Struggling against Juku Ren. June 1st, 2020.

Heroic is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator.


If a Heroic NPC witnesses Ayano Aishi murdering a student or carrying a corpse, they will try to apprehend her after one second, which is much less time than other students take to act upon their persona. Heroes will chase after Ayano like a teacher, and Ayano will stay where she is until they reach her. Once a heroic student grabs hold of Ayano by her wrists, a struggle mini-game will ensue. The player must press a series of buttons in rapid succession to avoid being apprehended and overpower the foe.

As of the February 15th, 2016 Build, the player will automatically lose a fight against a hero if they are carrying an un-concealable weapon.

NOTE: If Ayano is in the Martial Arts Club, she will automatically win any physical encounter, no matter the self-defense of the student or faculty member.

The player can tell if they are winning or not by the bar at the bottom. A heartbreak icon

Lose icon.

is located on the left side, a heart icon is located on the right, and the keys/buttons that the player needs to press are in the middle. Pressing the correct buttons will move them to the right, and the incorrect ones will move them to the left. If the player lets the icon fully reach the left side, Ayano will be pinned down by the student and it will result in an APPREHENDED Game Over. Ayano will also yell "No!" as she is apprehended. 

Win icon.

If the icon fully reaches the right side, Ayano will kill the student by stabbing them in the head. During the mini-game, all surrounding students stand still in shock. As soon as a student is defeated, any other Heroic students who saw Ayano will run at her and trigger another mini-game.

The stronger the heroic student's self-defense, the harder it will be to fight back. The player can check how strong a student is in the Student Info. The player can upgrade their Physical Education stat to make the mini-game easier.

If Ayano is running away from a hero without a weapon or if she's carrying a weapon too large to be used in short-range combat, they will automatically pin her down. If they see her with a bloody uniform or being visibly insane, they will not apprehend her, but she will lose reputation.

6-1-2016 HeroicPersona

If the student witnesses a corpse without Ayano nearby, they will instead act like a Teacher's Pet and alert a teacher. Once they report to a teacher, they will remain inside the classroom, mentally scarred, until the police arrive, or gets killed.

At the moment, Ayano can run up to a heroic student and kill them without triggering the mini-game, but this is a bug and will be fixed in a future update.

They may run toward any screaming they hear as well, but YandereDev cannot remember if this was planned or not.[1]

If Ayano tries to take a picture of them, they will give her a suspicious look. If she is in the Photography Club, they will instead simply stand still.


  1. Budo Masuta
  2. Himari Fujita
  3. Hojiro Zameshiro
  4. Iruka Dorufino
  5. Itachi Zametora
  6. Mantaro Sashimasu
  7. Mina Rai
  8. Juku Ren
  9. Shima Shiya
  10. Sho Kunin
  11. Unagi Denkashiza
  12. Muja Kina


Bug -3

Demonstration of the bug about the heroic students. If Ayano commits murder in front of Heroic student so that they will investigate it, sometimes the heroic student may refuse to investigate it and run in the place instead.

  • Before June 1st, 2020 Build, If the player winning the struggle mini-game and kill the heroic student who tries to apprehend the player, then the player is permanently unable to attend class, or either go home. However, this bug has been fixed as of June 1st, 2020 Build.
  • If a heroic student, discover blood pool, bloody weapon, or a weapon (that is not bloody), report it to the teacher, kill teacher while teacher calls the police about their discoveries, the heroic student will automatically apprehend the player while the player attack teacher about their discoveries of the blood pool, weapons, etc.
  • Sometimes if the player kill students in front of Heroic student so that they will investigate it, sometimes the heroic student may refuse to investigate it and run in the place instead.


  • This persona was implemented in the November 15th, 2015 Build.
  • If a Heroic student sees a murder-suicide, they will run and tell a teacher instead of trying to restrain the mind-broken student as they would when they see Ayano murdering another student.
    • This is because of programming that deep would push back the release date.[2]
  • They will only use force in self-defense and to protect others.
  • Despite YandereDev using the label "Justice Minded" during his videos, it was actually a placeholder name. The real persona name has been revealed as Heroic since the November 15th, 2015 Build.[3]
  • If both a student with the Heroic persona and a teacher witness Ayano murdering someone, the teacher will apprehend Ayano while the student will just face her.
  • In the future, if a heroic student witnesses enough murder or corpses, they may become a Sleuth.[4]
  • As of the June 24th, 2016 Build, Sakyu Basu, Inkyu Basu, Pippi Osu, and Ryuto Ippongo are also capable of initiating the struggle mini-game.
    • Sakyu will initiate it upon witnessing the player murder Inkyu; Inkyu will initiate it upon witnessing the murder of Sakyu; Pippi will initiate it upon witnessing the player murder Ryuto; the Ryuto will initiate it upon witnessing the murder of Pippi.
  • As of the September 29th, 2016 Build, the above also applies to Kokona Haruka and Riku Soma, and as of September 15th, 2017, it also applies to Kokona Haruka and Saki Miyu. As of June 1st, 2018, it also applies to Photography Club members.
  • Toga Tabara used this persona at the time when he was implemented, along with 3 clubless students, but his persona was changed to the Loner persona as of the January 17th, 2019 Build.
  • YandereDev is considering the idea of heroic students assisting each other against Ayano.[5]
  • Delinquents also react to murder with this persona if an injured delinquent sees the player killing another delinquent or the delinquents didn't bring their weapons (Because Ayano blame the delinquents for bloody).
  • Eventually, Heroic and Strict always scream when Ayano attacked them as of August 15th, 2016 Build (Originally, when the heroic were implemented, they were not scream when they trigger minigame, but this was not a bug). However, there's a bug that they didn't scream when they trigger the minigame:
    • First Time: In a build of August 2017, Heroic and Strict persona students didn't scream when Ayano attacked them. However, this bug was fixed as of the May 2nd, 2018 Build.
    • Second Time: In July 1st, 2019 Build, Heroic and Strict persona students didn't scream again when Ayano attacked them. This is also happens in the latest build of Yandere Simulator, and this bug is never fixed.
  • Fureddo Jonzu reacts to murder the same way a Heroic student does as long as the School Atmosphere is above 80%.


You won't get away with this!
— A hero initiating the mini-game.
Thanks. Maybe I misjudged you.
— When complimented while Ayano has a low reputation.
You're too kind! Thank you!
— When complimented while Ayano has an average reputation.
That means a lot coming from you - Thanks!
— When complimented while Ayano has a high reputation.



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