The Japanese Gardens are areas of Akademi High School.


Inside of the garden near the incinerator, there are 4 red trees, 8 lanterns, 2 Shishi-odoshi (Japanese water fountains), and four bridges. Up northwest, there is a patch of bamboo, mat floorings for the Martial Arts Club and a shrine. On the west and east sides of the garden, there are benches that Ayano can sit on. Behind the benches are 3 small red trees.

As of the February 18th, 2019 Build, a second garden has been added near the outdoor cafeteria. This is identical to the first one, except that, instead of the shrine, there is a small tea house. Inside the tea house, there are 4 red pillows, a table, a counter, and a poster. On top of the counter are 2 mangas, 2 books, and a water kettle beside the counter.


The Martial Arts Club members come here to practice as part of their routine. There is no ulterior use to these gardens.


  • The garden was implemented in January 15th, 2019 Build.
    • The second garden was added in the February 18th, 2019 Build.
  • YandereDev says that the gardens will move to other places in future builds.



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