Interactions are the way Ayano Aishi can converse with students in order to complete tasks, improve reputation, harm reputation, and command others in Yandere Simulator. There are six ways of interacting with students. These interactions include: Apologize, Compliment, Gossip, Tasks, Ask Favor, and Bye.


I spilled red paint on myself! I'm going to go clean it off now.
— Apologizing for being covered in blood.
I found something dangerous, so I was taking it to a teacher.
— Apologizing for being visibly armed.
It's a misunderstanding! I was taking a picture of something else, I swear!
— Apologizing for being visibly lewd.
I'm so sorry for how I behaved earlier. I don't know what came over me.
— Apologizing for being visibly insane or laughing insanely.
Don't worry. I was just filming a prank video for the Internet.
— Apologizing for being covered in blood while holding a weapon.
I'm very sorry...It was an accident...can you forgive me?
— Apologizing after "accidentally" splashing a student with water.
I swear I wasn't eavesdropping! I was just passing by!
— Apologizing after being noticed eavesdropping on a private conversation.

If an NPC notices Ayano acting suspiciously — such as carrying around a weapon or taking a panty shot — she can apologize to them to regain 50% of the reputation damage taken.

Wearing the Kawaii Moe Shimapan regains 75% reputation damage taken.


I just wanted to tell you that you look lovely today!
— Complimenting a student.
Wow! That means a lot coming from you! Thank you so much!
— Student responding to a compliment when Ayano has a high reputation.
Really? That's so nice of you to say!
— Student responding to a compliment when Ayano has a medium reputation.
Umm...thanks, I guess...?...
— Student responding to a compliment when Ayano has a low reputation.

Complimenting an NPC will increase Ayano's reputation by one point. Each student can only be complimented once per day; students will think she is just pretending to be nice if they are complimented twice.[1]

NPCs have a different reaction to compliments depending on Ayano's reputation.

Wearing the Sweet Strawberry Panties boosts the number of reputation points received after complimenting students.

As of March 1st, 2020 Build, students are react to Ayano's compliment, depending on their personas.


Main Article: Gossip
I have something to tell you about this student...
— Gossiping about a student.

Gossip is used to spread rumors about a rival, which will damage her reputation. Ayano is not able to gossip if they have a low reputation. As with complimenting, she can only share gossip with each student once per day.

Wearing the Skimpy Sexy Panties boosts reputation damage done to targets of gossip. More buffs can be found on the Gossip page itself.


Main Article: Tasks

As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, Ayano can help students out by performing a task for them. If the task is completed, the student will become friends with her and she will be able to ask them for Student Favors.

Ask Favor

Not to be confused with Info Chan's favors.
Sorry, I can't help you now. It's time for class.
— Students responding to Ayano's request for a favor if their class starts in less than half an hour.

"Follow Me" has been in the game since the early days of the game. "Distract" and "Go Away" were added in the October 8th, 2015 Build. Ayano has to be friends with a student or have a high Seduction Level to ask them for Student Favors. Students are not willing to perform favors for her if their next class begins in less than half an hour.

In the future, it will only be possible to ask each student for a Student Favor once per day. This is a low priority, though.[2]

Follow Me

Hey, follow me! I want to show you something cool!
— Asking a student to follow Ayano.
In early builds, Ayano could ask any student other than Senpai to follow them (But attempting to follow Osana will make Osana refuse to follow it, because she hangout with Raibaru. Even if Raibaru is gone, Osana still not be able to follow Ayano, as she doesn't trust her enough. However, Osana will only follow the player if the player's reputation is high and Raibaru isn't present at school). In a later build, she could only ask when they had a high enough reputation. In October 8th, 2015 Build and the November 1st, 2015 Build, "Follow Me" can be achieved through Student Favors, just like "Distract" and "Go Away".

A student will follow Ayano until she asks them to stop, they have to be somewhere else, or she takes too much of their time. This can be used in kidnapping or murdering someone without any witnesses. They will not follow if one student is already doing so.


Please go ask this person if they have a crush on anyone. Text me their answer later.
— Asking a student to distract someone.
As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, Ayano can ask a student to distract someone (selected in Student Info) for ten seconds. Only someone whose picture has already been sent to Info-chan can be chosen. Students are not able to distract Info-chan, a deceased student, a mind-broken student, an unconscious/kidnapped student, Raibaru Fumetsu (If Osana was present), or themselves.

Go Away

I have some private business to attend to here. Would you mind giving me some space?
— Asking a student to vacate the area.
As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, Ayano could ask a student to move to the Hedge Maze.

In the February 2nd, 2016 Build, it is only possible to tell a student to go away if they have actually reached some destination that they intend to occupy for some time. They will go away for a maximum of 60 seconds and will go to different spots.


Sorry, never mind!
— Exiting out of a conversation.

Allows Ayano to exit the conversation without interacting with the student.

Time Indicator

Uh, are you just going to stand there?
— A student's response to the player taking too long to select an interaction.
I'm sorry, I've to go now...
— A student's response if a conversation ends without Ayano saying anything.
This is getting kind of annoying...
— A student's response if a conversation ends without Ayano saying anything a second time.
Please stop bothering me...
— A student's response if a conversation ends without Ayano saying anything a third time.
Please./Stop./That's enough./Cut it out.
— A student refusing to talk to Ayano due to annoyance.

Upon starting a conversation, a time indicator will appear, showing how much time is left before the student's patience runs out. If no interaction is chosen before the indicator hits half-way, the student will wait a few seconds before finally exiting the conversation.

If Ayano continues to talk to a student without saying anything, they will eventually refuse to talk to Ayano. However, Ayano can talk to them again after class ends during lunchtime.


Don't talk to me! I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done.
— A Social Butterfly, Loner, Teacher's pet, Fragile or Spiteful student after the player chooses to talk to them the next day.
Don't worry...your secret is safe with me. But, we shouldn't be seen talking to each other....
— A Spiteful student the next day after witnessing Ayano kill someone they do not like.
I haven't told anyone what I saw...please...just leave me alone...
— A coward after the player chooses to talk to them the next day.
Don't bother me!/Go away!/Don't talk to me!/Get away from me!/Leave me alone!
— Trying to talk to a witness again

If a student has seen Ayano commit murder, they will refuse to speak to her the next day. Students will explain why they refuse to speak to her according to their persona. Trying to interact with them will only get a response of "Go away!", "Don't talk to me!", or "Leave me alone!" from then on.

Guidance Counselor Interactions

Main Article: Genka Kunahito

Ayano cannot interact with the guidance counselor like a normal NPC, but Ayano can report things about a rival to her in order to get the rival expelled. Genka will always thank her and continue working. The options are normally light pink, but they will turn white when an option is available.

Removed Interactions

Two removed interactions were "Threaten" and "Seduce". The latter was added back in with the November 1st, 2015 Build, but is not an option on the Interaction wheel. Instead, the Seduction Level influences Ayano's actions with students.

According to one of YandereDev's older blog posts, "Threaten" was a way to make NPCs to leave the area, but would harm Ayano's reputation.[3]


  • If a student is asked to follow while teleporting to the Demon Dimension, the student will stand in place until the player returns.
  • It's impossible to interact with students when in Bad Time Mode because instead of talking, the player will use psychokinesis on the student. Any student who gets near Ayano in Ebola Mode will instantly die, so she cannot interact in this mode either.
  • Ayano cannot interact with a student while wearing a mask.
  • Multiple students cannot follow Ayano at once because the tranquilizer box needs to detect the gender of Ayano's follower. If there are multiple followers, the tranquilizer box cannot detect gender.[4]
  • In the future, Ayano's reputation will not decrease if she interacts with a student with a low reputation.[5]


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