The second sprite art for Snitch, from "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future"


The colored Sprite art for snitching, shown in Let's Examine Hitman.

Expulsion is an elimination method used to eliminate rivals non-lethally.

The description on the Schemes menu is: "This scheme will end with your rival being expelled."


Ayano can expel students by framing or witnessing them breaking school rules and reporting them to Genka Kunahito. Until the December 1st, 2019 Build, if the player reported to Genka once a day for five days, the test rival Kokona Haruka would be expelled for unruly behavior.

Expose Dirty Secret

In order to expose the dirty secret, the player must buy it from the services menu. Up until the December 1st, 2019 Build, she could then report it to the counselor, who would then talk to Kokona about it after school.

Frame For Theft

Every day during lunchtime, Sakyu Basu will sit down to eat lunch with her sister and take off her ring. The player has a small window of time to steal the ring and, up until the December 1st, 2019 Build, place it in Kokona's school bag. Afterward, the counselor would search Kokona's bag and find the missing ring.

If Ayano placeed the ring in Kokona's bag but did not report Kokona for theft, Kokona would return the ring to Sakyu. It also would be impossible for the player to report Kokona for theft in the future.


Kokona discovers Sakyu's ring inside her bag.

Frame for Smoking

If the player buys cigarettes from Info-chan, up until the December 1st, 2019 Build, she could place the carton in Kokona's school bag. Afterward, the counselor would find the cigarettes in the bag and scold Kokona.

Frame for Panty Shots

Up until the December 1st, 2019 Build, if the player stole Kokona's phone from the Shower Room, she could take pictures of students' panties. She then would have to leave it in the Cooking Club in the main kitchen before 4:00 PM when Kokona sits down to eat. After school, the counselor would search Kokona's phone and find the images.

Frame for Vandalizing (Osana's Thursday expulsion method)

The player must obtain a screwdriver and sabotage the yellow vending machine in the cafeteria. After the player sabotage the yellow vending machine, the player must buy the salty snack from the red vending machine, and give it to Osana, and Osana will accept the salty snack. But instead of Osana going to the sink to drink fountain, Osana complain Raibaru that she is thirsty, and Raibaru tell Osana if she likes soda, then Osana loves soda. after that, she will head to the second floor and head to the yellow vending machine that the player sabotage. After Osana inserts a coin into the yellow vending machine, Osana will realize that the yellow vending machine has stolen Osana's money, and Osana will kick the yellow machine. While Osana is trying to kick the yellow machine, the player must take a photo that Osana kicking the yellow machine. Afterward, the player must report to the counselor about Osana kicking the yellow vending machine before 3:30 PM.

Frame for Cheating

The player can steal a copy of an answer sheet from the Faculty Room, and give it to Info-chan. She will duplicate the answer sheet. The player will have to put one copy back on the desk, and one in the current rival's desk during lunchtime. After attending class, the counselor will find the rival "cheating" and take her to the counselor's office, where she will then be expelled.

If Ayano takes the answer sheet but forgets to duplicate it, a teacher will notice the missing paper and change all the answers for the test. Ayano will lose the opportunity to expel the rival.


A teacher discovers that the answer sheet is missing. March 31st, 2016.

Up until the December 1st, 2019 Build, if Ayano completed all the steps required to expel Kokona for cheating but did not notify the counselor, she would not be expelled.

Expulsion Meter

The lower the meter, the closer the rival is to being expelled. Each report will drop the bar by 20%. Up until the December 1st, 2019 Build, when it reached zero, Kokona would be expelled.


This is...! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This kind of conduct will definitely harm the school's reputation. I'll have to have a word with her later today.
— The counselor being notified about Kokona's dirty secret.
Your "after-school activities" are completely unacceptable! You should not be conducting yourself in such a manner. This kind of behavior could cause a scandal! You could run the school's reputation into the ground!
— The counselor scolding Kokona about her dirty secret.
CounselorSecretLecture's not what you think...I was
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being scolded for her dirty secret.
Is that true? I'd hate to think we have a thief here at school. Don't worry - I'll get to the bottom of this.
— The counselor being notified about Kokona "stealing" Sakyu's ring.
May I take a look inside of your bag? ... ...this doesn't belong to you, does it?! What are you doing with someone else's property?
— The counselor scolding Kokona for "stealing" Sakyu's ring.
No! I'm not the one who did this! I would never steal from anyone!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for theft.
That's a clear violation of school rules, not to mention completely illegal. If what you're saying is true, she will face serious consequences. I'll confront her about this.
— The counselor being notified about Kokona's "smoking".
I need to take a look in your bag. ... ...cigarettes?! You have absolutely no excuse to be carrying something like this around!
— The counselor scolding Kokona for "smoking".
Huh? I don't smoke! I don't know why something like this was in my bag!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for smoking.
That's a very serious accusation. I hope you're not lying to me. Hopefully, it's just a misunderstanding. I'll investigate the matter.
— The counselor being notified about Kokona "taking panty shots".
May I see your phone for a moment? ... ...what is THIS?! Would you care to explain why something like this is on your phone?
— The counselor scolding Kokona for "taking panty shots".
It has come to my attention that you've been vandalizing the school's property. What, exactly, do you have to say for yourself?
— Unimplemented voiceline of Genka scolding Osana for vandalizing the school's property.
W-wait, I can explain! It's not what you think!
— Osana trying to defend herself after being framed the vandalizing the school's property.
What?! I've never taken any pictures like that! How did this get on my phone?!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for panty shots.
That's a bold claim. Are you certain? I'll investigate the matter. If she is cheating, I'll catch her in the act.
— The counselor being notified about Kokona "cheating" on her test.
What is this? You're cheating? That is absolutely unacceptable!
— The answer sheet being found in a rival's desk by a teacher. March 31st, 2016 Build
What's this inside your desk? An answer sheet? You're cheating?! Unacceptable!
— The answer sheet being found in a rival's desk by the counselor. May 1st, 2016 Build
You're Cheating
What? Wait, no! I don't know how that got there!
— Kokona trying to defend herself after being framed for cheating
You're in big trouble, young lady! Come with me, I'm taking you to the guidance counselor!
— A teacher before taking the rival to the Counselor's Office. March 31st, 2016 Build
Come with me! Obviously, we need to have a long talk about the kind of behavior that will not be tolerated at this school!
— The counselor telling Kokona to follow her. May 1st, 2016 Build
Come With Me
That's it! I've given you enough second chances. You have repeatedly broken school rules and ignored every warning that I have given you. You have left me with no choice but to permanently expel you!
— The counselor expelling Kokona.
No! Please! Don't do this!
— Kokona implores the counselor not to expel her.


  • If the majority of rivals are expelled from school in the future, Senpai will develop a negative opinion of women.[1]
  • Expulsion via framing for cheating was implemented in the March 31st, 2016 Build. The other elements were implemented in the May 1st, 2016 Build.
  • It's possible that in the demo version, "Frame Dirty Secret" might be replaced to "Frame Vandalizing".



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