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Drive to murder is an elimination method in Yandere Simulator.

Driven to murder.


The player will be able to eliminate individual rivals by learning about their dark secret and exploiting it. As it is unconfirmed which rivals this method will work on, individual processes are unknown.

As of April 15th, 2021 Build, The player will achieve this by driving students to kill Osana without kidnapping. Currently, the only way to do this is to asking Fragile students to tell them who was actually responsible of the tragedy that they've been go through. Ayano must lowering Fragile's reputation in order to drive them to kill Osana Najimi without kidnapping or being mindslave.

Kokona Haruka

For the test rival, Kokona Haruka, a video was released to propose the idea of the elimination.[1]The process involved befriending both Kokona and Musume Ronshaku. After listening to Kokona's phone call, Ayano would then ask Kokona to meet her on the rooftop for compensated dating (enjo-kosai).

In the conversation with her, Kokona admits that her father is in debt to loan sharks, and she needs to participate in compensated dating to help her father out of his debt to Ronshaku Loans, owned by Musume's father. Ayano then reveals to Kokona that Musume is spoiled, getting anything that she wants from Kokona's father's money, and using it on show-off items such as expensive jewelry, watches; on top of that, Musume isn't grateful for her luxurious life at all.

Afterwards, Ayano kidnaps Musume, and convinces Kokona to come to an abandoned building, where Musume is tied up and blindfolded. Ayano tells Kokona that if Musume is beaten up, it will send a message to Ronshaku Loans, forcing the company to release its clients from debt. However, it is not Ayano's words that strike Kokona's desire to kill, but Musume's verbal abuse upon recognizing Kokona's voice. She snaps, and she hits Musume to death with a bat.

Kokona is arrested after the act due to Ayano having left the location and called the police while it was happening. The police arrive to see the murder scene and Kokona with the murder weapon. She is then arrested. Kokona would be unable to convince the police that Ayano made her accidentally commit murder.

Amai Odayaka

Amai is the only rival to have been illustrated as a murderer in a drawing by Kjech.[citation needed] How it will be executed is currently unknown.


  • This method was proposed on September 30, 2017 in this video.
    • It was fully implemented on April 15th, 2021 Build.
  • Instead of driving the rival to murder, the player can befriend and betray the rival currently.
  • Horuda Puresu will be the only student that can achieved this challenge.