Gita Yamahato
Scene Queen Gita
Student Info
Role Student
Class 3-1
Club Light Music
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1 (Debug)
Voice Lizzy Hofe

Gita Yamahato is a female student who attends Akademi High School.


Gita wears the default female school uniform unless customized by the player.

She has dark purple and green hair. The green half of her hair covers her left eye, and her hair is tied into two thick, messy, long ponytails that are held by green bands. A treble clef is placed in her hair and she wears heavy, green eyeshadow. She has emerald green eyes and green stockings that fade into dark gray.



"Former president of the Light Music Club. Established her club on a whim, and only used it as a place to hang out with friends. After Miyuji demonstrated a desire to do something meaningful with the club, Gita happily transferred ownership of their club to Miyuji. Plays guitar."


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, she is a Social Butterfly. She will happily pose for a picture if Ayano aims her phone at her. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will run to the nearest secluded area and call the police. She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers.



Gita's reputation graph.

Gita's default reputation is +33.

Liked: 30

Respected: 70

Feared: 0


According to her student profile, she is the former president of the Light Music Club. She established her club on a whim and only used it as a place to hang out with friends. After Miyuji Shan demonstrated a desire to do something meaningful with the club, Gita happily transferred ownership of the club to Miyuji. She also plays guitar.


At 7:05 AM, Gita enters the school grounds. She walks to her locker at 7:10 AM and changes from her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes. At 7:15 AM, she walks to the north wing corner of the second floor and practices the guitar.


Gita practicing the guitar.

At 8:00 AM, Gita walks into Classroom 3-1 and sits at her desk. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM and leaves to go eat lunch outside of the Light Music Club at 1:00 PM.

She walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates in cleaning time between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM. During cleaning time, she cleans toilets in the Girl's Bathroom near Classroom 1-2.

Gita Cleaning Toilets

Gita cleaning toilets during cleaning time.

At 4:00 PM, she goes back to the second floor to practice the guitar again and she'll go to the Light Music Club at 4:54 PM to rehearse with her club members for an upcoming song until the end of the day.

If the Light Music Club is disbanded, she will talk and spend her time with the other former club members outside of the clubroom, except for Miyuji who will spend her time alone on the rooftop if the club is disbanded.


The topics towards Gita are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Drama
  • Occult
  • Martial Arts
  • Science
  • Solitude


  • Music
  • Anime
  • Cats
  • Gossip
  • Family


  • Everything else.


Gita Yamahato believes that Miyuji Shan may be putting on a fake act. Wait until Miyuji thinks she is alone, then take a photo of Miyuji that demonstrates her true nature.

Ayano can complete this task by taking a photo of Miyuji when she is playing air guitar in the Light Music Club during lunchtime.


  • Gita was first implemented in the September 3rd, 2018 Build. However, she wasn't fully implemented until October 14th, 2018 Build.[1]
  • Her name is a play on the word "ギター" (Gita; guitar). Her last name may have come from the instrument company: "Yamaha", which also develops guitars.
  • She used to be the president of the Light Music Club.
  • Due to her being a part of the Light Music Club, she wears a musical symbol. Gita's being a Treble Clef. However, this could be changed in the future as when Ayano Aishi joins the Light Music Club, she gains a Treble clef.
  • It is unknown why she covers one of her eyes with her hair because she has no injuries.
  • Both she and Beshi are most likely fans of the Beatles, and between the two of them, Gita is probably the bigger fan.[2]
  • She plays a Gibson Les Paul guitar.


Our club leader was a totally different person last year. She had different hair, a different fashion fact, she had a completely different personality altogether! Of course, we all accept her for who she is, and we respect whoever she wants to be, but...I'm not sure if we're seeing her true self right now, or if she's just putting on a really elaborate act. Every day, she finds a quiet place to write song lyrics without distractions. When she's alone and thinks that nobody is watching her, she might drop the act and revert back to her true self. Can you find her when she's writing song lyrics, and take a picture that shows her true nature?
— Gita asking Ayano about Miyuji's true nature.
Thank you! This might be the only way that I'll ever learn the truth!
— Accepting her task.
Oh my god! I just realized I asked you to stalk her and take candid pictures of her! Oh, that was a really creepy request, wasn't it?! I'm so sorry I brought it up! Please just forget about it, okay?
— Refusing her task.
Playing air guitar and singing, huh? Well, if she even acts this way when nobody is watching her, then it looks like this really is her true self. Thanks for helping me get to the bottom of this!
— Completing her task.




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