Clubs are a way for Ayano Aishi to gain certain benefits and easily access certain supplies in Yandere Simulator. They have not been fully implemented yet.

Students at Akademi High School are members of a specific club or profession and will go to the clubs after school.[1] Ayano can join a club as of the January 1st, 2016 Build. As of the February 1st, 2016 Build, she can join every student club except the Info Club and the Student Council.

Depending on how many students there are in the final game, there might be only a few clubs that all have to do with buffs or rivals.[2] Ten clubs are planned as of November 2015.[3] If the school has one hundred students, there may be fifteen clubs, five{six for the rival clubs} people per club, and twenty-five clubless students.[4]

Clubs will affect a student's behavior and, in the full game, their capabilities. For instance, members of the Occult Club may go to their clubroom as part of their routine and members of the Sports Club may run faster than other students.[5]

Clubs will be mostly populated with students that have personas that are appropriate for the club.[6]

Game Mechanics

Joining Clubs

6-1-2016 JoinAskOccult

Asking to join the Occult Club. June 1st, 2016.

To join a club, Ayano first has to talk to the leader of the club and select the option of joining. The leader of the club always wears a red armband on their left arm. The player cannot join two clubs at once or try to rejoin a club they have previously left. The player must join when the club leader is standing in their position in their own clubroom. Afterward, the player will gain an accessory related to that club. The Student Council will require Ayano to fit multiple criteria.

The accessories will not appear when nude. Since they are mainly used for identifying which club Ayano is in, there may be an option in the future where the player can turn off the visible accessories.[7]

Leaving and Disbanding

Ayano will be kicked out if a member sees her kill another student. In the future, she will also be kicked out if she does not participate in club activities at least once a week. If the president dies, goes missing, or if there are less than five members in the club, the club will disband. Once the club closes, the door to the room will be locked. Students' appearances and routines will change after this as well. Ayano will be kicked out of the Student Council if she does not complete her duties.

Ayano can request permission to leave, but once she leaves, she can never join again.

If a club disbands, all of its members will then remain clubless forever.[8]

In the future, if a rival who is a club leader comes to school on their week, but the club was disbanded while they were gone, there will be a short cutscene where they are informed about the club's situation.[9]

No Club (Club 0)


July 13th, 2016.

Senpai, Sakyu Basu, Inkyu Basu, Horuda Puresu, Kuu Dere, Hazu Kashibuchi, Kyuji Konagawa, Otohiko Meichi, Toga Tabara, Osana Najimi, Musume Ronshaku, Kashiko Murasaki, Hana Daidaiyama, Kokoro Momoiro, Hoshiko Mizudori, Hanako Yamada, Osoro Shidesu, Umeji Kizuguchi, Hokuto Furukizu, Gaku Hikitsuri, Dairoku Surikizu, and Hayanari Tsumeato do not belong in any clubs.

Cooking (Club 1)

Main Article: Cooking Club

July 13th, 2016.

Shoku Tsuburaya, Ajia Ashitomi, Kenko Suboyaka, Saki Miyu and Seiyo Akanishi are members of the Cooking Club.

The Cooking Club president, Amai Odayaka, will be the second rival, so she will not appear until the second week.[10] During her absence, Shoku Tsuburaya is the substitute Club Leader.

While part of this club, Ayano is able to make food and give it to students to increase her reputation. She can also carry around a knife unholstered without being considered suspicious when she is standing inside the club room and that the knife is clean.

Drama (Club 2)

Main Article: Drama Club

July 13th, 2016.

Tsuruzo Yamazaki, Kokona Haruka, Riku Soma, Shozo Kurosawa, and Tokuko Kitagawa are members of the Drama Club.

The Drama Club president, Kizana Sunobu, will be the third rival, so she will not appear until the third week of gameplay. During her absence, Tsuruzo Yamazaki will act as the substitute Club Leader.

While part of this club, Ayano will have easy access to masks and gloves when she is in this club, which can hide her identity when committing murder (other than the exception fo committing murder in front of Senpai). If Ayano commits murder while wearing the mask and a witness got away, the next day the school will decide to ban the masks which will prevent Ayano from using masks in the future.

Occult (Club 3)

Main Article: Occult Club

July 13th, 2016.

Members of this club will perform rituals. Shin Higaku, Supana Churu, Daku Atsu, Chojo Tekina, and Kokuma Jutsu are in the Occult Club.

The future fourth rival, Oka Ruto, is the president and founder of this club. Since she is a rival, she will not appear until the fourth week of gameplay. During her absence, Shin Higaku is the substitute Club Leader.

While Ayano is a member of this club, her sanity will deplete at 50% of the normal rate and students will take longer to notice her engaging in suspicious actions.

Art (Club 4)

Main Article: Art Club

July 13th, 2016.

Geiju Tsuka, Borupen Saishiki, Efude Nurimono, Enpitsu Byoga, and Maka Tansei are in the Art Club.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she will not be considered suspicious when covered in blood if she is wearing a painter's smock.

Light Music (Club 5)

Main Article: Light Music Club

July 13th, 2016.

Miyuji ShanGita YamahatoBeshi Takamine, Dora Tamamoto and Kiba Kawaito are in the Light Music club.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she is able to walk around with a cello case without being considered suspicious, which will help her transport dismembered corpses and large weapons, and can do on-stage performances to gain a major reputation boost.

Martial Arts (Club 6)

Main Article: Martial Arts Club

July 13th, 2016.

Budo Masuta, Juku RenSho Kunin, Shima Shita, and Mina Rai are in the Martial Arts Club.

All members of this club have the Heroic persona and are capable of self-defense.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she will automatically win any struggle minigame against other NPCs.

Photography (Club 7)

Main Article: Photography Club

June 1st, 2018.

Fureddo Jonzu, Beruma Dinkuri, Dafuni Bureiku, Rojasu Norubiro, and Sukubi Dubidu are in the Photography Club.

All member of this club have the Sleuth persona.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she will be able to zoom her camera in and out, students will not react to her camera, and Sleuths will not investigate her when the school's atmosphere is below 80%.

Science (Club 8)

Main Article: Science Club

July 13th, 2016.

Kaga Kusha, Yaku Zaishi, Horo Guramu, Meka Nikaru, and Homu Kurusu are in the Science Club.

All members are Teacher's Pets.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she will have easy access to a Science Vacuum that will clean up bloodstains.

Sports (Club 9)

Main Article: Sports Club

July 24th, 2018.

Itachi Zametora, Unagi Denkashiza, Iruka Dorufino, Mantaro Sashimasu, and Hojiro Zameshiro are in the Sports Club.

The Sports Club president, Asu Rito, will be the fifth rival, so she will not appear until the fifth week of gameplay. During her absence, Itachi Zametora is the substitute Club Leader.

This club is a combination of the Swim Team and the Track Team.[11].

While Ayano is a member of this club, she is able to run faster and carry sports equipment without being considered suspicious.

Gardening (Club 10)

Main Article: Gardening Club

July 1st, 2018.

Uekiya Engeika, Himari Fujita, Sakura Hagiwara, Sumire Suzuki, and Tsubaki Uesugi are members of this club.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she has access to the shed, and can carry gardening equipment without being considered suspicious.

Gaming (Club 11)

Main Article: Gaming Club

July 13th, 2016.

Gema Taku, Pippi Osu, Mai Waifu, Midori Gurin, and Ryuto Ippongo are in the Gaming Club.

While Ayano is a member of this club, she will be able to temporarily increase one of her stats once per day, every day.

Student Council (Club 13)

Main Article: Student Council

December 18th, 2017.

Kuroko Kamenaga, Akane Toriyasu, Aoi Ryugoku, and Shiromi Torayoshi are in the Student Council.

The tenth rival, Megami Saikou, will be the leader, so she will not appear until the tenth week of gameplay.

Ayano cannot currently join the Student Council. In the future, if she is able to join, Ayano will have the opportunity to do something to Megami if she is in the club; however, it is unknown what this is.[12]

In the future, Ayano will be able to ask favors from students without befriending them and she can go anywhere without suspicion, except for the boys bathroom.

In 1980s Mode, there will be a different cast of student council members.[13]

Faculty (Club 100)


Kaho Kanon's Occupation, July 13th, 2016.

All teachers are listed as the teacher to their respective class.

YandereDev confirmed that Nasu Kankoshi and Muja Kina will also be in the Faculty Club.[14]

Gym Teacher (Club 101)

Kyoshi Taiso is the only member of this club.

Info Club

Main Article: Info Club

July 13th, 2016.

Info-chan is part of this club. It contains only one member and is exempt from school rules. It was explained in Headmaster Tape 10 that Info-chan blackmailed Kocho Shuyona into giving her the clubroom.

Removed Clubs

Main Article: Removed Content

Gardening Club (Club 0)


April 6th, 2015.

Senpai was the only student in this club. However, both Victim-chan and Witness-chan were in this club prior to their removal, meaning that it was once the club with the second highest number of students. However, it has been added again.

Computer (Club 5)


November 1st, 2015.

Saki Miyu and Sora Sosuke were once in the Computer Club.


Info-chan was once the president of this club. It was removed because YandereDev thinks that a Newspaper wouldn't be very popular in the year the game takes place.[15]

However, YandereDev maybe will add this club as a replacement of the Info Club in 1980s Mode.[16]

Sewing (Club 9)


January 3rd, 2016.

There are no students in this club, as it has been removed. There was a planned method where Ayano could have access to infinite clean uniforms.[17]

Other Removed Clubs

  • Martial Arts Club (Club 1)
  • Sports Club (Club 2)
  • Sewing Club (Club 3)
  • Photography Club (Club 5)


  • All the available clubs still existed in 1989.[18]
  • As of the January 7th, 2016 Build, YandereDev is trying out the idea of putting background music into every club room.[19]
  • Each club leader used to have an armband with a Japanese symbol that means "Club Leader".[20], now each club leader has an image of their club's meaning instead.
  • In the future, if Ayano steals an object or a tool that belongs to a club she is not in, a member of that club will accuse her of committing theft and will attempt to put the stolen item back in its club.[17]
  • It is possible that in the future, those with particular personas like Coward will not report murders and not get Ayano kicked out of a club.[21] This has not been implemented yet.
  • The point of the clubs is to trivialize one aspect of the gameplay. YandereDev expects the player to build their strategy around the corresponding benefit.[22]
  • During the club leader meetings, Gema Taku will not join the rest of the leaders, but instead, watch from the outside.
  • In the March 31st, 2016 Build, club posters were implemented and can be found located at the entrance to the plaza in the north wing.
  • Originally, in a previous build, the Placeholder Club Leader in the Light Music Club eventually got Miyuji's voicelines by accident. This has been fixed, due to there being no more Placeholder Club Leader's.


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