Inkyu Basu

Student Info
Role Student
Class 2-2
Club No Club
Persona Social Butterfly (since 2/1/16)

Loner (11/15/15 – 1/15/16)

Crush None
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1 (Debug)

Inkyu Basu is one of the female students who currently attends Akademi High School.


Inkyu wears the default female school uniform, unless customized by the player.

She has hot pink hair in two long, thick pigtails held together by fluffy black scrunchies and she has turquoise eyes. She uses catlike contact lenses and wears light blue and light pink eyeshadow. Her lip-gloss is light pink, and she has a mole on the left side of her chin. Her bust size is 1.



"Wears contact lenses. \ Enjoys spending time with her older sister. \ Rumored to be a vampire disguised as a high school student... but only a fool would believe something like that."


Inkyu striking a cute pose.

Among the personas currently implemented in the game, she is a Social Butterfly. She will happily pose for a picture if the player aims their phone at her. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will run to the rooftop and call the police. She cannot participate in physical confrontations against murderers, unless they kill her sister.

She is a "boke", meaning she is dumb, inquisitive, and ditzy, almost like a mini-Midori Gurin.[1]


Inkyu's reputation graph.

Inkyu's default reputation is +23.

Liked: 50

Respected: -10

Feared: 30


At 7:00 AM, Inkyu enters the school grounds, walks to her locker, and changes from her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes. Then, she walks to the fountain located on the south-west side of the school and talks with her sister, Sakyu Basu. Oka Ruto used to stalk both of them the entire time. After her conversation, she walks around the exterior of the school with Sakyu, searching for something. They search for places such as the fountains.

At 8:00 AM, Inkyu walks into Classroom 2-2, sits at her desk, and plays around on her phone before her classes start. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM and leaves to go to the rooftop to eat lunch with her sister at 1:00 PM.

Inkyu walks back to class again at 1:22 PM, sits at her desk, and plays around on her phone again until her next classes start. Her next classes start at 1:30 PM. At 3:30 PM, she participates in cleaning time which ends at 4:00 PM. She will continue to walk around the exterior of the school with her sister and search for something again. She will not go home until 6:00 PM.

On each day of each rival's week, there will be a different conversation about the lore between the two sisters, giving us a total of 50 different conversations. If the police were called into the school, the next day they will have a different conversation. The same will happen if they witness you committing murder and you got away with it, however, this time they will never have another lore conversation ever again.


Inkyu talking with her sister.

Sakyu Basu

Main Article: Sakyu Basu

Sakyu is currently her older sister. In the future, they may be changed to half-sisters.[2]

She enjoys spending time with her, as stated in her Student Profile.

As they are very close, if the player kills Sakyu in front of Inkyu, she will attack the player with much more force than she's usually capable of.

Inkyu mourning. July 24th, 2016.

If her sister disappears or is murdered, Inkyu will mourn her on the rooftop.

Oka Ruto

Main Article: Oka Ruto

Inkyu and her sister were stalked daily by Oka, in a futile search for evidence that they are supernatural beings: Inkyu being a vampire, and her sister, Sakyu, a succubus.


The topics towards Inkyu are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Photography
  • Science
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Reading


  • Occult
  • Violence
  • Gossip
  • Socializing
  • Family


Everything else.


  • She was implemented in the November 15th, 2015 Build.
  • If she had a voice in-game, Inkyu would sound bubbly and youthful.[3]
    • As of the May 1st, 2020 Build, she has a fully voiced conversation with her sister.
  • She wears cosmetic contact lenses. YandereDev established this in the additional info section so that people wouldn't think that Inkyu is a monster in human form.[4]
  • She is rumored to be a vampire disguised as a high school student, according to her Student Profile.
  • Her name is a play on the Japanese Katakana for "incubus", Inkyubasu (インキュバス). Although incubi are supposed to be the male counterparts of succubi, YandereDev has said that this doesn't matter since he thinks it's a cute and feminine name.[5]
  • In the future, if her sister dies, she might switch to the sleuth persona.[6]
  • Her character model (along with Sakyu Basu's model) can be bought in the Unity 3D Asset Store. The pack's name is Succubus Twins Character Pack. Her model's name is Asphodel.
  • The Basu sisters will probably not join any clubs.[7]
  • YandereDev is considering making her and Sakyu half-sisters.[8]


Hey, sister?
Isn't it weird that there's an Occult Club at this school? Why would they allow something like that? I thought humans were afraid of the Occult!
"Fictional"...hee hee hee!
Wow - sounds like a great guy!
Really?! Tell me, sister, tell me!
Aw, you're no fun...
— Having a conversation with Sakyu on Monday.
Hey, sister?
I saw a baseball bat and soccer balls in the gymnasium, but this school doesn't have a baseball diamond or a soccer field! Why would the school have things that students can't even use?
Oh, that makes sense...but, this school doesn't have a baseball team or a soccer team...
I heard that it's prestigious to be part of a sports club. Why are so few people interested in sports at this school?
Ohhhhh, so like, this is a school for nerds?
I've seen the Sports Club running and swimming, but I've never seen them playing any actual sports...
Wow - you know everything, sister!
— Having a conversation with Sakyu on Tuesday.

Hey, sister?
This school's logo is a sakura flower, right? Why is there a different logo on the gate above the school?
That's company, right? Why would they build a school?
Wow - he sounds like a great dad! But...why is this the first time I'm hearing about it?
Oooooh, sounds juicy! Tell me all about it, sister!
Yeah, yeah, I know...(sigh)
Got it! Thanks for looking out for me, sis!
— Having a conversation with Sakyu on Wednesday.

Hey, sister?
I feel like this school is missing a bunch of rooms it should have. Like a boiler room, for example. How does this place even function?
Wow, really?
Whoa! I didn't know that! Where is she now?
What?! She went missing?! That's a pretty big deal! What happened to her?
You can't fool me, sister! Whenever you laugh like that, it means you're hiding something...
— Having a conversation with Sakyu on Thursday.
It's been a whole week, and we still haven't found any sign of what we're looking for!
But I'm getting so bored here...ohhhhh...So far, the only interesting thing we've found is that you think she's one of "them"?
What if she is?
Hehe...sounds fun!
— Having a conversation with Sakyu on Friday.

I can't believe what happened yesterday! That was so scary...
I thought this school was supposed to be a safe place, but...I guess I was wrong...
We're going to be safe, right, sister?
— Having a conversation with Sakyu after a police investigation.

What's with the police here? They're incompetent...
...hey...sis...should something about her?
Always and forever?
— Having a conversation with Sakyu after witnessing the player commit murder.




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