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Gossiping is a type of interaction used against Ayano Aishi's current rival or a student to damage their reputation.

When talking to another student, except the Student Council members and the Delinquents, there is the option to gossip about another student shown on the interaction wheel. Selecting "Gossip" on the wheel has the Student Info chart pop up, and Ayano is able to gossip about other characters by selecting a student's photo. To gossip about the student, the player has to say that the student likes something the other students dislikes, or vice versa. After the conversation is over, Ayano's reputation will be damaged by 2 points if the player's seduction stat isn't raised.


Kokona sitting alone on the rooftop. February 8th, 2016.

Ayano's gossip will become stronger if she wears the Skimpy Sexy Panties, uses Info Points to discover her current rival's Embarrassing Secret, (not to be confused with the rival's Dark Secret), has a social interaction boost from the Gaming Club, or has a high reputation. Ayano can also raise her Seduction skill to Level 2 for boys, or Level 5 for girls, to gain high gossip damage. If she gossips with a befriended student, the strength of the gossip will be given a boost.

The left half of the photo shows what happens when students believe what Ayano says. The right half shows what happens when she is caught in a lie. January 15th, 2016.

Ayano is unable to gossip if she has a low reputation, has already gossiped with the person she is talking to on that day, or if she is trying to gossip about certain characters, like Senpai or the person she is interacting with.

January 15th, 2016.

Ayano can also gossip on the social media page for Akademi from her home computer in her bedroom at night. If she lies about a student, she will be mocked online, and her reputation will lower. If she tells the truth, students will believe her, and her rival's reputation will drop by 50 points. The Internet doesn't make an appearance in 1980s Mode, so this feature is unavailable to Ryoba.[1] Right now it's only possible to gossip on the Internet about Osana Najimi after the player buys her embarrassing secret from Info-chan.

Students will also kick the victim out of their group once they reach -50 reputation. The victim will sit on a bench on the rooftop on the southeastern side, alone, and will not converse with the students in the morning or during lunchtime. The student will also get a flower placed on their desk, which is a Japanese bullying technique. The bullies will also write hateful comments on their desk.

Kokona's Table.png

If a rival's reputation reaches below -100, she will be successfully eliminated.[2] If Ayano chooses to gossip about the rival further, to -150, the rival will not come to school, and she will commit suicide.

In the case of Muja Kina and Mida Rana, this elimination will work differently. The objective is not to damage their reputation, but get them fired by presenting evidence of their misdeeds.[3]

Reputation Damage

This is how many reputation points a student or rival will lose:

No bonuses: Damages the rival's reputation by one point.
Friend: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point.
High reputation: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point.
Skimpy Sexy Panties: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point.
Info-chan revealing a secret: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point.
Seduction Level 2: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point when gossiping with male students.
Seduction Level 5: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point when gossiping with female students.
Gaming Club boost: Damages rival's reputation by an additional one point.
Internet: Damages the rival's reputation by fifty points if done correctly.


  • Gossiping was implemented in the October 8th, 2015 Build.
  • Ayano will never be able to gossip about Senpai because she could never bear to hurt him.[4]
  • In the future, if a student's reputation is not hurt at all for a while, their reputation will slowly gravitate towards zero.[5]
  • If Raibaru's reputation is lowered to -33, then Raibaru and Osana will stop being friends.
  • Even if all the students want the rival dead, most will still act horrified if she is killed.[6]
  • Pressing + or - at a Student Profile will change a student's reputation by ten points.
  • Gossip is the canonical elimination of Komako, although only enough for her to stop coming to school, rather than committing suicide.


  • Whenever Ayano gossips about a teacher, she calls her a student.
  • As of the October 11th, 2015 Build, knowing Kokona's dark secret will lower other people's reputations when gossiping about them, even though Ayano doesn't know their secrets. For example, knowing about the secret and then gossiping about Kokona and any other student will yield the same results for both.


I have something to tell you about this student...
— Initiating gossip.
Oh my gosh! That sounds awful!
— A student reacting to gossip.