Confession Tree

The Confession Tree is the cherry tree behind the main building of Akademi High School where the rivals confess their love to Senpai.


This cherry tree is a tall tree with pale pink flowers, with petals lightly drifting to the ground. Before the November 15th, 2015 Build, the tree was located behind the school, ever since the early debug builds. As of the November 15th, 2015 Build, the tree is located on a steep hill behind the track. Around the end of the day, the tree becomes slightly tinted with gold. As of February 14th, 2020 Build, the back of the tree has what appears to be a cave bellow the hill, although, the entrance is blocked by large boulders. The boulders can be removed with the bike Easter egg or cheat, and there is nothing in the cave. There used to be a sign telling the player not to peek.


The tree was planted more than 240 years ago, at some point before 1780 as it pre-dates "The First Aishi".[1] The person who planted the tree isn't important.[1]

There is a myth at school that if someone confesses their love to their crush under the cherry tree behind the school on a Friday, the two of them will love each other forever.

The tree didn't become "mythical" in any way at all until the year 1797; the confession version of the myth has existed for around 100 years.[1] YandereDev made this myth because "a girl confessing to a boy underneath a cherry tree" is a cliche in anime,[2] which is why in the game is mostly mentioned about a girl confessing to a boy. However, the myth isn't gender-specific.[1]


Every girl who falls in love with Senpai plans to confess their feelings for him at 6:00 PM on Friday. Currently, only Osana has been confirmed to believe in the myth about the cherry tree behind the school, but not all rivals believe in it. Some rivals are non-superstitious, but they will confess under the tree anyway because they will have a specific reason for choosing the tree, aside from the myth.[1]

Ayano has until 6:00 PM on Friday to eliminate the competition. If she fails, Senpai accepts your rival's confession, which leads to a "Senpai Lost" Game Over. If she successfully matchmakes the current rival with her suitor, she will confess to him instead. If she successfully sabotages your rival's interactions with Senpai, he rejects her confession.

Ayano would love to confess to Senpai underneath that tree one day.[3] It's likely that it will happen in the game's few endings.

A Mysterious Tape is located on the hill near this tree.

Easter Egg

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In the old days of Yandere Simulator, when you'd come to the tree, you could change your uniform to a bright red and a pitch black, but that is now removed.

If Ayano steals Sakyu Basu's ring at lunchtime and then goes to the Confession Tree, an audio clip saying "...that...ring..." will play, as of the June 3rd, 2016 Build.


The voice. June 3rd, 2016.


  • In older builds, the Phantom Girl used to float right by the tree for testing purposes but was moved to the bathrooms.[4]
    • If Ayano ran into her back then, her uniform would turn black and red.
  • On the school's social network page, Sakyu Basu asks how old the tree is.
    • Previously, Senpai was the one who asked how old it was.
  • Hanako Yamada, unlike other rivals, will not confess her love to her brother underneath the Confession Tree. She will instead force him not to get a girlfriend so she can have all of his attention.[5]
  • Ayano would most likely never deface this tree.[3]
  • In the March 15th, 2017 Build, Lycoris Radiata flowers were implemented around the tree, however, as of the May 1st, 2017 Build, they have been removed due to causing frame rate issues.[6]
    • In the May 6th 2020 Build, the flowers is reimplemented, YandereDev attempted to restore the flowers using a optimized shader that wouldn't harm the FPS. In the future size, shape and movement will be change.
  • In February 14th, 2020 build. If one decided to look inside the cave, they'd find a white box with the following message "Peeking? Naughty! It's not ready yet". It was later removed. [7]
    • As of March 1st, 2020 build, the cave first appears to be empty, but if the player use cheat under the map, looking at the right angle, you can see what appears to be the Confession Tree's roots it can't appear from the player perspective.[8]



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