a long time, until she was 100% sure that he would not try to run away and leave her. When Ryoba eventually forced Jokichi to being in "relationship" with her, he married her, took her surname, and moved out with her.

Due to a plot-related reason that will be revealed in "The True" ending,[4] his wife chose to give birth to a child so much later in life compared to the majority of her ancestors,[5] whom became parents at age 19-20. His daughter, Ayano Aishi, was born on the 1st of April,[6] currently, of 2004, when he was 33.

As revealed in an Intro and in Yandere-chan's childhood video, Ryoba told Ayano at some point that she was exactly like her when she was a child, and that, one day, she'd meet someone special who will "complete" her, just like she did. However, she never told her about the murders she committed, as she promised Jokichi to never tell their daughter the truth.[7] Because Ryoba always knew about Ayano's condition, she didn't worry about her at all, but Jokichi desperately wanted to help their daughter, which included taking her to hospitals, doctors, and multiple examinations. Ryoba tried to explain the condition of their daughter, but he didn't want to listen to her words. That was until Ayano began to pretend to be "normal".

Shortly before The Journalist began to follow Ryoba, a young woman casually flirted with Jokichi,[8] and Ryoba began stalking her. She was probably just a cashier at a convenience store, or a random female co-worker of Jokichi.[9] However, there's no guarantee that she was actually in love with Jokichi, but as a yandere, Ryoba was so over-protective of her husband that she assumed any girl who was moderately polite to him was in love with him.[10] She was suspicious of any girl who seemed to be too sweet to her husband, but didn't always take action against them, and likely murdered a handful of times between 1980s Mode and Story Mode.[10] It wasn't revealed whether or not Ryoba actually killed this woman, or if she let her go.

As revealed in Basement Tape #10, Ryoba came back to her house after following the Journalist, and there, she caught Jokichi browsing their old tapes for an unknown reason. Ryoba told Jokichi that she "saw someone who she hasn't seen in decades", mistaking his curiosity with jealousy, and then informed him that they are going to America. When Jokichi protested and asked about their jobs, Ryoba reassured him, saying that she already called their boss and informed him about the trip, and he was "very" understanding. Ryoba's and her husband's jobs are currently unknown, but we learn about them in one of the game's endings, and we know that technology is a huge part of Ryoba's job.[11] Jokichi reveals that this situation took place a day before Ayano's first day of her second year of high school, and Ryoba expressed that she thinks if her daughter is anything like her, she'll have absolutely no problems whatsoever taking care of herself, and she hopes Ayano will meet "someone special" and find a boyfriend by the time they get back, to which Jokichi responds negatively, like any father would, but quickly changes his mind after being intimidated by his wife. At the end, when Jokichi wanted to pick up the tapes so that Ayano would't find them, Ryoba told him not to bother, and that there's a part of her that hopes she does.


Jokichi seems to be a normal person. He has never said that he loves his wife, even after they were married. He lampshades this in Basement Tape #10. He also appears to be caring, as he wished for nobody to go through what he had to go through, referenced in Basement Tape #10.

In 1980's Mode, He is described as a handsome and charismatic young man that makes it understandable for girls to crush on him.


Ryoba Aishi

Main Article: Ryoba Aishi

Ryoba is devoted to Jokichi, but he does not truly love Ryoba in return. He heard about what The Journalist said about his wife being a serial killer. She kidnapped him against his will and held him hostage in her basement. They got married and had one daughter,[12] Ayano Aishi.

Even after having a daughter, Jokichi is still afraid of his wife. For example, when he thinks he has accidentally said something wrong about their extremely quiet daughter, he quickly corrects himself before Ryoba can notice, implying that he still doesn't love her and deeply fears her after all those years.[13]

He and Ryoba have argued over differing opinions towards Ayano's personality; Ryoba was not worried for Ayano, but he was. [14]

Ayano Aishi

Main Article: Ayano Aishi

Ayano feels indifferent towards both of her parents.[15] Jokichi suspects Ayano to be emotionless or just strange, but does not know about his daughter's true nature.[16] He's also a little creeped out by her and worries about her, but he still loves his daughter.[17] This is supported in Basement Tape #10, since he is concerned about Ayano living on her own.

Ayano's lack of emotions during childhood eventually led him into depression, and he would start smoking to cope.[14]

Nothing would make him happier than learning that his daughter is a normal girl.[18]

If he sees Ayano trying to romance a female Senpai, he may have a positive reaction, as it would mean seeing the end of the Aishi bloodline, which wouldn't be a negative thing in his eyes.[19] However, he may strongly discourage the homosexual relationship. His conservative values come from traditional Japanese society, where homosexual relationships are considered to be a social taboo by many.[20] If Ayano was in a heterosexual relationship with a male Senpai, Jokichi would worry about the nature of the relationship, and how it began.[21]


  • YandereDev thinks that his family visits occasionally.[22]
  • His favorite color is purple.[23]
  • The "jō" part of his name, Jokichi, can be written as "transfer, convey" (譲) or "length, height" (丈), while the "kichi" (吉) part means "fortune".


— Basement Tape #1. Seeing Ryoba for the first time in her basement.
What's happening? Where am I?
— Basement Tape #1. Jokichi after waking up in Ryoba's basement.
What are you talking abou - huh? What is this?! Am I tied to a chair?!
— Basement Tape #1. Jokichi waking up in Ryoba's basement.
...aren't you...that girl who's been on the TV lately? What was it...Aishi-san?
— Basement Tape #1. Asking if Ryoba is who he thinks she is.
Oh, god...it's not true, is it? All those things the journalist said?
— Basement Tape #1. Jokichi realizes the dark nature of Ryoba. Apparently he knows a bit about The Journalist.
I'm sorry, I don't know you well enough to -
— Basement Tape #1. Apologizing because he doesn't know her well enough to call her by name.
R...Ryoba! Ryoba!
— Basement Tape #1. Saying Ryoba's name.
— Basement Tape #1. Confused about Ryoba's reaction.
Wh...what do you want from me? Am I your next victim?
— Basement Tape #1. Asking if he's the next victim.
Protecting...? You mean...all those girls at school...
— Basement Tape #1. Asking about the girl's disappearances.
Love?! But we've never even spoken to each other before!
— Basement Tape #1. Jokichi saying they've never spoken before.
...Ryoba-chan...if you love someone, you shouldn't kidnap them and tie them to a chair!
— Basement Tape #1.
Please...please, let me go. I promise I won't tell the police.
— Basement Tape #1. Jokichi begging to be freed.
— Basement Tape #1. Questioning if he heard Ryoba correctly.
— Basement Tape #10. Being scared by Ryoba's presence.
...I...I...didn't hear you come in...
— Basement Tape #10
Well, you do make a career out of not being seen...
— Basement Tape #10
...well...I suppose you could say that...
— Basement Tape #10
Who are you talking about?
— Basement Tape #10.
That's...actually the last thing I worry about.
— Basement Tape #10
...right...so, who did you see today?
— Basement Tape #10
Wait - airport?!
— Basement Tape #10
We can't do that! What about our jobs?
— Basement Tape #10
How long will we be gone for?
— Basement Tape #10
What about our daughter? Tomorrow is the first day of high school!
— Basement Tape #10. Showing concern for Ayano.
...I hope not...
— Basement Tape #10
N-nothing, sweetie!
— Basement Tape #10
Uh, shouldn't I pick up the tapes? They're scattered everywhere!
— Basement Tape #10
What if our daughter finds them?
— Basement Tape #10
...huh? It's on... must've hit record...
— Basement Tape #10




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