Flame Demon

Role Demon
Age 590 (2021)
Persona Unknown
Crush Sakura (Burning Love)
Strength Unknown
Appears Burning Love
Voice Patrick M. Seymour[1]

The Flame Demon is one of the Occult Club demons that can be interacted with through the Demonic Ritual. He is also a main character in the visual novel Burning Love.


The Flame Demon stands at the left side of the circle of light. He is a humanoid wearing Male Uniform #2. His head and hands are covered in white fire, with his hands stretching outwards.

When flustered, it appears that he can sweat and blush.


Are you interested in me? What a pity. I am not interested in you at all. You are boring. You are not worthy of my time.
— The original conversation with the Flame Demon.
A mortal? Here? How curious. Do you wish to borrow my power? Ha ha ha. You are not worthy. Return when you have proven that you can wield my power.
— The conversation with the Flame Demon as of the February 21st, 2016 Build.

When walking up to the Flame Demon, the player is given an option to commune with him. His dialogue was originally non-audible, displayed with shaking, red text. As of the second February 21st, 2016 Build, he has a deep, slow voice and different dialogue. He is voiced by Patrick M. Seymour.

Flame Demon's Ritual

Main Article: Demonic Ritual

To perform the Flame Demon's Ritual, Ayano must obtain the ritual knife from the Occult Club and heat it up with the blowtorches in the Science Club. Then, she must place the ritual knife back in the skull, until it starts to glow in flames. From this point, any student stabbed with the ritual knife will be set on fire. To finish the ritual, Ayano must kill five students and place them in the summoning circle. The screen will then turn black, with shaking red text reading, "You have proven your worth. Very well. I shall lend you my power".

After that, two flame orbs will appear floating on Ayano's hands, her pupils will turn white and she will begin to levitate in a long grey dress. By holding the left CTRL button, flames will shoot out of Ayano's hands, setting fire to any NPC in their path, excluding those without AI.

Burning Love

Main Article: Burning Love

The main character in the Burning Love visual novel, Sakura, was transported to the demonic realm and had to seduce the Flame Demon. It is up to the player to make the correct choices in order for the demon to accept Sakura's feelings.


According to the visual novel, Burning Love, he was born into a wealthy family in 1431. The peasants surrounding his family grew envious and attacked the family. One day, a mob of peasants stormed his manor intent on stealing his valuables. The Flame Demon's parents were no match for the mob. The mob beat his parents and eventually burned them alive.

After the peasants raided the manor, they burned it to the ground as well. The Flame Demon hid during the assault, but still witnessed his parents being beaten and burned. His desire for revenge was so strong that he performed a demonic ritual to commune with a demon. It took interest in him.

After striking a deal, he performed a sacrifice, with the demon granting the Flame Demon the power to control fire. He was then reborn into the demonic flame form. He took revenge by making the peasants experience what they did to his family and worse. Once his vengeance was complete, he left the human realm for the demon realm.

He has a flaming head because when someone becomes a demon, they are reborn into an appropriate form. Because of how he was reborn, it was most appropriate for his form to be on fire.


  • He was implemented in the February 21st, 2016 Build.
  • The Flame Demon's ritual was implemented in the January 16th, 2017 Build.



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