Fragile is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator.


Horuda Puresu, currently the only Fragile student. November 19th, 2019.


Fragile. February 20th, 2018.

If a student with the Fragile persona witnesses Ayano Aishi murdering someone, they will beg for mercy and swear they won't tell anyone before fleeing the school, and won't call the police. If they see a corpse, they will flee the school and call the police.

The next day, they will refuse to speak to Ayano, cannot be interacted with, and will not damage her reputation.

They will cover their face if Ayano points her camera at them.


If Ayano gossips about a Fragile student to the point they are bullied, she can take a picture of a bully speaking to someone, meet the Fragile student via note, show them the picture, and convince them that they are being targeted by a specific student.

The next day, the Fragile student will wait by the entrance gate curled up, similarly to a mind-slave. Eventually, they will stand up, walk over to the person they think is bullying them, kill them, and then commit suicide.



  • This persona was implemented in the February 20th, 2018 Build
  • Outside of behaviors from getting bullied, the Fragile persona is functionally identical to the Coward persona.
  • Currently, the only student with this persona is Horuda Puresu.
    • It is possible that the amount of students with this persona will remain the same in the final game.[1]


...are you...being sarcastic...?
— When complimented while Ayano has a low reputation.
I don't think I deserve those words... but thanks.
— When complimented while Ayano has an average reputation.
Thanks... I really needed to hear that today.
— When complimented while Ayano has a high reputation.



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