Endings are cut-scenes in Yandere Simulator that will occur after defeating the final rival.[1]

Note: Endings are not to be confused with Game Overs, which are a type of ending Ayano Aishi can get that ensures that she cannot be with Senpai.

Since the game is still in early production, there is no way to earn any real ending yet. However, YandereDev has mentioned a few times on what kind of endings the game might have.

It is confirmed that there will be multiple endings[2] which consist of several serious endings, one secret ending, one joke ending, and one true ending.[3] Ayano will get what she wants in every ending.[4] Senpai's mental state by the end of the game will determine what ending will play out.[5] Senpai could "develop PTSD, a personality complex, a nervous disorder," but Ayano will still know what to do or say to make Senpai instantly fall for her.[6]

Depending on what way however, is through the player's choices. Endings will range from happy, to sad, to bittersweet, to confusing.[4] Similarly, it is said that the game's story will have multiple plot twists.[7] The endings will be based upon how Ayano has been eliminating girls and how that affects Senpai, along with special endings under special circumstances.[8]

Demo Ending

As it is a demo, there will only be one rival while the full game will contain 10 rivals. The demo will have a cliffhanger ending once the week is over.[9]


It will be possible to win the game without hurting anyone. YandereDev has said that this ending is one of the most important aspects of the game's design since the beginning. He is very committed to this ending.[10]

Not Helping Info-chan

Main Article: Info-chan

If Ayano got rid of the rivals non-lethally and never took panty shots for Info-chan, a different ending will play out. YandereDev has not revealed what type of ending this will be.[11]

Final Confrontation

The final confrontation against Megami Saikou is said to be able to go a variety of ways; it could be violent or it could be something else.[12]

Confessing to Senpai

YandereDev has confirmed that Ayano will only confess to Senpai if all ten rivals have been eliminated. If her reputation is -100 or lower, Senpai will reject her confession.[13]

10 Rivals in Basement

Main Article: Basement

There will be a special ending for keeping ten rivals in Ayano's basement. Any less than that, and Ayano will keep them as pets forever or will exterminate them off camera.[14]

Total Elimination

This is a joke ending.[15] It is confirmed that eliminating the entire student body in one day (which would be at least one hundred murders) will result in a unique ending.[16] YandereDev has stated that Senpai could truly accept Ayano's love in this ending.[17]

Mind-Broken Senpai

Senpai's sanity will influence some of the game's endings.[18] There will be a mind-broken Senpai ending once he reaches 0% sanity.[19]

In an interview with Techraptor, YandereDev once explained that if Senpai discovers five corpses over the course of the game, including his own sister's, he will become so mentally traumatized that he will essentially be a vegetable. When Ayano confesses her feelings for him, he will not be able to acknowledge her. Ayano will interpret his silence as consent, and will begin a relationship with her mute, traumatized, mind-broken Senpai.[20]

In the future, if Senpai found out that Ayano was involved in his sister's or childhood friend's death, he may grow violent towards her in an ending.[21]

1980s Ending

Main Article: 1980s Mode

There will be two endings for this mode: a short and simple ending, and the canon ending.[22]


  • Depending on the ending, peacefully going back to school may be impossible.[23]
  • It's possible that the amount of suffering in each ending may be directly equivalent to the amount of suffering Ayano brings on others.[3]
  • The Journalist may appear in one of the endings. It has not been confirmed which one.[24]
  • A choice the player makes during the game's 'True Ending' will determine what age Ayano becomes pregnant.[25]
    • It's unknown how Ayano will become pregnant if the player chooses a female Senpai.
  • The endings probably will not extend too far into the future.[26]
  • In the final game, Seduction might affect the ending cut-scene.[1]



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