Custom Mode, formerly referred to as Scenario Editor Mode,[1] is a planned mode in Yandere Simulator.[2]

It follows the same path as the original Story Mode, but the player is able to customize the students, rivals, weapons, and school in any way they want.[3][4]

There will be a limit on how many weeks there will be in the game, but YandereDev has not decided yet.[5] There will be no more than 10 customizable rivals in this mode.[3]

It is very likely that students will not have a designated suitor and will be able to be paired with any student.[6]

The player will be able to customize student information and possibly their voices, however, this would only be added late in Yandere Simulator's development.[7]


  • Akademi High will be grid based.[8]
  • Custom Mode will not be included in Yandere Simulator's free demo.[3]

An example of the layout of the school being customized, shown in "Let's Examine Hitman".

  • YandereDev has stated that Custom Mode will be a "marriage" between Yandere Simulator and Mario Maker.[8]
  • YandereDev would like to include the ability to designate who the rival is.[9]
  • YandereDev has stated that it will be very unlikely that it will take multiple weeks to eliminate a rival.[10]
  • It is possible that the player will be able to import their own student textures.[11]


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