Drama Club room. June 28th, 2017.

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February 2nd, 2016.

The Drama Club is a club in Akademi High School.


This room is located on the first floor. As of the May 19th, 2017 Build, the room has a dark purple floor with a light purple wall. There is a large nature backdrop with red curtains in the middle of it, with a blue mat in front. At the back of the room, there are six masks suspended on a wooden board. There is also a table in the far right corner where silk gloves are, and the Magical Girl Wand, the Fantasy Sword and the Sword are in the southeastern corner. There is also a box with "The heartbeat of Literature" written on it, containing props, probably an easter egg of "Doki Doki Literature Club!". At the front of the room are 5 red chairs. At the left and right side of the room there are costume racks.

If Yandere-chan uses a mask to hide her identity while committing murder, the masks will be removed from the wall the next day and can never be used again.

Joining the Club

To join the club, the player will have to talk to Tsuruzo Yamazaki and select the "Join" option on the interaction wheel. Afterwards, they can participate in club activities. After joining, the player will wear a rose accessory.


Yandere-chan has easy access to masks and gloves, allowing her to hide her identity and keep her DNA off weapons.


Students will use this room after school. As it is not fully implemented, no students will go inside yet. However, the player can still choose to participate in club activities, where the members improve their acting together from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The player can obtain silk gloves from here to frame students. As of the March 16th, 2016 Build, Yandere-chan is able to wear masks to hide her identity.



A student in the Drama Club.

Possible members of the Drama club

The old designs for future members. Including Kokona, Riku and Kizana.[1]

Drama club

The Drama Club walking to school.

Leaving and Disbanding

Yandere-chan will be kicked out if a member sees her kill another student. In the future, she will also be kicked out if the player does not participate in club activities at least once a week. If the leader dies or if there are less than five members in the club, the club will disband. Once the club closes, the door to the room will be locked.

Yandere-chan can also request permission to leave, but once she leaves, she can never join again.


  • The room has some lighting issues during the club activities.


  • This club was implemented in the November 15th, 2015 Build, but the club benefits were implemented in the March 15th, 2016 Build.
  • Saki Miyu belonged to this club before the December 3rd, 2015 Build.
  • A poster for the Drama Club can be found by the Locker Room as of the March 31st, 2016 Build.
  • YandereDev thinks that Kizana designed the room color when she became president.[3]
  • The club members are essentially Kizana's entourage/minions.[4]