Gaming Club
Club Info
Leader Gema Taku
Members Pippi Osu, Ryuto Ippongo, Midori Gurin, Mai Waifu
Location Sociology Classroom

The Gaming Club is a club in Yandere Simulator.


This club has "taken" over the Sociology Classroom, with a handwritten note saying "Gaming Club" pasted over the signs.

When Ayano Aishi is a member of the club, she can use the computers at the front of the room, that displays a number of different video games that can be used to temporarily increase a stat until the end of the day. All of the screens will turn off once a video game is played.

Joining Club

To join the club, Ayano will have to talk to the club leader, Gema Taku and select the "Join" option on the interaction wheel. Afterward, they can participate in club activities. After joining the club, Ayano will wear a red bandana tied around her wrist.


Ayano can temporarily boost one of her stats by one level once per day.

The games Ayano can play to increase her stats are:

  • An educational game (Boosts Biology, Chemistry, Language or Psychology level)
  • A fighting game (Boosts Self-Defense level)
  • A dating simulator (Boosts Seduction level)
  • A horror game (Boosts Numbness level)
  • A role-playing game (Boosts social interactions)
  • A stealth game (Students take longer to notice you)
  • A racing game (Able to run faster)
  • ????? (Boosts Enlightenment level)

In the future, the player may be able to actually play the games, but it is a low priority and would take weeks of development time.[1]

A "POWER UP" sign that appears after Ayano finishes playing a video game. April 15th, 2016. Note that the player's model is clipping through the chair



A student in the Gaming Club.

The Gaming Club walking to school.

Leaving and Disbanding

Ayano will not be possible to get kicked out from this club if any member of this club (with the exception of Gema Taku, who is a Loner) sees her kill another student on the previous day. Instead, they will try to snap a photo on Ayano commit murder and texting to the police, which prevents her from getting kicked out from this club if any club member witnesses her commit murder on the previous day. However, she will be kicked out from this club if the leader of this club (since the leader of the gaming club is a loner) or any member of this club witnesses her commit murder without their phone (because their phone has been stolen) on the previous day. In the future, she will also be kicked out if the player does not participate in club activities at least once a week. If the president dies, goes missing, or if there are less than five members, the club will disband.

The player can also request permission to leave, but once they leave, they can never join again.


  • The Gaming Club was implemented in the May 24th, 2015 Build with the introduction of Pippi Osu.
  • So far, nearly all the original Easter Egg students are part of the Gaming Club, with the exception of Kuu Dere.
  • A handmade poster of the Gaming Club can be found on the wall by the Locker Room as of the March 31st, 2016 Build.
  • Although Pippi Osu, Mai Waifu, and Midori Gurin can tell their leader that Ayano has committed a murder on the previous day without taking a photo of Ayano committing murder and she will be kicked out from the gaming club on a subsequent day, as their phone has been stolen. However, Ryuto will not tell Gema Taku about Ayano has committed murder on the previous day, and Ryuto will still take a photo of Ayano committing murder and sent it to the police after he changes into a gym outfit because he got splashed with any water. This is probably because Ayano cannot steal any boy's phone.
  • An original plan for the Gaming Club benefit was to boost the player's stats by half a bar instead of a full bar. Due to time constraints and how difficult it was to program, it was not added in.[2]
  • Unlike other clubs, who have three male members and two female ones, (with the exception of the Sports Club, the Gardening Club, and the Light Music Club) the Gaming Club is composed of three female members and two male ones.
  • As of the April 15th, 2016 Build, the player is able to join the Gaming Club.
  • Originally, the Gaming Club was not going to be implemented and was simply going to be a decoration club because YandereDev couldn't figure out what benefits the club could give.[3] However, later YandereDev came up with benefits, and players were given the ability to join the club.
  • Up until the August 19, 2018 build, Ayano would wear a hair clip that looks like a D-pad if she joined the club.
  • Before the Gaming Club got its new destination, all the members were implemented, except the leader. When YandereDev released a video about the Gaming Club, he said that he considers it a new club.
  • In some games, notable characters in Yandere Simulator can be seen.
    1. In the fighting game, there is Budo Masuta kicking Midori Gurin.
    2. In the dating simulator game, there is Kuu Dere.
    3. In the horror game, there is the Phantom Girl.
    4. In the role-playing game, there is Copper Streak.
    5. In the stealth game, there is Oka Ruto stalking Mai Waifu and Rival-chan.
    6. In the racing game, there is Saki Miyu racing with Kokona Haruka.
  • If the player talks to Gaming Club members (With the exception of Gema Taku), they will look annoyed when the player talks to them, much like the Bullies. Even if the player's reputation is high, the Gaming Club members (With the exception of Gema Taku) will still look annoyed. This is probably because they’re way too busy and concentrated with their routine.
  • Gema Taku is the only club leader who has the Loner persona, while the others have the phone addict persona.



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