Endless Mode or Random Mode is a planned mode in Yandere Simulator.

Endless Mode features a randomly-generated high school, randomly-generated students,[1] and randomly-generated rivals,[2] unlike Story Mode, where all of these mechanics are pre-determined and will be the same on every playthrough. Students[3] and rivals will be replaced after being defeated, and the game will always generate a new rival every week.[2]

The main objective is to achieve the highest score, which means that Ayano will never get a chance to confess to Senpai.[4]

RMP --

Examples of randomly generated students, shown in the video "Let's Examine Hitman."


  • This mode will not be included in the free demo.[5]
  • Despite everything being randomly generated, there is still the ability to customize Senpai and uniforms during Endless Mode.[6]
  • This mode will be available from the start and will not have to be unlocked.[2]
  • Rivals in Story Mode will wear special stockings, but in Endless Mode, rivals may not wear them because then it will be too easy to identify rivals.[7] The player will have to stalk Senpai to see who interacts with him.[2]
  • There could possibly be male rivals in the "Random Mode" YandereDev was talking about.[8]


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