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Genka Kunahito

Faculty Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Guidance Counselor
Age 25
Persona Slightly Strict[1]
Crush None
Strength Extensive training
Appears Week 0
Voice Marissa Lenti[2]

Genka Kunahito is the daughter of Mae Kunahito and the Guidance Counselor at Akademi High School. She is a faculty member in Yandere Simulator.

When Ayano Aishi misbehaves in front of a teacher or student council member, she is taken to the Counselor's Office.[3]


When first implemented, Genka wore a black dress with a very low neckline, revealing her cleavage, and her pantyhose underneath her skirt. Her hair was pulled back in a small bun. Her eyes, glasses, panties, and shoes were black. Genka also wore a red ribbon around her neck.

Genka's glasses are now red, her hair is dark brown, and her eyes are a light brownish-red.

There was another version of her appearance where Genka had red eyes, glasses, and shoes. Her dress also had red embellishment. However, the black version was the one picked through a poll.[4]

She is mostly professional, but she still has a bit of sex appeal.[5]


"Genka Kunahito is the guidance counselor at Ayano's school. In addition to helping students deal with personal problems, giving students advice on what colleges to apply for, and helping students decide what careers to pursue, she is also responsible for administering punishments to students who break school rules.

If a teacher catches the player breaking school rules, the player will be sent directly to the guidance counselor, where they will have to explain their actions or face harsh punishment. Genka is a strict disciplinarian, but she has been known to show mercy to students who can provide a reasonable explanation for their behavior.

The player can weasel out of punishment by deceiving Genka with a lie... but if the player is sent to the guidance counselor too often, Genka will stop believing the player's lies. Japanese schools do not have "detention"; Genka will punish the player by suspending them from school for a period of time that is directly proportional to the severity of their misbehavior.

The school's headmaster delegates most of his administrative duties to Genka, who practically functions as his secretary. Many students and faculty members feel like Genka contributes more to the school than the headmaster does. Genka is widely expected her to become the school's new headmistress once the current headmaster retires.

Genka's mother also served as the school's guidance counselor for 30 years, beginning in the 80s."[6]


Genka does not have an authoritarian personality like normal teachers. Instead, she has a "genuinely wants to help" persona. Her patience has a limit, though, and there will be a point at which she will stop forgiving Ayano.[7]


The topics that Genka feels Negative/Positive/Neutral towards are as follows:


  • Occult
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Memes
  • Violence


  • Martial Arts
  • Cats
  • Justice
  • Solitude
  • School


  • Everything else


Genka sits in her chair working on her Saikou computer every day. She will eventually have a routine, but it is not a high priority at the moment.[8]


Genka indirectly influenced the forming of the delinquents when she dismissed reports of bullying due to lack of evidence. As such, she feels responsible for their well-being and has been given ten weeks to reform them back to their old ways, or else they will be expelled and Genka will be dismissed from the school by Kocho Shuyona. She plans to suspend Osoro Shidesu so that she can reform them.[9]


Main Article: Expulsion

Ayano can report another student's misconduct in order to eliminate a rival. Currently, the player can report a student for taking panty shots, stealing, smoking cigarettes, vandalizing school property, or cheating on a test. Five infractions over the course of a week will result in the rival's expulsion.

Being Sent to the Office

If a teacher or student council member catches Ayano misbehaving, she will immediately be sent to Genka's office. Her sanity is restored upon arriving.[3]

If Ayano attempts to attack a teacher or student council member, drag a body, kill a student, etc., she will be apprehended instead.

While in her office, Ayano may choose how to react to the accusations made against her:

  • Silence
    • If Ayano does not pick an option within the given time limit, she will remain silent. As a result, Genka will be disappointed in her childish behavior, and she will be punished.
  • Excuse
    • Ayano will give a reasonable excuse to make it seem like it was all a misunderstanding. Genka will believe her the first time she misbehaves, and she will be free to leave. Using the same excuse twice will cause Genka to lose trust in Ayano, and she will be punished as a result.
  • Apologize
    • Ayano will make up an apology and promise not to misbehave again. Genka will accept the apology only once, and Ayano will be free to leave. Apologizing again after this will make Genka realize she was never being genuine, resulting in punishment.
  • Lie
    • Currently, if Ayano tries to lie, the lie will be too dumb to persuade Genka. Ayano will be punished as a result.
  • Flirt
    • If Ayano flirts with Genka, she will become angry and will send her back home for the rest of the day.
  • Threaten
    • Currently, using this option will infuriate Genka, resulting in instant expulsion and a Game Over, regardless of the circumstances.
    • While Ayano threatens Genka, her sanity will steadily decrease.
  •  ?????????? (Blame Delinquents)
    • Ayano will say that the reason for her behavior is related to the delinquents' presence at school. Genka will sympathize with her and take the blame, apologizing for the situation. Ayano will be free to leave the first time for every unique rule that's broken. If Ayano blames them for the same reason twice, Genka will believe she's using them as a scapegoat, and she will be punished.
    • This option will never work if the delinquents have already been expelled, are absent from school that day, or are dead. This also results in punishment.
    • If Ayano uses this option after being accused of being covered in blood, Genka will realize her mistake in letting the delinquents carry weapons, and will force the delinquents to come to school unarmed the following day, making them less of a threat to Ayano.
    • If Ayano blames the delinquents for every unique misbehavior (carrying a weapon, being covered in blood, having low sanity, stealing, trespassing, taking lewd photos), Genka will no longer tolerate the delinquents at their school and will have them expelled from all days forward.
    • To unlock the feature, Ayano has to purchase the "Provide Counselor Info" service from Info-chan for 10 info-points

The types of punishments she will give Ayano for failing to explain her behavior are different depending on how many times she has been sent to her office, along with the option that was chosen.

  • Early Dismissal: First punishment. Ayano will be sent home early, losing the rest of her day at school and skipping to nighttime.
  • Two-day suspension: Second punishment. Ayano will be sent home and won't be allowed to attend school for the following day.
  • Three-day suspension: Third punishment. Ayano will be sent home and won't be allowed to attend school for the following two days.
  • Four-day suspension: Fourth punishment. Ayano will be sent home early and won't be allowed to attend school for the following three days.
  • Five-day suspension: Fifth punishment. Ayano will be sent home early and she won't be allowed to attend school for the following four days.
  • Expulsion: Sixth punishment, or if "Threaten" is used, Ayano will be expelled from school and will get an instantaneous Game Over.

Depending on what day the suspension occurs and how long it is, the player may receive an automatic Game Over. For example, if Ayano is suspended for four days on Thursday and she has not eliminated her rival, she will be unable to stop the rival from confessing to Senpai.


  • She was implemented in the December 2nd, 2015 Build.
    • She was fully implemented in the October 14th, 2018 Build.
  • She is a combination of Meiko Shiraki from Prison School, Fiora from League of Legends and another character who YandereDev has not revealed yet.[10]
  • She is highlighted in cyan in Yandere Vision.
  • Her name is a play on the Japanese word genkakunahito (厳格な人), which means "strict person" or "disciplinarian".
  • It is currently impossible to kill her and she is unaffected by any Easter Eggs. However, she will be killable in Snap Mode.
  • When first implemented, her desktop wallpaper on her laptop was the default theme "Bliss" for Windows XP, green hills under a bright blue sky. Her computer screen has changed to a spreadsheet document with several students' names and information on it as of the June 1st, 2016 Build.
    • The spreadsheet document is the information displayed on the 'Students.JSON' file in the game files. The spreadsheet in-game will not change when the JSON file is edited.
  • Genka gained several idle animations as of the June 1st, 2016 Build.
  • YandereDev thinks that she also serves as the school's therapist.[11]
  • Genka respects her mother very much and tries to emulate her.[12]
    • She and her mom are almost identical in appearance.[12]
  • Almost everyone expects her to become the new headmistress when Kocho Shuyona retires.[12]
  • If she was not the guidance counselor, she would be Kocho's secretary or the vice principal.[13]
  • In YandereDev's "Light Music Club and Guidance Counselor in Yandere Simulator," there can be seen sound files that cannot be found in-game, such as "GenkaBowsette.wav", "GenkaDrivenToMurder.wav", "GenkaDead.wav", "GenkaKiss.wav", and "GenkaLick.wav".
  • In the previous builds before October 14th, 2018 Build where the player can freely roam around the office, Genka does not react to Ayano committing murder or performing any suspicious actions in front of her.
  • According to what YandereDev stated in "Everything About 1980s Mode In Yandere Simulator" video, it is revealed that Genka was imitating her mother, Mae's mannerisms, which explains they both share the same behavior.


It should be obvious why you're here.
— When being sent to her office.
I'm disappointed to see you back in my office.
— When being sent to her office for the second time.
I'm not surprised to see you again. You've become a troublesome student.
— When being sent to her office for the third time and onwards.
You went somewhere you didn't belong, and wouldn't leave when you were asked to. What's the story?/When a faculty member tells you it's time to leave, you need to listen to them. You understand this, right?/Listen, you can't keep wandering around where you don't have any business. You mustn't ignore the school faculty members when they're talking to you either!
— When being sent to her office for trespassing.
You've been caught aiming your phone at a student's unmentionables. Start talking./Once again, you're here because you had your phone up someone's skirt. Oh, I can't wait to hear your excuse this time./You've repeatedly demonstrated that you have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the personal boundaries of other students. What do you have to say for yourself?
— When being sent to her office for taking panty shots.
You were spotted carrying something very dangerous around school. What were you thinking?/After our last conversation, I thought I made it clear not to walk around with anything that could be used as a weapon./It's a big problem when a student keeps walking around school armed with lethal weapons. You're becoming a threat to the safety of others.
— When being sent to her office for holding a weapon.
I've been informed that you attempted to steal something that didn't belong to you. Can you explain this?/You just can't keep your hands away from other people's property, can you? I was hoping you were going to kick that habit./You're turning into quite the little kleptomaniac, aren't you? I shouldn't have to tell you this, but out in the real world, thievery will put you in prison!
— When being sent to her office for stealing.
I've been told that you've been exhibiting some...disturbing behavior. What's wrong?/You've repeatedly caused disruptions at school, and frightened the people around you. What drives you to do these things?/Deranged. Insane. Psychotic. These are the words that others have used to describe your behavior. People...don't feel safe with you around. I'm deeply concerned.
— When being sent to her office for being visibly insane/laughing.
Would you care to explain why you're covered in blood?/This isn't the first time I've seen you splattered in blood. I see a troubling pattern./What am I supposed to think when a student is repeatedly sent to my office while covered in blood? I hope you can understand how concerning this is!
— When being sent to her office for being covered in blood
It's refreshing to speak to a student with a respectful attitude for a change. I'm grateful for your cooperation.
— Apologizing.
E...excuse me?! Are you actually attempting to...flirt your way out of this?! I don't know who you think you are, but that strategy isn't going to work!/Is that your idea of a joke?! This is no time for humor! And if you were actually being serious, get those thoughts out of your head immediately!/of all the..! Ugh...not only is it completely inappropriate to say things like that, it could also get you expelled from school!
— Flirting
How stupid do you think I am? Do you honestly believe I would fall for such an obvious lie?/If you're going to make up an excuse, you should at least put some effort into it. A child could see through your lies./I find it extremely disrespectful that you actually believe I'm gullible enough to believe such a flimsy excuse./If you think you can weasel out of this situation by telling such bold-faced lies, you are sorely mistaken./You've got a lot of nerve telling such an obvious lie, with such a straight face.
— Lying.
*Sigh*...I'm sorry to hear that. I know they can be intimidating, but...that's really no excuse to carry around a weapon at school. I feel as though it's my fault for creating an environment where you feel unsafe unless you're carrying a weapon. I'll take responsibility this time, but don't do it again. You're free to leave.
— Blaming on the Delinquents for carrying a weapon.
But, that's...such twisted logic...*Sigh*...it makes me sad to hear that you feel driven to such extremes...It makes me feel sick to think that such behavior might've been the result of the decisions that I've made. Promise me that you won't do this again. You're free to leave.
— Blaming on the Delinquents for taking panty shots
No...! That can't be...*Sigh*...I'll have to take responsibility for this. I haven't told them to stop carrying weapons because I thought they were only doing it for show, and weren't actually going to use them...As I've said, I'll take responsibility for this incident...and I'll forbid the delinquents from carrying weapons on school grounds in the future. You're free to leave.
— Blaming on the Delinquents for being covered in blood.
No...is that really how you feel? *Sigh*...I suppose I can't really blame you for feeling that way...how unfortunate...I understand how you feel, but you can't let it become a problem for the faculty. I'll take responsibility for this incident, but don't let it happen again in the future. You're free to leave.
— Blaming on the Delinquents for trespassing.
Is that...really the cause of all this? *Sigh*...well, I supposed I understand where you're coming from...I almost feel partially responsible...I can see now what the true source of this problem is. I'll take responsibility for it this time, but you mustn't do this again in the future, understood? You're free to leave.
— Blaming on the Delinquents for stealing.
Is that really the reason for what you did today? *Sigh* I'm sorry to hear that you feel you have to do this in order to keep yourself safe at school. I think I'm partially to blame for this situation, so I'll let you off the hook. But I can't permit you to do this again in the future. As long as you keep that in mind, you're free to leave.
— Blaming on the Delinquents for being visibly insane/laughing.
*Sigh* I hate to admit this, but in light of everything that's happened...clearly, the right course of action is to expel the delinquents. I'm sorry that my stubborn desire to rehabilitate them has caused you so much grief. They won't be troubling you anymore. You're free to go.
— Expelling the Delinquents.
Nice try. Did you forget that the delinquents have all been expelled? Now I wonder if you were just using them as a convenient excuse for your actions.
— Blaming on the Delinquents, when they have been expelled.
What a transparent attempt at a lie. The Delinquents are not present at school today. You can't hold them responsible if they aren't even here.
— Blaming on the Delinquents when they are absent.
What!? You! How dare you try to blame the Delinquents for this! You know as well as I do. They're all dead!
— Blaming on the Delinquents when they are dead.
What do you take me for? Do you think I don't see what's going on here? I can tell you're just trying to blame the Delinquents for your own mistakes. Well it won't work./You can't just throw the Delinquents under the bus every time you get caught misbehaving. I'm appalled that you keep trying to justify your behavior like this./Do you believe that mentioning the Delinquents will magically get you out of trouble? If you think you can emotionally manipulate me, you are sorely mistaken.
— Failing to blame your actions on the Delinquents.
Well that clears things up. It's a shame that a simple misunderstanding resulted in such an unfortunate outcome. Don't let it happen again, OK?
— Making an excuse for stealing.
Oh...that makes a lot of sense. In the future, to avoid this type of misunderstanding, simply inform a teacher about it, instead of picking it up and carrying it around.
— Making an excuse for carrying a weapon.
I see, I'm sorry to hear about that. I can let it slide this time. But, in the future please keep in mind that you'll only cause problems for others if you can't properly express yourself.
— Making an excuse for trespassing.
Ah...I see. The faculty member who brought you in here was completely convinced that it was real human blood. I'm relieved to hear that it was just a misunderstanding.
— Making an excuse for being covered in blood.
I understand the desire to make your peers laugh...but you went overboard this time. In the future, don't take things so far, and there shouldn't be any problems.
— Making an excuse for being visibly insane/laughing
That's a relief. I'd hate to think that we had a pervert running amok at school. In the future, take care to avoid this type of unfortunate misunderstanding.
— Making an excuse for taking panty shots.
What?! How dare you speak to me like that! This type of conduct is absolutely unacceptable! You'll be punished for this!
— Threatening.
I've heard you say those exact words before. It's obvious that you aren't being genuine with me right now, and you probably weren't being sincere in the past, either./Ohh no! I'm not falling for that trick again. I made the mistake of trusting you last time. But now I know better. There's not a single shred of honesty in your words./What are you - a broken record? It seems you're only capable of repeating one phrase!
— Apologizing twice.
Do you think I got amnesia between this conversation and our last one? You already used that excuse once before./How stupid do you think I am? I won't fall for the same excuse twice in a row./Oh no you don't! You can't just use the same excuse over and over.
— Using the same excuse twice.
What's the matter? Hurry up and say something! ...Oh I understand. You think that staying quiet will protect you. Well it won't work like that./What's this? The silent treatment? That's the sort of behavior I'd expect out of a little child, not a young woman. You're embarrassing yourself./Is this what they call "pleading the fifth"? Your silence only makes this look worse, you know. You're not getting off the hook that easily!
— Not choosing any option.
It looks like we're not going to get anywhere, since you clearly aren't interested in having a productive conversation./Because you insist on treating this situation like a joke, this is a waste of time for the both of us./If you think you can get through life acting the way you've behaved today, you are sorely mistaken!
— Choosing the wrong option.
I'm sending you home for the rest of the day! You are hereby dismissed!/I'm suspending you from school for two days! Hopefully that will be enough time to straighten yourself out!/I'm suspending you from school for three days! I hope it's enough to make you reconsider acting like this in the future!/I'm suspending you from school for four days! When you come back, you'd better have a new attitude! My patience is wearing thin!/I'm suspending you from school for five days! You'd better get out of my office before I change my mind and make it an expulsion, instead!
— Being suspended.
That's it! I've had enough! I've spoken to the Headmaster about you, and he's given me permission to expel you from Akademi at my discretion. Under his authority, you are hereby expelled from this institution! Get out of my sight!
— Being expelled.
I trust that this won't become an issue again in the future. You're free to leave./I'm choosing to trust you. Please don't give me any reasons to regret it. You're free to leave./As long as you don't make a habit out of doing this, there won't be any problems. You're free to leave.
— Choosing the correct option.
Can I help you?/What can I help you with?
— When approached in her office.
Don't misbehave.
— Exiting the conversation.
I'm sorry, I've got my hands full for the rest of today. I won't be available until tomorrow.
— Trying to talk to Genka after reporting a student.
This is...! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This kind of conduct will definitely harm the school's reputation. I'll have to have a word with her later today.
— Notifying Genka about Kokona's dirty secret.
Your "after-school activities" are completely unacceptable. You should not be conducting yourself in such a manner. This kind of behavior could cause a scandal! You could run the school's reputation into the ground!
— Genka scolding Kokona about her dirty secret.
Is that true? I'd hate to think we have a thief here at school. Don't worry - I'll get to the bottom of this.
— Notifying Genka about Kokona "stealing" Sakyu's ring.
May I take a look inside of your bag? ... ...this doesn't belong to you, does it?! What are you doing with someone else's property?
— Genka scolding Kokona for "stealing" Sakyu's ring.
That's a clear violation of school rules, not to mention completely illegal. If what you're saying is true, she will face serious consequences. I'll confront her about this.
— Notifying Genka about Kokona's "smoking".
I need to take a look in your bag. ... ...cigarettes?! You have absolutely no excuse to be carrying something like this around!
— Genka scolding Kokona for "smoking".
That's a very serious accusation. I hope you're not lying to me. Hopefully, it's just a misunderstanding. I'll investigate the matter.
— Notifying Genka about Kokona "taking panty shots".
May I see your phone for a moment? ... ...what is THIS?! Would you care to explain why something like this is on your phone?
— Genka scolding Kokona for "taking panty shots".
That's a bold claim. Are you certain? I'll investigate the matter. If she is cheating, I'll catch her in the act.
— Notifying Genka about Kokona "cheating" on her test.
What's this inside of your desk? An answer sheet? You're cheating?! Unacceptable!
— Genka scolding Kokona for "cheating".
Come with me! Obviously, we need to have a long talk about the kind of behavior that will not be tolerated at this school!
— Genka telling Kokona to follow her.
That's it! I've given you enough second chances. You have repeatedly broken school rules and ignored every warning that I have given you. You have left me with no choice but to permanently expel you!
— Genka expelling Kokona.
What do you think you're doing? How dare you raise your hands against me! Let go of me this instant! Stop! DON'T! AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!
— Genka in Revealing SNAP Mode in Yandere Simulator