A cello case. May 6th 2016.

The cello case is an item in Yandere Simulator used for hiding dismembered bodies and for crushing students.[1]

NOTE: Crushing students with the cello case is not yet implemented.



A dismembered Oka Ruto inside the case. May 7th, 2016.

The cello case is a meter-long black case. Before the November 15th, 2015 Build, it was located on the rooftop. It is now located in the Light Music Club room on the second floor. Before the March 2nd, 2016 Build, it could only be picked up and carried around.

As of the March 2nd, 2016 Build, Ayano Aishi can open the case, close the case, put items in it, and carry it on her back. It is much larger and more rounded than the previous one.

Wearing the cello case will take up the fourth slot of the her inventory. As of the March 5th, 2016 Build, a white "X" appears over the cello case icon if an obstacle is blocking the way so it cannot be dropped. This icon has been removed as of the June 1st, 2016 Build.

As of the March 15th, 2016 Build, if she is not in the Light Music Club, she is not able to use or pick up the case at all.



The inventory icon of the cello case. May 7th, 2016.

Main Article: Dismemberment

This case was first showcased in the video "Yandere Simulator Dismemberment and Guitar Cases", showing how dismemberment would work.


The inventory icon when the player cannot drop the case. May 7th, 2016.

This case is functional as of the March 2nd, 2016 Build. After Ayano has killed a student, they can be dismembered with a circular saw. The corpse will be cut into six sections: the left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, torso, and head. She can only carry one body part at a time, so using the cello case to transport a dismembered body is more efficient. She can put each body part into the case and then walk around with it. With the body parts hidden in the case, no students will react to the situation.

Ayano can mix and match body parts from different students into the case (such as an arm from one student and a head from another), but cannot put two of the same body parts into the case (such as two heads).

Because the cello case is located in the Light Music Club, joining the club will give Ayano easier access to it. Besides body parts, she can also put large, non-concealable weapons inside the case.

Weapons That Can Be Stored


Main Article: Crushing

In the future, Ayano will also be able to drop the case off the rooftop to crush any student below.[1]


  • Certain student accessories, such as long hair or headbands, will visibly clip through the case.
  • If a weapon is hidden in the cello case and the police arrive at school, they will find the weapon inside the case and trace it to Ayano.


  • The design of the case is a reference to Wind Waker.[2]
  • The case was first shown in the August 1st, 2014 Build, before being implemented again in the August 12th, 2015 Build. The case was moved from the rooftop to the Light Music Club in the November 15, 2015 Build. It became fully functional in the March 2nd, 2016 Build.
  • YandereDev first called the cello case a guitar case in the "Yandere Simulator Dismemberment and Guitar Cases". He later said on Twitter that it was a cello case since cello cases are bigger and can hold more.[3]
  • The heaviest cello case YandereDev can find weighs fifteen pounds, which could easily kill an unsuspecting student below.[1]
  • As of the March 2nd, 2016 Build, a katana or a circular saw can be carried within the case.
  • When the cello case became functional in the March 2nd, 2016 build, it could not be put down once picked up for keyboard users. The player can press 4 to drop the case as of the March 3rd, 2016 Build.


What's with the case?/On your way to a concert?/Pff. Nice case, loser./You picked the lamest instrument./Is it expensive? Would you cry if I broke it? Heh.
Delinquents after seeing Yandere-chan carry the cello case.



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