A Game Over is when the player is successfully stopped from ever being with Senpai. There are various types of Game Overs, such as "Heartbroken", "Arrested", "Expelled", "Exposed", "Apprehended", "Senpai Lost", "Comatose", and "??????????"

Game Over Screen

Once a Game Over screen appears, the player has four options:

  1. Load Checkpoint: Restart the current day, losing all the progress made this day (except allocated Study Points, collectables and unlocked Student Profiles).
  2. Reset Week: Restart from Monday, losing all the progress made in the current week.
  3. Main Menu: Go back to the Main Menu.
  4. SNAP: Unknown, not available yet.
Game over sound1

The sound that immediately plays after being noticed by Senpai or a teacher.

Game over sound2

The sound that plays when spelling out what type of Game Over happened.


The song that plays when the Game Over screen's options.



Senpai noticing the player after the Demonic Ritual. February 21st, 2016.

Yandere Ani│Yandere-Chan Busted│ Not In Game

Yandere Ani│Yandere-Chan Busted│ Not In Game

A WIP Animation of the Heartbroken Game Over.

Various situations will initiate the "Heartbroken" Game Over. The "Heartbroken" Game Over ordinarily is directly linked to Senpai openly not finding Ayano desirable, rather than another obstacle preventing Ayano from being with Senpai.

Situation Senpai's Dialogue Ayano's Dialogue
Ayano stands near Senpai for too long. After he comments four times on Ayano's behavior, he will act afraid. Wearing a mask will not cause this scenario to appear. "Hey, cut it out! That's really creepy! Leave me alone!/Um, excuse me! Would you please stop doing that? You're scaring me!" "I can never face my Senpai again..."
Senpai witnesses Ayano murdering someone. "How could you do that?! Do you realize what you've just done?!/ killed them! Stay back! Get away from me!/What have you DONE?! You MONSTER!/Oh my god! You just MURDERED someone!/This can't be happening! Somebody, help! HELP!" "Now Senpai could never love me..."
Senpai witnesses Ayano dragging around a corpse. "How could you do that?! Do you realize what you've just done?!/ killed them! Stay back! Get away from me!/Oh my god! You just MURDERED someone!/This can't be happening! Somebody, help! HELP!/What have you DONE?! You MONSTER!" "Now Senpai could never love me..."
Senpai notices Ayano with a suspicious weapon. Bloody weapons that are normally non-suspicious do not trigger Senpai's reaction. "Why do you have a weapon? What are you going to do with that thing? Stay back!" "Senpai noticed the worst time..."
Senpai notices Ayano laughing loudly/showing signs of low sanity. "What the hell's wrong with you?! Get away from me!" "Now he knows what I'm really like..."
Senpai notices Ayano while she is covered in blood. "Why do you have so much blood on you? Did you hurt somebody?!" "I shouldn't have let him see me like that..."
Senpai witnesses Ayano taking panty shots. "What the hell are you doing? That's horrible! Stop that right now!/What the hell are you doing? That's horrible! Stop it, you creep!" "There's no way he could ever forgive me for that..."

Rival's Confession

Main Article: Rivals

When a rival successfully confesses to Senpai on Friday under the Confession Tree, he will be so moved by her love confession that he will happily accept. This will happen at the end of every Friday of the debug builds regardless of the player's actions.

Alternatively, at the end of the ninth week, Senpai's younger sister will force her brother to promise to never get a girlfriend.[1]


Main Article: Reputation

A part of the cutscene leading to a Game Over in the result of -100 reputation.

In the future, if Ayano's reputation drops below -100, Senpai will reject her love confession, resulting in a Game Over. If she goes to class with a reputation below -100, then she will receive a short cutscene of students laughing at her, followed by an instant Game Over.


Main Articles: Heroic, Strict, Delinquents
9-1-2016 HeroApprehendedGameOver

Pinned down after a struggle.


Pinned down by a teacher when unarmed.


Ayano apprehended by a group of students.

When a Heroic student, a delinquent, or a teacher witnesses Ayano committing murder or dragging a corpse, they will attempt to apprehend her immediately.

If a student grabs Ayano, a struggle mini-game will begin. To get out of it, the player must press the Q, E, R, or F keys in a semi-rapid session to get the icon all the way to the right side of the bar. Should the player fail, the student will pin Ayano to the ground with Ayano groaning, "Ugh! No!" and result in an "Apprehended" Game Over.

If the player has no self-defense, no struggle mini-game will initiate if a teacher catches the player; instead, an "Apprehended" Game Over will occur with the teacher pinning the player down immediately without giving a chance to fight back. When the player has a high enough self-defense stat, they will enter a struggle mini-game with the teacher, rather than being immediately apprehended.

If a delinquent sees Ayano committing murder or dragging a corpse, they will enter a combat mini-game and will refuse to stop fighting until they have knocked her into a coma or until she kills them.

If Ayano kills a student around four and above other students, she will be apprehended.

Situation Hero/Teacher Dialogue
Ayano tries to attack a teacher with a large weapon or with low self-defense. "Just what do you think you're doing?!"
Ayano kills someone, drags a corpse, or carries a corpse in front of a teacher. "What have you done?"/"How could you?"/"Stop right now!"
Ayano appears bloody or carries a weapon in front of a teacher guarding a corpse. "That blood/ it was you!"
Ayano shows up at the scene of the crime insane near a teacher guarding a corpse. "There's no doubt... It was you!"
Ayano kills someone, drags a corpse, or carries a corpse in front of a heroic student. "You won't get away with this!"
Ayano kills someone or drags a corpse in front of a delinquent. "You psychopath! You won't get away with this!'"/"What have you done?! You lunatic!"


Main Articles: Strict, Dangerous

Expelled by a teacher.

The "Expelled" Game Over is linked to those with the Strict and Dangerous persona.

The information below is about the various circumstances in which the player can successfully instigate an "Expelled" Game Over in Yandere Simulator.

Situation Faculty/Student Council Dialogue
Ayano is punished for the sixth time or threatens the guidance counselor That's it! I've had enough! I've spoken to the Headmaster about you, and he's given me permission to expel you from Akademi at my discretion. Under his authority, you are hereby expelled from this institution! Get out of my sight!
A Student Council member witnesses Ayano murder someone. "Stop you villain!"/"On the ground!"/"Sorry."/"Cease and desist!"
Ayano walks too close to a Student Council member five times. "Stop you villain!"/"On the ground!"/"Sorry."/"Cease and desist!"
Ayano tries to kill a Student Council member without stealth. "Stop you villain!"/"On the ground!"/"Sorry."/"Cease and desist!"

As of the October 14th 2018 build, any disruptive behavior except committing or being linked to murder will cause Ayano to be taken to the Counselor's Office.[2]


Main Articles: Phone Addict, Lovestruck

Being exposed by a Phone Addict. February 2nd, 2018.

If Ayano kills an NPC in front of a student with the Phone Addict persona, or a student with their phone out, they will take a picture and send it to the police, providing evidence against her and leading to an instant "Exposed" Game Over. Similarly, if she kills an NPC in front of a student with the Lovestruck persona, they will tell Senpai that Ayano committed the murder, leading to the "Exposed" Game Over.


Main Article: Police

Arrested by police.

If Ayano hasn't cleaned up a murder scene and the police are called, she will get arrested for murder. To prevent this, Ayano must:

  1. Get rid of the body by using the incinerator or the wood chipper.
  2. Mop up all the blood.
  3. Get a clean uniform and dispose of the old one. Currently, there are no penalties for being naked but clean.
  4. Get rid of the weapon by using the incinerator.
  5. Retain high sanity by the time the police come.
  6. Dispose of gloves used.
  7. Dispose of masks used.

However, if Ayano disposes the bloody uniform, gloves, weapon, and has her composure, but still leaves the corpses and/or blood around, then she won't get caught, because the police can't trace the murder to Ayano.

Different Types of "Arrested" Game Overs

Situation Result
The police timer runs out as Ayano is murdering someone. Ayano will get arrested on the spot and the trial will find her guilty. Note: This would only happen in older builds.
The police timer runs out, all evidence but the gloves has been disposed of. The police cannot find a weapon or corpse, but the police can trace the gloves back to Ayano, and she will be arrested.
The police timer runs out, a corpse is found, the weapon has been disposed of, but the gloves have not been disposed of. The gloves are traced back to Ayano and she will be arrested.
The police timer runs out, Ayano has no sanity, but all other evidence is disposed of. The police question Ayano and take her into custody due to her behavior. She will eventually admit everything and remain in custody.
The police timer runs out, a corpse is found, Ayano still has her bloody uniform, but her murder weapon has been disposed of. Since Ayano is covered in blood, the police will arrest her.
The police timer runs out, a corpse is found, the murder weapon has not been disposed of, but Ayano's bloody uniform has been disposed of Everyone is forced to give their biological report, which the police will use to trace the murder weapon to Ayano.
The police timer runs out, a corpse is found; Ayano has low sanity, is covered in blood, and still has her weapon. Since it's very obvious who committed the crime, the police will immediately arrest Ayano.
Ayano was caught by the security cameras.




Put in a coma by a delinquent. March 2nd, 2016.


Another angle of Ayano put in a coma.

If Ayano rigs a drinking fountain to electrocute someone and then walks into the trap, she will be electrocuted, causing her to fall into a coma. Unlike other Game Over screens, the player does not receive the SNAP option at the "Comatose" Game Over screen. Before the April 26th, 2018 build, if Ayano attacked a delinquent, held a weapon near them for too long, killed a student in front of them, or dragged a body in front of them, they would hit her across the head with their weapon, also causing this Game Over.



Tasered by Kocho. October 1st, 2017.

If Ayano threatens Kocho Shuyona, he will use his taser on her and she will fall unconscious. She will not be given the SNAP option.

Kocho uses his taser if:
Ayano stands too close to him for 60 seconds.
Ayano threatens and backs off him ten times.
Ayano brings a corpse into his office.
Ayano brings a weapon into his office.


Being a Delinquent

In the future, if Ayano is part of the delinquents' gang and is sent to the Counselor's Office, Ayano may get an automatic Game Over.[3]

School Shutdown

If half the school is massacred, the headmaster will be forced to close down the school. He would never do it normally, but in extreme cases like this, he must and it would lead to a Game Over.[4][5] This may happen if a large number of teachers die as well.[6] This has not been implemented yet.

Mission Mode

Main Article: Mission Mode

If Ayano gets a Game Over in this mode, she will fail her mission and the player will be required to start over again. There are many unique Game Overs in Mission Mode.

Mission Objectives

If Ayano fails any of her mission objectives, such as killing a student who is not the target, she will fail the mission and receive a Game Over.


Main Article: Nemesis

Nemesis will continuously stalk Ayano and if she catches Ayano, she'll kill her, resulting in a Game Over.

Metal Detectors And Security Cameras.

If Ayano acts suspiciously in front of a security camera or holds a weapon while passing through a metal detector, she'll receive a Game Over.

Awareness Meter

The awareness meter works exactly like the reputation meter. If Ayano is caught doing too many suspicious things, her awareness meter will reach 100 and she'll receive a Game Over for blowing her cover.

Yanvania: Senpai of the Night

Main Article: Yanvania: Senpai of the Night

The player character of this game, Beldere-chan, can take damage. If her health reaches zero, she will die and the Game Over screen will pop up, asking if the player would like to continue or not. Choosing "Aye" will restart the level, choosing "Nay" will take the player back to the main menu.


Burning Love

Main Article: Burning Love

If Sakura chooses any incorrect choices through the game, the game will immediately end and the player will be taken to the title screen.

  • When Sakura finds the ritual knife, and tells a teacher.
  • When Sakura picks up the knife, and runs to get a teacher.
  • When Sakura in the demon realms explains that she is lost or that she seeks power.
  • When Sakura states that she is not worthy to see the Flame Demon.
  • Choosing "That's Interesting" when the Flame Demon explains why his head is on fire.
  • Choosing "Don't say anything" when the Flame Demon explains where demons come from.
  • Choosing "That sucks" when the Flame Demon explains how he became a demon.
  • Choosing "That's interesting" when the Flame Demon explains what he does all day in the demonic realm.
  • Choosing "That's a lot" when the Flame Demon tells how many demons are actually in the realm.
  • Choosing "That's nice" when the Flame Demon explains the back stories of two other demons near him.

Choosing the wrong choices while on the date with the Flame Demon will cause him to get annoyed and take Sakura's soul.


The Flame Demon taking Sakura's soul.


Main Article: Yanderetale

The player can take damage from Oka's attacks. If the player's health reaches zero, they will die and the Game Over screen will appear, asking if the player would like to continue or not. Pressing "Z" will restart the game; pressing the "ESC" button will exit the game.


Midori Forest

Main Article: Midori Forest

If the player runs out of time or gets caught by one of the Midori's, they will be surrounded by Midoris and get a Game Over.



  • The player can still change Ayano's hairstyle in the Game Over screen by pressing H.
  • Certain actions by the player will allow them to continue playing even after receiving a game over.


  • Ayano will never die in the main game, but losing Senpai's love in a Game Over is essentially "death" to her.[7]
  • The font that is used for Game Overs is called Levi Brush.



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