3-2-16 Incinerator

March 2nd, 2016.

The incinerator is one of the machines that Ayano Aishi can use to dispose of corpses or incriminating evidence.


The incinerator is a ruddy brick-patterned furnace with gates and a chimney that expels smoke when the incinerator is activated. Its color scheme consists mainly of blacks, grays, and dark reds. When the incinerator is activated, glowing embers can be seen behind the bottom iron grate. A timer showing how much remaining time the incinerator needs to burn everything will be shown above.


It used to be located to the right of the school gates next to a bucket of water and a sink. As of the August 20th, 2015 Build, the clean uniform located next to the incinerator was removed, and clean uniforms have been moved to the girls' Shower Room.

As of the March 3rd, 2016 Build, the incinerator has been moved to its own small area near the northwest side of the school. It is to the left of the dumpster. Delinquents will guard the incinerator from 7:15 AM to 8:30 AM, and from 1:15 PM to 1:30 PM. If Ayano tries to drag or carry a corpse and dispose of it in the incinerator during these time periods, they will notice her, attempting to apprehend her, which will result in a Game Over.

Ayano can dispose of corpses, masks, bloody uniforms, gloves, weapons, garbage bags and dismembered body parts. At the moment it has infinite capacity. In the final game, YandereDev might choose to limit the number of bodies Ayano can dump in the incinerator at a time to five.[1]

Once the incinerator is activated, it takes one in-game hour (five minutes in real time) to destroy all the evidence. It cannot be used again until everything is burned, so committing murder while the incinerator is activated isn't advisable if you plan to use it.

In the future, Ayano won't be the only student to use the incinerator; students will stay after school to dispose of trash and may use the incinerator as a method of disposal. This is known as 'souji'.[2]


  • If all evidence is dumped in the incinerator but not activated, Ayano will be arrested.
  • As of the July 1st, 2015 Build, the incinerator is now more detailed, including sound effects and a new timer.

The game freezing while in Cirno Mode. Outdated.

  • Ayano cannot go to class or pass time if there is a noticeable corpse on school grounds or if the incinerator (if it contains a corpse) is not activated.
  • Ayano can only dump used weapons, used gloves, and other items in the incinerator. The dump option will not appear while holding an unused item.
  • A new corpse disposal animation was implemented in the February 15th, 2016 Build.
  • In future updates, if there is blood near an incinerator, the police and/or faculty will realize that it's being used to commit murder and remove it as a gameplay option.[3]
  • The school's incinerator is modeled like the incinerator from Prison School.[4]
  • In the future Ayano might be able to kick students who are cleaning up trash into the incinerator during cleaning time, thus burning the student alive in the incinerator when it is activated. She might also be able to put disembered body parts into trash bags and put them in noticeable places (example: corridors) so that students would throw the trash bags into the incinerator for you, saving you the time to transport disembered body parts to the incinerator yourself.



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