Kuroko Kamenaga, a Dangerous student. November 19th, 2019.


A student with the Dangerous Persona. December 18th, 2017.

Dangerous is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator.


All Student Council members have this persona.

If a Dangerous student witnesses Ayano Aishi commit murder or holding a corpse, they will run up to her and pepper-spray her, resulting in a Game Over. If Ayano bumps into them, they will push her away, and will pepper-spray her after they have pushed her five times. If they discover a corpse, they will tell a teacher and guard the body with the teacher.

If a Dangerous student catches Ayano fighting a delinquent, they will stop the fight. If they see her performing a suspicious activity, they will send her to the Counselor's Office.

If Ayano aims her camera at them, they will stand still and will not react. Furthermore, Ayano will not be able to interact with them in any way. They are not affected by seduction and intimidation will also not work on them if Ayano attempts to intimidate them when she has joined the delinquents.

As of May 9th, 2020 Build, if a Dangerous student report it to the teachers and they discover that all teachers all dead, they will run out of school and calls the police, Just like the Teacher's Pet Students.



  • This persona was implemented in the December 18th, 2017 Build.
  • This persona is currently exclusive to Student Council members.
  • Dangerous students used to pepper-spray Ayano if she was caught fighting with the delinquents.
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