The Japanese Gardens are areas of Akademi High School.


Inside of the garden near the incinerator, there are 4 red trees, 8 lanterns, 2 Shishi-odoshi and four bridges. Up northwest, there is a patch of bamboo, mat floorings for the Martial Arts Club and a shrine. On the west and east sides of the garden, there are benches that Ayano can sit on. Behind the benches are 3 small red trees.

As of the February 18th, 2019 Build, a second garden has been added near the outdoor cafeteria. This is identical to the first one, except that, instead of the shrine, there is a small tea house. Inside the tea house, there are 4 red pillows, a table, a counter, and a poster. On top of the counter are 2 mangas, 2 books and a water kettle beside the counter.


The Martial Arts Club members come here to practice as part of their routine. The Basu Sisters also come here in the morning to search for something in the small ponds near the entrance. There is no ulterior use to these gardens.


  • The garden was implemented in January 15th, 2019 Build.
    • The second garden was added in the February 18th, 2019 Build.
  • YandereDev says that the gardens will be moved to other places in future builds.
  • The 11th panties can be found in the second garden, inside the tea house near the table.



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