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Homicide is a quick but messy way to eliminate an NPC in Yandere Simulator.


In order to murder an NPC, Ayano needs a weapon. With a weapon equipped, she can attack any nearby NPCs. After doing so, Ayano's weapon and uniform will get covered with blood, unless she performs a stealth attack using blunt weapons, and her sanity will decrease by 20%. The more people she murders, the more bloody she will get, and the more sanity she will lose. Once Ayano has killed five people without stopping to restore sanity, her sanity will be at its lowest, at 0%. Additional kills will not decrease it any further.

She is able to wear gloves in order to keep the weapon clean of her fingerprints so it doesn't get traced back to her. When a student is killed, blood will splatter on the gloves as well.

If she kills a student with the ritual knife found in the Occult Club, she can enter the Dark Void by placing it back in the altar.

Ayano will only be able to kill a teacher with a weapon if she has enough Study Points in Physical Education[1], if she is in the Martial Arts Club, or if she has increased her strength points using the Gaming Club. Trying to attack a teacher without enough Study Points will result in expulsion. Currently, she needs to be at least rank 2 in Physical Education to attack a teacher.


If 50 or more NPCs are killed, the headmaster will shut down the school, and Senpai will transfer to another. Ayano can't follow him and has permanently lost her chance to be with Senpai, which results in a Game Over.


Main Article: Events

Some Students have special events that occur throughout the week (eg. Osana taking a phone call). If Yandere-chan kills a student with a special event, the student won't be able to do the event, because they are dead. This may or may not cause Ayano problems in the future.[2]


Main Article: Clubs

If Ayano kills a club leader or kills enough members of a club so that there are less than five members left, the club will then disband forever. This will cause some students' routines and appearances to change. (The Occult Club, instead of going inside their club room, will converse outside of it; Martial Arts Club members will no longer wear their headbands; etc.)

Sanity Animations

As of the August 15th, 2016 build, sanity-based murder animations have been implemented. As sanity drops, killing animations will take longer.[3]

If Ayano sneaks up behind someone that she is about to kill, she will perform a stealth attack, at the same speed every time regardless of sanity.

When Ayano has high sanity, she will perform a quick and efficient kill. When Ayano has lost a third of her sanity, she will perform a sloppy and noisy kill. When Ayano has lost more than two-thirds of her sanity, she will sadistically kill with prolonged attacks, which are brutal and loud.

When Ayano's sanity is below 30%, her wish to eliminate her rival will be shown to the player with ghastly visions of shadowy figures, of Ayano repeatedly killing her current rival.


When a student is murdered and their corpse is discovered, a memorial will be held for them the next day. The player will lose the morning of that day, as when the memorial is over, it would be 7:30.[4]


Tokuko holds a grudge against Ayano if she witnesses her commit murder on the previous day.

As of the September 1st, 2015 Build, NPCs will scream loudly right before they are murdered, as long as it is not a stealth attack. Other NPCs can hear the scream if they are within its range, which will increase as School Atmosphere drops. Those in the scream's range will turn around and then scream as well. These NPCs become witnesses.

When a student witnesses Ayano murdering another student, they may react in several different ways depending on their persona. So far, only thirteen personas have been implemented into the game: Loner, Teacher's Pet, Heroic, Coward, Social Butterfly, Violent, Strict, Friendly but Strict, Phone Addict, Fragile, Sleuth, Dangerous, and Spiteful.

If a witness with the Social Butterfly, Loner, Teacher's Pet, or Heroic persona is left alive, they will damage Ayano's reputation by ten points each day. When Ayano tries to interact with the student for the first time since the murder, they say that they will tell everyone about Ayano's true nature. Afterward, they will tell the player to go away every time she tries to speak with them.

If a witness with the Spiteful, Fragile, or Coward persona is left alive, they won't damage Ayano's reputation, but won't let Ayano interact with them. However, if she kills someone the Spiteful student likes, they will run away and call the police, damaging her reputation as normal.

After a student witnesses two murders, they will flee immediately.[5]

Witnesses will inform the police about Ayano if she is seen committing a crime. 5 or more witnesses will cause Ayano to be suspected and arrested, resulting in a game over (Coward students will not report to the police about their witness of Ayano commiting murder).

A Witness Reaction to a camera pointing at their face

Club Members

Club member personas are varied. If the player murders a student in front of a club member (except the Martial Arts Club, and Sports Club), they will initially act upon their persona. Afterward, the club member will tell the club leader what Ayano did on the previous, and the next day, she will be kicked out of the club forever. She will also be kicked out if the club leader sees her commit murder. If any members see her commit murder, but she isn't a member of the club, she will be banned from joining it.


Main Article: Loner

If a student with the Loner persona witnesses murder or sees a corpse, they will flee the school and call the police, giving the player a total of five minutes to dispose of the corpse, blood, and any other evidence. If the player manages to do so, the police will not be able to uncover any evidence that a murder took place on school grounds, and Ayano will not be arrested.

If a students witness Ayano commit murder before entering to school and change their shoes, they will run away from school and calls the police, regardless of their personas.

Afterward, the student will refuse to talk to Ayano and will damage her reputation by 10 points every day if they are left alive.

Teacher's Pet

Main Article: Teacher's Pet

If a student with the Teacher's Pet persona witnesses a murder or sees a corpse, they will run to their teachers and inform them of what they have seen. If Teacher's Pet student realized all of the teachers are dead after discovered a corpse, they will flee from the school, triggerring the police timer. The teacher will ask the student to lead her to the corpse. If more than one student with the Teacher's Pet persona witnesses murder, the first witness will inform a teacher and the others will hide in their classroom. If Ayano has cleaned up the crime scene before the teacher arrives, the teacher will accuse the student of pranking her and will return to her classroom or the Faculty room.

Afterward, they will refuse to talk to the player and will damage her reputation by 10 points every day if they are left alive.


Main Article: Strict

Currently, only teachers have this persona. If those with the Strict persona see a corpse or a murder, they will guard the body and call the police.

If a teacher witnesses Ayano murdering a student or has realized that she is the murderer, they will chase her. It is not currently possible to outrun a teacher. When the teacher catches up to Ayano, a struggle minigame will be initiated. If the player doesn't have at least rank 2 in Physical Education, they will instantly lose the minigame. If the player loses the minigame, they will be pinned down, and a Game Over will appear.


Main Article: Heroic

If a student with the Heroic persona witnesses a murder that is not a murder-suicide, they will try to apprehend Ayano by chasing after her. If they catch up and grab her while she has a weapon, this will cause them to enter a "Struggle" minigame, where the player has to press several buttons rapidly in order to fight back and kill them. If she fails to get out of their grasp, they will pin her to the ground and a Game Over will appear. If Ayano has no weapon, then she will be pinned down immediately once the student catches her. As of the February 15th, 2016 Build, the player can no longer struggle against an NPC if holding a large weapon that cannot be concealed, such as a katana. If more than one hero witnesses the player murder someone, only one will chase her while the other(s) remain in their shocked animation. If one hero is taken down, then another will run to Ayano immediately afterward. If Ayano is in the Martial Arts Club, she will instantly win these fights without any player input.

Social Butterfly

Main Article: Social Butterfly

If a student with the Social Butterfly persona witnesses a murder, they will run to places with the most students. Social Butterflies will then call the police, but if they witness another murder they will curl up into a ball, scared.

Afterward, they will refuse to talk to Ayano and will damage her reputation by 10 points every day they are left alive.


Main Article: Coward

If a student with this persona witnesses a murder, they will beg Ayano not to kill them and won't report the murder. Ayano will be kicked out of the Occult Club if she is a member of it and seen by a member of it. She will be banned from joining the club if she is not in it.


Main Article: Violent

The first delinquent who witnesses a murder will run after Ayano with the weapon they are carrying. Once caught up, a combat minigame will begin. They will continue to fight Ayano until either she is knocked out or the delinquent she is fighting with is killed. However, if Ayano murders one of the Bullies (Except when all bullies dead with the exception of Kokoro Momoiro) they will react like a spiteful student.

Phone Addict

Main Article: Phone Addict

A murder witness with the Phone Addict persona will snap a picture of the murder evidence and begin sending it via text to the police. If a Phone Addict takes a picture of a bloody Ayano, she must pursue the witness, murder them, and destroy the phone so to not leave any evidence.

If a student (excluding Coward Students, Heroic Students, Student Council members, and The Delinquents) without this persona witnesses murder while holding their phone, they will take on this persona but will take more time to text the police.

If a student with this persona, but their phone has been stolen, and Ayano commit murder in front of them, they will run away from school and calls the police (Same goes to Loner personality)


Main Article: Spiteful

If a student with this persona witnesses the murder of someone who is bullying them, or someone who has a low reputation, they will congratulate Ayano on the kill and promise not to tell anyone, before leaving the school. If she kills someone they like, they will run from the school and phone the police. As of the Yandere Simulator Demo, Spiteful students have been removed (except Borupen Saishiki) and only the delinquents, reacting to the murder of bullies, will show a Spiteful reaction.


Main Article: Sleuth

Take note that only the Photography club has this Persona. If the school atmosphere is above 80%, then they witness Ayano commit murder, they will run to crowd place and call the police. However, If the school atmosphere is under 80%, they will take a picture of Ayano to use as evidence as a Phone Addict would. For the rest of the game, all of the Photography club members will follow Ayano around to catch her in the act of murder if one of them witnesses her do it. They will not speak to her and run away from her if she runs up to them.


Main Article: Lovestruck

If a rival witnesses a murder, they will run to Senpai and tell him all about it. The player will get an instant Game Over unless Ayano was wearing a mask when they witness her murder a student.[6]


Main Article: Protective
Students with this self-defense level will apprehend Ayano if they see her commit murder. She will have no option to fight back, even with max strength.

Raibaru Apprehended Ayano.

If a protective student witness a corpse but does not witness Ayano kill someone, they will run and tell their teacher. After they lead their teacher about their discoveries of the corpse, they will hide in the classroom until the police arrived (As their reaction of the corpse is function as Teacher's Pet)


Main Article: Dangerous

Only the Student Council Members have this Persona. If a Dangerous student witnesses Ayano commit murder, they will run up and use their pepper spray on her, resulting in a Game Over. They will also pepper spray Ayano if she got a fight with the delinquents (In the case where the delinquents' witness Ayano commit murder). But if they discover a corpse, they will tell a teacher and guard the body with the teacher.

Cleaning Up After Murder

In order to avoid being arrested by the police or lowering the School Atmosphere, Ayano must dispose of the evidence of a murder. The player can use Yandere Vision to find any evidence of murders, including corpses and blood. If a Student is found missing, (the body being disposed of,) the School Atmosphere will lower by 5%.

Avoiding Being Arrested

To avoid being caught, Ayano only has to dispose of the evidence pointing to her as the murderer. She must dispose of the bloody uniform in the incinerator, take care of the murder weapon (either by putting it in the incinerator or washing the blood off at a sink or drinking fountain), wash the blood the player's body in the Shower Room, and change into a clean uniform. If gloves were worn while committing murder, both the gloves and uniform must be disposed of, but the murder weapon can be left behind without her being caught, as it cannot be traced back to her. Also, she needs to retain high sanity (around 60%-100%) so that she will not be taken into custody. Ayano also needs to be careful, as if four or more students witness her crime, they will tackle her to the ground.

Avoiding Low School Atmosphere

Main Article: School Atmosphere

To avoid lowering School Atmosphere, Ayano must clean up all evidence of a murder. The corpse must be disposed of. There are multiple ways to dispose of a corpse, such as using the incinerator behind the school, the wood chipper in the Gardening Club, or the vat of acid in the Science Club. Ayano can also bury the corpse in the Gardening Club's vegetable garden, however, this method may not be a permanent solution.[7]

All blood pools must be mopped up, or else a teacher will discover the blood and call the police. Dragging a body or dismembering a corpse creates more pools of blood as it bleeds out, and stepping into pools of blood will leave bloody footprints. As for Ayano, if her Physical Education is rank 1 or higher, you can pick up the body and carry it instead in order to create less blood. If the area where the corpse was left is mopped up before dragging it, significantly less or no blood will follow when dragging it. There are also three blowtorches in the Science Club used for cauterizing wounds to prevent bleeding. Buckets, sinks, mops, and bleach are currently located all around campus and can be used to clean up the blood.

She then must go to the Shower Room, take off her bloody uniform at her locker and wash off the blood at one of the stations. There, she can change into another outfit. In the future, she may be able to wear a rain coat in order to not get blood on her uniform.[8]

Corpses, body parts, murder weapons, bloody uniforms, and gloves, if used, can all be disposed of in the incinerator and burned. It will take one in-game hour, or 5 minutes in real life, for all evidence to be destroyed once the incinerator is activated.

After all of the evidence is cleaned up a student will be considered "missing" and missing posters will go up on the school walls. If the NPC that was killed and cleaned up was a club leader their club will close.

Missing Students will lower the School Atmosphere by 5%.

A missing poster.

The leader of the Occult Club going "missing".


Main Article: Framing

Ayano has the choice to clean up their murder by framing another student for the crime. By doing this, School Atmosphere is fully restored, as everyone believes the killer was caught.

Failure to Clean Up

If Ayano fails to clean up the mess from a murder, one of two things will happen.

  1. Ayano's mess will be discovered by the police/teachers resulting in a game over.
  2. Ayano's mess will be discovered by students, also resulting in a game over.

No Witnesses

If there are no witnesses, or none that are left alive, a teacher will come across the corpse(s) when the school day has ended while walking through the school to tell any lingering students to leave. If there's no incriminating evidence on school grounds, Ayano will not be arrested. However, if there is any evidence with it, the police will arrest her. The School Atmosphere will drop by ten points per corpse discovered.

If pools of blood, bloody gloves, bloody limb(s), bloody weapon(s), or a bloody uniform are left out in the open after the school day ends, a teacher will find them and call the police. If she does not correct her sanity before school ends, then a teacher will see her, but not do anything. When the police arrive, they will search for any of these variables. If she is hiding a bloody weapon on her, they will arrest her as well.


The police will be able to tell that Ayano was the murderer by scanning her DNA and seeing if it matches the bloodstained weapon, clothes, or gloves. They will also take her into custody if she displays erratic behavior. She may eventually confess to her crimes in certain Game Overs.


  • The bloodstains left on the ground after killing someone are inconsistent and are individual puddles instead of a streak.
  • Bloodstains can be airborne, making them impossible to clean up.


  • Homicide was the first elimination method ever implemented in the game.
  • The school might close down if too many people are killed.[9] (50 is the limit)
  • In the future, it should be possible for Ayano to murder people with her bare hands, but only under very specific circumstances.[10]
    • As of the March 31st, 2020 Build, Ayano can kill students with her bare hands when she enters Snap Mode. It's unknown if she will ever gain this ability during normal gameplay.
  • As of the August 15th, 2016 Build, Ayano is now able to perform stealth attacks if she sneaks up on her victim.
    • And there are also has sanity-based homicide attacks as well.
  • As of the 2020 September Demo, killing all 75 students on the very first day of the game will result in the "Genocide Ending".[11]
  • Murdered students' parents, as well as other students, will notice the disappearance of the murdered student.[12]
  • There's a hidden feature where a flower will be placed on a student's desk after their corpse is found.


Oh my god! Is that a dead body?!
— Any student seeing a corpse.
Oh my god...is that a dead body?!
— Senpai's reaction to a student's corpse.
Oh my god! This can't be happening!
— Any student witnessing Ayano murdering a student or dragging a corpse.
I've got to find a place to hide!
— Any student with a Teacher's Pet or Heroic persona after finding a dead body that is being reported.
Don't talk to me! I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done.
— Most students that Ayano interact with after they witnessed her being connected to murder.
I swear I won't tell anyone what I saw! Just please, don't hurt me!
— A Fragile or Coward student upon seeing the Player murder someone or dragging a corpse.
You won't get away with this!
— A Heroic student upon seeing Ayano murder someone or dragging a body.
Gotta get to safety!
— A Social Butterfly upon seeing a corpse or witnessing homicide.
— A Social Butterfly witnessing Ayano coming near her after witnessing Ayano murder.
— A Social Butterfly witnessing murder a second time.
They had it coming! Don't worry...I won't tell anyone what I saw.
— A Spiteful student witnessing Ayano murdering someone they dislike.
Don't worry... your secret is safe with me. But, we shouldn't be seen talking to each other.
— Talking to a Spiteful student the next day if the player killed someone they dislike.
What have you done?!/How could you?!/Stop right now!
— A Teacher witnessing Ayano attacking someone or dragging a corpse, followed by her chasing down Ayano.
I have to tell a teacher!
— A Teacher's Pet upon discovering a corpse or witnessing the Player attack a student.
You psychopath! You won't get away with this!/I won't be your next victim!/What have you done?! You lunatic!/I'm not going down without a fight!/You just killed someone, you freakin maniac!/I won't go down that easily!
— A delinquent witnessing the player murder someone or dragging a corpse.
I ain't gonna shed any tears for her!
— A delinquent witnessing the corpse of a bully.
What are you DOING?! STOP!!/You won't get away with this!
— Raibaru Fumetsu witnessing the player murdering Osana Najimi in the Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle in Yandere Simulator video.