Secondary sprite art for Framing, from "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future".

Framing is an underhanded method that can be used to eliminate rivals or students in Yandere Simulator, and by extension, to restore School Atmosphere.

NOTE: There may be more ways to frame a rival in the future.



If a corpse is discovered on school grounds and the police find a murder weapon with a student's fingerprints on it, that student will be arrested for the murder. The player can wear gloves to take a weapon with another student's fingerprints on it, use it to commit murder, then leave the weapon and dispose of the other evidence. School Atmosphere will then return to 100% afterwards, since students believe that the killer was caught.

Currently, every student can be framed for murder using the following method (except the Student Council and the Delinquents): To start, you must head to the Art Club to grab some masking tape and the box cutter. Afterward, you must go to the Incinerator area. Near the incinerator is a small cardboard box. Use the masking tape to shut the box, and then plant the box cutter onto the tape. Finally, pick up the box, and ask any student to help you take out the box cutter, which will leave their fingerprints onto the weapon. Afterwards, if commiting murder with this weapon, said student will be framed and arrested. You must be wearing gloves during this process, or else it will not work.

From 3:30 PM to 3:40 PM on Monday, Kokona will walk down to the Cooking Club and prepare a meal for its members. If Ayano wears gloves, she can steal a knife after Kokona finishes using it without leaving her own fingerprints on the weapon.

The description on the scheme menu is, "This scheme will end with your rival being framed for murder."

Bloody Clothes

In a future build, the player will be able to frame a person for murder when she drenches them in blood. The victim will leave their bloody uniform in her locker, so if the police investigate the lockers, they will assume that the victim committed the crime and arrest them.[1]

Murder-Suicide (Glitch)

Ayano can frame a mind-broken student for murder. Any mind-broken girl will kill the student of the player's choosing, and will then kill themselves right after the murder. If the mind-broken girl is interrupted somehow with the day ending before she can kill herself, she will be the one arrested because she still killed a student, has her fingerprints on her weapon, and is alive. If the event is not interrupted, the police will conclude that it was a murder-suicide.


If Ayano wins a combat mini-game against a delinquent, they will drop a weapon with their fingerprints on it. Using the gloves, Ayano can murder an NPC with the weapon without getting her fingerprints on it, get rid of all other evidence, and effectively frame the delinquent she took the weapon from, getting them arrested.


There are several factors that will affect the outcome of the police investigation, such as:

Kidnapping + Framing:

Kokona's body being found.

If the player tries to frame Kokona while kidnapping her, the police will find her sleeping inside the storage room used for kidnapping. They will assume that she hid from the police and will arrest her.

Framing + A Dead Rival: When the police arrive, they will note that Kokona and the other victim are dead and thus cannot perform an arrest. They will decide that a murder-suicide took place and will leave.

Framing + Insanity: If Kokona is framed, but Ayano is visibly insane, they will both be arrested.

Framing the Dead Rival: The police will notice the corpse, blood, and fingerprints of Kokona. The police are not able to solve the mystery and no one will be arrested.



  • If Ayano uses a knife without fingerprints to kill a student, and then uses another knife with fingerprints, the police will arrest her for the knife stained with fingerprints.
  • In the future, the player may be able to frame a girl for misbehaving to ruin her reputation.[2]
  • If the rival is arrested, Senpai would be in disbelief, but he would have no way to overturn the evidence against her and would be powerless to help the rival. [3]
  • If the majority of rivals are framed for murder, Senpai will develop a fear that all women are murderers.[4]
  • Framing was implemented in the December 1st, 2015 Build.
  • In a future build, the player may be able to frame a teacher if the right circumstances arise.[5]
  • It may be possible in the future that if the player frames someone and they are sent to prison for life, the NPC will commit suicide.[6]
  • If the player frames Kokona but forgets to remove their bloody clothing, the police will note that the blood on Ayano's clothing is not hers. She is able to convince the police that she was splashed with blood while witnessing a murder.
    • However, if the player frames Kokona but then kills her, and forgets to remove their bloody clothing, the police will note that the blood on Ayano's clothing is not hers and she will be unable to convince the police she did not commit murder.
  • If the player picks up the knife after killing a student with Kokona's fingerprints on the weapon, the police will link Ayano to the murder, not Kokona.
  • If Ayano frames Kokona, but then tranquilizes her and subsequently hides her body in an instrument case, the police will find Kokona and believe she was trying to hide, and arrest her.

Bloody while framing Kokona.