HUD with as many elements as possible in one image. May 15th, 2020.

The HUD (Heads-Up Display) is a key element in Yandere Simulator as it presents information in-game.

Suspicious/Rude Activity

If Ayano Aishi is acting strange or engaging in an activity that can be seen as suspicious, strange, or downright rude by other students, a warning message will appear at the top center of the screen. Multiple messages can stack up at once, although they will disappear over time.

Near a Corpse

June 3rd, 2016.

If Ayano stands too close to a corpse, a warning message will appear to warn the player. If Ayano is holding a corpse, NPCs will immediately deduce that she is the murderer. If Ayano is bloody, holding a bloody weapon and/or visibly insane, and standing near a corpse, the same conclusion will be met. Students will act upon their persona as if witnessing a murder, while teachers will chase Ayano down, resulting in the Apprehended Game Over. If Senpai sees her. she will automatically get the Heartbroken Game Over.

Holding a Weapon

June 3rd, 2016.

If Ayano is holding a suspicious weapon, a warning message will appear to warn the player to put it away when near NPCs. This is accomplished by pressing the 1 key. Note that the katana, the circular saw, the baseball bat, and the shovel cannot be hidden; and will be dropped instead of being put away. If Senpai sees Ayano with a dangerous weapon, she will get the Heartbroken Game Over. If a teacher or a Student Council member sees her, she will be sent to the Guidance Counselor to explain her actions. If a student sees her, her reputation will lower.

Visibly Bloody

June 3rd, 2016.

Ayano will only become visibly bloody if she has attacked an NPC with a weapon and killed them, or dismembered a corpse, which leaves blood on both her uniform and her body. NPC reactions are the same as when they see Ayano holding a weapon, although they are accompanied with different dialogue. To get rid of the blood, she must enter the Girls' Shower Room, take off her clothes by the lockers, and then bathe in the bathroom. The bloody uniform that is left must be disposed of to maintain School Atmosphere and to leave no evidence, although in the future bloody uniforms may be used to frame another girl.[1]

Low Sanity

June 3rd, 2016.

As Ayano commits murder, her sanity will drop. If it is low enough to turn the HUD's cardiograph heartbeat red, then the player will receive a warning that Ayano is visibly insane. When Ayano has low sanity, a shadow will cover half her face, her eyes will become dull and her body will begin to twitch. To restore sanity, she can either laugh insanely, stand near Senpai, or "use" a photo of him. If caught visibly insane by NPCs, the consequences will be the same as when Ayano is caught holding a weapon with different dialogue.

Visibly Lewd

June 3rd, 2016.

When Ayano positions her camera to focus on a female student's chest, rear, or panties, the Visibly Lewd warning message will appear. The consequences are the same as when Ayano is caught holding a suspicious weapon, with different dialogue. Taking lewd photos of female NPC's without a proper AI (such as the Rival-chan) will not activate this warning message, due to the incomplete AI.


June 3rd, 2016.

During class time, Ayano is expected to be in her own classroom. If she decides to enter a different classroom during one of the class periods, the class teacher will eventually notice her. This activates the Intruding warning message immediately upon entrance. The teacher will give four warnings before losing their patience and sending Ayano to the Guidance Counselor. Only a teacher will react to an intrusion in her classroom. This HUD also appears in the faculty room when Ayano enters. If she lingers, she will be sent to the Guidance Counsellor.


This warning message appears if Ayano is caught eavesdropping on a private conversation, such as Saki Miyu's and Kokona Haruka's conversation during Monday's lunchtime, or the Basu sister’s conversations in the mornings. If she walks in on the conversation enough that the NPCs can see her, they will remind her that the conversation is private. They will then walk away without continuing any dialogue.

Late for Class

June 3rd, 2016.

This warning message will appear the moment Ayano is late for class. Depending on how late Ayano is, the number of study points she would be allocated will decrease. So far, only teachers will scold her for being late. Other NPCs will not take notice.

New Information

If Ayano comes across new information, a HUD will appear displaying what she has found out about. Multiple messages can stack up at once, although they disappear over time.

Learned New Info

January 15th, 2016.

This notification message will only appear once the player character has learned certain information about someone, such as Kokona's compensated dating. Ayano can use information gained against NPCs in certain ways.

Learned New Topic

Main Article: Conversational Topics

September 1st, 2016.

This message will appear if Ayano passes by or interacts with certain locations, objects, and NPC's. Learning new conversational topics allows Ayano to discuss them with students, which is essential when matchmaking a rival with her suitor. A student's interests can be found when Ayano takes a picture of a student, sends it to Info-chan, and presses the R key.


Main Article: Sanity

The Sanity Meter is a cardiograph shown on the bottom right of the HUD and is used to show Ayano's sanity. Certain Yandere actions slowly increase the intensity of the cardiograph from slowly pulsing bright pink to quickly pulsing red.

To restore Ayano's sanity, she can laugh insanely for a period of time, stand near Senpai, "use" a picture of Senpai, or pass time for one hour.[2]


Main Article: Reputation

Neutral reputation. January 15th, 2016.

High reputation. January 15th, 2016.

Low reputation. January 15th, 2016.

The Reputation Meter can be found in the bottom left of the HUD and is a general description of how others view Ayano. A small arrow indicating to the left indicates a negative reputation, while an arrow to the right indicates a positive reputation, and an arrow in the middle indicates neutral reputation. 

Raising reputation will not currently affect interaction with students (such as asking for Student Favors). The white line shows where Ayano’s reputation currently is, while the pink arrow icon shows where the Ayano's reputation will be after a gossiping period. Gossiping periods occur when Ayano attends class or leaves school.

Raising Ayano's reputation can be accomplished by complimenting students and apologizing to students. When students catch Ayano performing suspicious actions, such as carrying a weapon or taking panty shots, her reputation drops. 

Reputation leads to an extremely important issue: if Ayano's reputation drops to -100, Senpai will reject her love confession, leading to a Game Over.[3] If Ayano's reputation drops to -100 and she goes to class, she also will receive a game over.


"Open" action.

The little square that indicates the ability to perform an action if getting close enough.

The player can interact with NPCs or objects in many ways, like picking up an item or talking with someone. When there's a chance to perform an action, a button prompt will appear showing the button that must be held down. The name of the item will also show up depending on what it is. When Ayano is not close enough, a square will appear instead.

Noisy/Suspicious Actions

"Steal Answer Sheet" action.

Progress bar.

If an action produces noise, a red speaker icon will appear on top of the button prompt. If an option is suspicious (such as stealing Sakyu Basu’s ring), the text will appear red. When the action begins, a progress bar will appear on screen, indicating to the player when it will end. NPCs will react to noises. Noises can be covered up with the radio.


Music HUD for Punch Mode.

Music HUD for Titan Mode.

If a real-life band uses their tracks in the game, a small “Now Playing” box will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen when their track starts playing. It will disappear after several seconds.

Power Up

April 15th, 2016.

When Ayano is in the Gaming Club she can play several games to boost her stats. After every game, a pink "POWER UP" sign will appear accompanied by a jingle. It will disappear after three seconds.

Frame Rate

The Frame Rate section of the HUD indicates how smoothly Yandere Simulator is running as measured in frames per second. A low frame rate means the game is running slowly, while a high frame rate means the game is working fast and comfortably. It was located in the upper half of the left side of the HUD before the February 15th, 2016 Build, where it was moved to the right. In the March 31st, 2016 Build, it has a black border around it.


The Time section of the HUD indicates the in-game time and is displayed on the top right.

At the top, the clock time (including whether it is AM or PM) is shown.

Right below the clock time, in smaller letters, the current stage of the school day is stated. These stages are Before School, Lunchtime, Classtime, and After School. While in the Aishi House, it will instead display the current location as At Home.

The third text indicates the current day of the week.

The bottom text indicates how much money Ayano has.

Police Timer

Main Article: Police

Police Timer. February 15th, 2016.

The Police Timer section of the HUD is displayed in the top left corner of the screen when the police have been called to the school. The player is shown a timer that counts down from five minutes to when the police will arrive.

The HUD will show whether or not Ayano has cleaned up the blood, disposed of her bloody clothing, disposed of her bloody weapon, disposed of any body parts, and disposed of any corpses. Ayano will not get caught as long as she at least disposes of the uniform, gloves, and weapon. If not, the police will find Ayano's DNA on each of these, leading to a Game Over.


Indicator. January 15th, 2016.

If this indicator appears, then Ayano is breaking rules and students will become suspicious if they are around her. This pairs with the warning messages at the top of the screen. The same indicator appears when Ayano has positioned a dumpster in the perfect spot to catch a falling corpse, but moving a dumpster doesn't seem to break any known rules.

Kidnapping Checklist

Main Article: Kidnapping

Kidnapping Checklist. June 3rd, 2016.

When entering the northeastern storage room on the first floor, a Kidnapping Checklist will appear onscreen, telling the player if they are currently meeting all of the criteria to perform a kidnapping or not. If the player doesn't meet all the criteria, Ayano will kill the victim instead. The checklist indicates that the player is possessing a tranquilizer, their biology stats are at level 2, the follower is not a teacher or male, a syringe is currently being held in the hand, and that the door is closed. Right now as of the January 1st. 2019 build. kidnapping will now take place at the gym's storage room instead of the northeastern closet.


Main Article: Schemes

When completing a scheme, instructions for each step are located in the top right corner.

Frame For Dark Secret

Frame For Theft

Frame For Contraband

Frame For Panty Shots

Frame For Cheating


The Inventory HUD is displayed in the bottom of the screen when the buttons 1-4 are pressed, to show which items the player has in her inventory. There are only three inventory spaces, a fourth one for wearing a mask, and a hidden fifth one for wearing the Cello Case. This may eventually be changed to a grid-based inventory system, where the player has to make room to carry anything else, similar to Resident Evil. The inventory also may be stored in Ayano's skirt.[4]

Ayano's Bedroom

Main Article: Bedroom

When in Ayano's Bedroom, a HUD will appear in the top right-hand corner, which tells the player the time, place and day. When the player walks up to the bed, the computer, the television, her panty drawer, Senpai Shrine, the corkboard or the door, a small HUD will appear saying the respective words.

Mission Mode

Main Article: Mission Mode

Mission Mode displays most of the usual HUD items but with a black and white color scheme, rather than a pink and black scheme. The Reputation Meter is replaced with an Awareness Meter. It will increase when students see Ayano acting suspiciously (e.g. holding a weapon). If the Awareness Meter reaches 100, Ayano will fail the mission, as she has blown her cover, and students now know she may commit murder.

Yanvania: Senpai of the Night

Main Article: Yanvania: Senpai of the Night

While playing this video game, there are two main HUD elements. On the left is Beldere-chan's health. It is colored red and depletes when taking damage. When she attacks zombies, she also gains experience, which is shown in the green bar on the bottom of the screen. When her EXP bar turns completely green, Beldere-chan reaches a new level. As the zombies never stop spawning, she can fill the experience bar as much as she desires until she reaches level 99.

Dracula-chan also has a health bar when Beldere-chan fights her, located on the right side of the screen. It flashes rainbow during the whole battle. It depletes when she is hurt and it turns clear when she is defeated.

Removed HUDs

Main Article: Removed Content


Location indicators used to appear when Ayano stood in front of a door, telling the player what room she was near. The name of the room she was about to enter was shown above the Sanity Meter and only appeared if Ayano was right in front of or in the specified room.

They told the player which classroom, exit, or office the main character was currently at. This was removed in the November 15th, 2015 Build when name tags were added next to the rooms, except for the Greenhouse HUD, which was implemented after these were removed.


January 15th, 2016.

When in Buraza Town, a biking HUD would appear in the bottom right-hand corner, which told the player how long they had spent in town (time taken to get to school) and Ayano's longest wheelie.


  • If Ayano kills a student in a way that doesn't leave evidence (e.g. drowning), and a witness manages to activate the police timer and calls the police, the blood, uniform, body parts, and weapon warnings will still appear. However, they will already have ticks next to them.
  • The original Sanity Meter was located on the bottom right corner, slightly skewed.
  • The original Time HUD was located on the top right corner, slightly skewed.
  • The original reputation bar was located on the top left corner, slightly skewed.
  • The original police timer was located on the bottom left corner, slightly skewed.
  • The Sanity Meter was originally called the Yandere Meter, as shown in
    Possible new hud.jpg
    YandereDev's video, Yandere Meter Gameplay.
  • The HUD does not appear on-screen in the Demonic Dimension.
  • In the video "Announcing a partnership with tinyBuild! " a new HUD was shown, it is currently unknown if this will replace the current HUD.


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