The cassette player used to listen to the tapes.

The Headmaster's Tapes are a series of tapes that elaborate on the headmaster and the lore of Akademi High School.

Only three of the tapes have been implemented, so not much is known about them. They can be played in the Computer Lab.

Currently, they elaborate on Kocho's history with Akademi, Saisho Saikou, Saisho's daughter, and Saisho's son. They will explain the connection between Akademi and Saikou Corp,[2] and the Headmaster's attempts to fix Akademi's dropping enrollment rates.[3]

Location of Tapes

Headmaster Tape 1: In a bin under Kocho's desk in the Headmaster's Office.
Headmaster Tape 2: In a bin under Kocho's desk in the Headmaster's Office.
Headmaster Tape 10: In a bin under Kocho's desk in the Headmaster's Office.

Headmaster Tape Recordings

The following tapes are from the perspective of a younger Kocho.
Headmaster's Tape 1
Ah...let's see...where to start? I guess I'll start at the beginning!

My name is Kocho Shuyona, and I've just been chosen to be the Headmaster at Akademi High School!

To be honest, I'm not sure if I really believe this is happening!

I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!

I mean, the entire nation has been talking about this school for months.

The idea of an elite high school that only opens its doors to the most intelligent students in Japan -

A place for the most promising young men and women of today to be transformed into the leaders of tomorrow -

A school built for the sole purpose of being the most prestigious learning institute in the country -

it's an ambitious undertaking, to say the least!

But the thing that shocks everyone the most is that the school is being bankrolled by Saikou Corp!

Who would have expected an electronics company to found a school?

At first, I thought it was some kind of...long-term business plan.

Maybe they wanted to build a place to gather the best and brightest students of Japan, and...train them to be their next generation of employees.

But, it turns out that I was wrong - REALLY wrong - and, I got to hear the truth straight from Mr. Saikou himself!

That's right - I just met THE Saisho Saikou in person. I'm still shaking!

It was like...getting to meet Leonardo da Vinci...or, or Thomas Edison!

I've lost count of how many things he's invented or improved, I...I don't think there's a single product in my home that doesn't have the Saikou logo on it!

A man whose ideas and inventions change the world...people like that are only born once a century!
Anyway...the reason he built this blew my mind!

It's not something he's ever mentioned in public, but...he didn't tell me to keep it a secret either, it is!

It's his daughter!

It's all for his daughter!

He cherishes her more than life itself - even more than his multi-billion dollar corporate empire.

He wants to make her dreams come true, so he's building a high school customized to suit her exact tastes.

The name of the school, the location where it's being constructed, even the exact layout of the building...everything was chosen by his daughter.

His mission is to make sure that the best years of her life happen at Akademi High.

She gets to decide who's allowed to enroll, she gets to decide the school's policies, and...I'm pretty sure she gets to be student council president starting from day one, no questions asked.

So, not only will this school be a collection of Japan's most highly-qualified teachers and most brilliant students, but it's also a giant shining monument to a father's love for his daughter!

Heh, it almost brings a tear to my eye.

And I'M going to be the headmaster!

I'm still surprised I actually had the courage to send in my application!

I, I guess it's because the qualifications they were looking for seemed...surprisingly low, compared to the qualifications for every other position at the school.

In fact, Mr Saikou told me I was perfect for the job after just...asking me a few questions.

There's a part of me that wonders if...his daughter just wants the school's headmaster to have a...certain appearance, or a certain name, or voice, or...something.

I'm not really sure if I got the job because I qualify for it, or because...I meet some invisible criteria that I'm not aware of.

I guess Mr. Saikou could tell I was nervous, because he gave me a gift - this portable tape recorder!

One of his inventions.

He told me it's therapeutic to record an audio journal when you're feeling overwhelmed.

That's the whole reason I'm recording this right now.

And, I gotta worked! I feel much better now!

You know, this is kinda might turn into a habit, heh!

I can't stop thinking about the last thing he said before he left.

He called me...

"Headmaster Shuyona."

Ha...It'll be a while before I get used to hearing that!

Headmaster's Tape 2
Huh? Oh, wow...I didn't realize how much dust was on this thing.

Well, I suppose I should consider myself lucky; if I never use this thing, it means everything has been going so smoothly that I just never feel the need to vent!

But...something happened today that really threw me off...

I wouldn't feel right talking about it with any of colleagues, but...I need to get it off my recording my thoughts will help!

Today, I visited Saikou headquarters for a routine meeting with Mr. Saikou, just as I've done dozens of times over the past few years. was different. He was...angry. Foul-mouthed and short-tempered.

I'd never seen him like that before. He didn't reprimand me for anything, and we simply discussed the usual topics...

But...the entire time, he seemed like he was on the verge of...exploding. I was confused and worried, and...frankly...scared.

His secretary must have seen how shaken I was, because...after the meeting, she took a moment to assure me that I hadn't done anything wrong...and that Mr. Saikou was angry about a personal matter.

On most days, I would have never dream of gossiping about the man who signs my paychecks, curiosity got the better of me, and I asked her for details.

She didn't know all the specifics, but...she knew enough to give me a basic summary.

Earlier that day, Mr. Saikou had a furious argument with his daughter, who graduated recently.

Apparently, she doesn't want to inherit the company, and she's decided to leave Japan to travel the world.

This is absolutely unacceptable to his father, because he's invested a lot of resources into giving her the training necessary to take over his empire when he retires.

He had absolute faith that his daughter would inherit his company when the time came, and her decision had invalidated all his plans, along with many years of effort...not to mention an incalculable amount of money.

After a long, heated discussion - well, more like a shouting contest, from the sound of it - Mr. Saikou threatened to disown his daughter...and she had absolutely no problem with that.

He told her, "If you walk out that door, you're no longer a part of this family!" and moments later...she left his office without a word.

Mr. Saikou is a man who refuses to compromise, and only accepts the results he wants.

I'm 100% certain that from this day forward...his daughter is dead to him.

His secretary told me a little more about the way Mr. Saikou raised his daughter...

Starting from early childhood, she was given training to prepare her for the responsibilities that come with operating a company - training that became more advanced and intense with each passing year.

Mr. Saikou also has a son...but...he didn't put his son through the same sort of training as his daughter.

Instead, he granted his son a perfectly normal childhood...perhaps out of guilt for what he did to his daughter.

But now he's making preparations to rapidly change the directions of his son's life, so the boy will acquire the traits and skills that his sister spent her entire life developing.

The strangest the exact reason why Mr. Saikou's daughter wants to travel the world.

One phrase the secretary kept hearing was..."my sister".

Apparently, Mr Saikou's daughter is absolutely convinced that she has a sister somewhere in the world...and that she needs to find her.

But...Mr. Saikou only has two she says she has a sister...there are three options:

She's speaking figuratively, she's...actually become delusional, or...Mr. Saikou has an illegitimate child.

...At this point, the secretary decided she'd said too much, and stopped talking.

I had a feeling I was starting to tread on dangerous ground, so I choose not to pry any further.

Even though I wound up with more questions than answers, at least now I know why he was so angry.

Losing his daughter - along with more than a decade of money, planning, and effort - must be an incredibly painful experience.

But, after hearing all of'll be hard for me to look at him the same way I used to.

He told me he built Akademi High to give his daughter the perfect, ideal high school life. I think that was just a cover story.

I think built Akademi High and made his daughter the student council president to put her through the experience of being in charge of an organisation.

Another...another step in the process of turning her into the perfect CEO! A...A training simulation!

And now he's going to put his son through an accelerated version of that process. Ahh, that poor boy...

...It doesn't surprise me at all that she defied her father and ran away from all that...

...But in the end, it wasn't pressure or stress that made her reject her father's was this weird notion that she has a sister...maybe all the stress drove her crazy?

The weirdest thing of all is that when I imagine Mr. Saikou with another daughter, I have a mental image of what she would look like.

But...I get a headache if I picture her in mind for too long. Man...really creeps me out.

...If Akademi High was built solely for one girl, and that girl has graduated...what happens next?

I was afraid the school was going to be shut down, but...apparently, Mr. Saikou just wants me to continue business as usual.

A lot of the students who graduate from this school get offers from Saikou Corp almost immediately after I guess this place really did turn out to be a training ground for future Saikou employees after all.

I don't feel angry, or sad...just...disenchanted.

...Well, it's an easy job...and I can't argue with the pay, so...I guess I'll just stay on my current course for now.

Man...even though I know that nobody is going to listen to this tape, I feel way better after recording my thoughts! Ha!

I guess Mr. Saikou's gift was good for something after all! Thanks for hearing me out, Mr Tape Recorder! Ha!

With that said, I hope I don't have to use you again anytime soon. Ahaha! Ahh...

The following tapes are from the perspective of an older Kocho.

Headmaster's Tape 10
Out of all the different ways it could have turned out...I never imagined it like this.

A few days ago, I received an e-mail with screenshots of...certain directories on my personal computer.

I don't know how anyone could have managed to accomplish something like that, but...I can only assume that this person must've been...some kind computer hacker.

They threatened to expose what I've been doing...unless...I meet their demands.

Being discovered and blackmailed has been my worst fear for over a decade now, but...this person - whoever they are - isn't asking for money.

Instead, they want complete ownership...of a single room at Akademi High.

They intend to occupy this room for a full semester...and they have made it very clear that they are not to be disturbed for any reason.

I have no clue what they intend to do in this room, but...I'm not really in a position to decline.

All things considered, this situation isn't as bad as it could have been.

They could have demanded an absurd sum of money...and instead, all they want is...a room.

Their request seemed harmless enough, and...there was a suitable room available, so I decided to comply with their demands.'s not like I really have a choice in the first place.

They also asked me to make sure that the room had certain equipment inside of it before they arrived - computer monitors and hard drives.

We already had a surplus of supplies like that, wasn't a problem.

The tricky part was convincing the rest of the faculty not to enter a specific room for any reason...and not to question it, either.

I spent a long time mulling it over, and...eventually came up with a cover story that seemed convincing enough to believe.

To be perfectly honest, I'm...a little proud of it.

I told the faculty that a "special needs student" with extreme agoraphobia wishes to attend Akademi High.

Because of their intense social anxiety, they will remain secluded in one of the school's rooms...and are not to be disturbed, because it would trigger a panic attack.

Teachers will record their lectures when class is in session, and e-mail these recordings - along with class assignments - to the reclusive student once per day.

I will personally handle anything else the student requires, such as meals at lunchtime.

Some of the teachers thought my story sounded a little sketchy, and wanted to hear details.

Their questions were harmless, but...I was sweating bullets, and I felt like I was being interrogated by police.

Eventually, I convinced them to believe the cover story...and the meeting ended with the faculty praising me for being so accomodating to a..."mentally handicapped adolescent." Heh....

I felt a little guilty for deceiving them,'s far from the worst thing I've done.

The only thing that matters is the end result: we now have a room which is off-limits to students and faculty alike.

The hacker never told me their name...age...even their gender - it's frustrating!

If I'm going to be put through such a harrowing experience, I at least want to know who's behind it!

I set up a hidden camera outside of the room that has been set aside for the hacker.

When I got into work this morning, I checked the recording...Only to find that it had been replaced with a graphic of a black silhouette wearing a red wig, along with the words...

"Don't try this again."

The message...has been received...loud and clear.

I asked the hacker if they needed anything else from me...daily meals, or...anything of the sort.

They told me not to worry about them...and to simply go about my business as usual.

They explicitly told me to just pretend they don't exist.

It's going to be...nearly impossible for me to put them out of my mind...when they could end my career with a single click.

It feels like there's a slimy creature...crawling underneath my clothing...and I simply have to grit my teeth and live with it.

Then again...I don't...really have any right to complain...perhaps this is simply...karmic retribution...for my actions.

It's very fortunate that these little..."therapy sessions"...were confined to cassette tapes.

If I had been making digital recordings instead, the...hacker...would have a lot of very dangerous information right now.

With that said...I no longer feel comfortable keeping these tapes around. They're too much of a liability.

I should dispose of them, would be such a shame.

30 years of my innermost thoughts, just...tossed away. Like trash.

It would feel like I'm...wiping someone's memory...

What - what was the point of recording anything at all...if I was just going to destroy it one day?

There was never anyone in my life who I felt comfortable expressing my anxieties to.

This tape recorder has been like a close friend...who I could trust with my deepest secrets.

I know I have to dispose of these tapes, but...maybe I'll keep them...for a few days...

Listen to them one last time...try to figure out where it all went wrong...

Then dispose of them when I've said my goodbyes...but...

There tape...that I'm already prepared to part ways with...

The tape I made after Mr. Saikou's recent, ah...demands.

It's far, far too risky for a recording like that to exist...

That one...must be destroyed...immediately.


  • One tape will explain why there is a katana on school grounds.[4]
  • YandereDev thinks that the tapes will explain why Muja Kina was hired despite her lack of self-defense training.[5]
  • The tapes will explain why Mida Rana is allowed to dress the way she does.[6]
  • The tapes will explain why he is still at the academy.[7]
  • YandereDev has stated that the headmaster may not notice that his tapes are missing until the end of the game.[8]


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