Holding the fire extinguisher. February 1st, 2019

Fire Extinguishers are weapons in Yandere Simulator.


Two fire extinguishers are located on each floor, one near each bathroom on the east wing. They can be picked up and are used as a bludgeoning weapon.[1]

Fire Extinguisher Animations

There are different fire extinguisher killing animations depending on Ayano's level of sanity.[2]

  • High Sanity: Uppercuts the victim's head with the object.
  • Medium Sanity: Attacks through the victim's abdomen, then strikes it in the head.
  • Low Sanity: Tackles down the victim, then attacks with the object double-handed.
  • Stealth Kill: Uppercuts onto the victim's head with the object.


  • Fire extinguishers were implemented in the March 17th, 2016 Build.
  • According to the label at the bottom of the fire extinguishers, they are made by a company named Caliburn Safety Equipment.
  • The person putting out the fire on the instructions is Ayano herself.[3]
  • YandereDev has stated in April's Frequently Asked Questions that the fire extinguishers were created by a modeler as a “screening task” to prove that he was competent enough to contribute to the game’s development. Since he didn’t want this model to go to waste, he placed fire extinguishers around the school as decorations. However, they are fully functional to be used as weapons.



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