Falcon Mode

Falcon Mode is an Easter Egg Mode in Yandere Simulator.


This mode is a reference to the video game F-Zero. Press F to activate this mode. It cannot be deactivated until the game is reset or the day ends. Once pressed, Ayano will don a blue full body outfit with yellow arms and legs with a belt. Her hairstyle will change and she will have a yellow mask.

The song "Admiral Hawk", a parody of "Big Blue" (Captain Falcon's Theme), will play the entire time.

BigBlue Remix

Music of Falcon Mode.




During this mode, the player is able to kill students (except Senpai) and teachers. When the Left Control button is pressed, instead of shouting Captain Falcon's iconic "FALCON PUNCH", Ayano will yell "YANDERE PUNCH". She will fly forwards, sending anyone in her way flying up into the air. NPCs who witness this will treat the killed NPC as a normal corpse, so Heroic or Strict NPCs will not attack the player. The player will run very fast wherever she goes, making it difficult to navigate through tight corridors, but the player is able to easily outrun a teacher.


  • Usually, if a student is Falcon Punched, their ragdoll physics will break.
  • Sometimes, if the player is in Falcon Mode and speeds up the time, they will be able to run through the school walls.
  • Ayano's skin texture will break if she wears gloves.
  • If the player tries to Falcon Punch a delinquent but gets pushed away, the player cannot perform a Falcon Punch anymore until the day ends or the game is reset.
  • If Ayano changes her shoes while in this mode, she will wear her uniform but with the mask and shoulder pads.


  • The game's warning referred to this mode, saying that this game contained "impossibly strong punches". This warning was later removed because YandereDev said that it was "cringey".
  • Senpai cannot be killed anymore by this mode as of the April 15th, 2016 Build.
  • This mode was implemented in the January 1st, 2016 Build.
  • Due to the delinquents' pushing hitbox, it is not possible to punch a delinquent.




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