Faking suicide is a method that can be used to eliminate a rival. There are two ways to fake a suicide; by pushing a classmate from the rooftop and writing a fake suicide note, or by framing her for her own death.

The description on the scheme menu is: "This scheme will end with your rival falling to their death."

Rooftop Method

3-25-2017 Saki Kokona conversation

Kokona and Saki having their rooftop conversation. March 25th, 2017.

Eavesdropping and Locker Notes

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As of the May 15th, 2015 Build, Saki Miyu and Kokona Haruka break their paths on Monday, 1:00 PM to have a meaningful conversation about Kokona's family problems. Once the player acquires a "Learned New Info" HUD after listening in, she can place a note in Kokona's locker asking to meet her at the rooftop.

Depending on what is put in the letter, there will either be a positive or negative response from the subject. The recipient will either follow the directions to the rooftop or ignore the anonymous letter. In the letter, there will be a variety of options for the subject of the meeting, the time, and the place. Should the player ask for a meeting time that conflicts with a scheduled event such as a club activity, the rival will simply head to the rooftop as soon as she returns to her locker and reads the note.

Rooftop Meeting

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Once Ayano has led the student to the rooftop, she will have a twenty-minute opportunity to sneak up on the victim and shove them off the rooftop to make it seem like the person committed suicide. After the victim has been pushed off, a note can be left by the victim's shoes on the rooftop if the player has allocated enough study points in the Language skill. If no note was left, it will be treated as a murder case by the police.

If the player does not want to push a rival off, she can talk to her about her problems in order to befriend her. In either scenario, it is a win-win case for Ayano.


Corpse Left Note Left Reaction
No No A teacher will walk around and find a pair of shoes, which causes them to worry that there was a suicide. As they find no corpse, they will not take any action.
No Yes A teacher will walk around and find a pair of shoes and a note, which causes them to worry that there was a suicide. As they find no corpse, the teachers cannot do anything about it.
Yes No A teacher will walk around and find a corpse as if it appeared to commit suicide. They will call the police, who will treat the corpse as a murder case. They will search for any weapons and corpses, so if the player leaves evidence of another homicide, they will be arrested. If not, the police will not have enough evidence to perform an arrest and will leave.
Yes Yes If the player leaves a suicide note with the shoes and the corpse is not disturbed, the police and school will believe the suicide without a second thought. The school will then decide that the roof is too dangerous for students and erect a larger fence. With this fence, it will be impossible to dump water off or push any more students off the roof.


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6-1-2016 CorpseInDumpster

A corpse in the dumpster. June 1st, 2016.

If the player doesn't want to drag the body to the incinerator and risk anyone catching them, there is an easier option. The protagonist can push or pull dumpsters down below so when she pushes the person off the rooftop, they will fall into the dumpster instead.

She must push the dumpster into the correct place and have it open before killing someone, or else the victim won't fall into it. To indicate whether the dumpster is correctly aligned, an image of a pink exclamation-mark in a triangle appears. When pushed, the victim will fall into the dumpster. It will count as a hidden body, so the player can attend class, but it will be found by the end of the day. To hide the body, the player needs to pick up a garbage bag and place it inside the dumpster. The dumpster will fill up with trash and the body will be successfully disposed of. In future builds, there may be more bags needed to hide a body.[1]

The victim's shoes will be left on the roof, but as there is no visible corpse, the shoes will not arouse much suspicion.

Framing Method

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Another way to fake suicide is by framing Kokona for her own murder. On Monday, Kokona will use the Cooking Club to prepare octopus-shaped hot dogs for her friends. The player can use gloves to steal the knife that Kokona used and kill the student. If the body and weapon are discovered, the police will think that Kokona killed herself. If there are other bodies with Kokona's as well, the police will believe it was a murder-suicide.


Push kill

Push kill

A clearer WIP version of fake suicide, directly from the original animator's YouTube account.


The second camera. February 17th, 2016.

  • Fake suicide was implemented in the May 15th, 2015 Build.
  • If the corpse falls to the ground but not into the dumpster, the corpse will spill blood.
  • If the player opens the debug menu and press G, the player and Kokona will be teleported to the rooftop.
  • Pressing Q while pushing someone off the rooftop will have a second camera appear on the left.
  • In some cultures, it is a tradition to remove shoes before committing suicide. Taking off shoes represents crossing a threshold or stepping out of the current life and stepping into the next. It's also a way to communicate the fact that the death wasn't an accident or a murder.[2]
  • The corpse of a fake suicide victim will have white shoes after being pushed off. This is because there is no model for a shoe-less student.[3]



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