Buraza Town was an area that Ayano Aishi could visit after school. After its removal in the May 1st, 2017 Build, a prototype version of one street in Buraza Town has been reimplemented into the game as of the October 17th, 2019 Build.[1]

Current Appearance

As of the October 17th, 2019 build, A single street of Buraza Town is available during night-time. The town street was implemented in the October 17th, 2019 Build.


Buraza Town's street in the October 17, 2019 build.

On both sides of the street are a variety of stores, including a hair salon, the maid café where Ayano works, and a ramen booth. Between the ramen booth and the gift shop lies a thin alleyway, where a prototype version of the Yakuza can be seen. At the far end of the street is a fence that overlooks a large sea where many boats/ships can be seen going by. In front of the hair salon is a bench, where Kokona and an older man can be seen sitting on.

Pressing the spacebar will toggle between nighttime and daytime.


The new Buraza Town. October 17th, 2019.

First Appearance

The first town was implemented in the August 12th, 2015 Build and modeled by Ivan Mitkowski, but was just a placeholder.[2]

The town had no buildings, but instead had long white cubes. There was a small park and a pond in the town as well. Akademi High School was found on the tallest hill on the right side of the town. At school, there was a small portal that said "Go to School", which functioned the same as going to school straight from Ayano's room.

The town was coastal, as Ayano could make a right on the first street and find a beach of sorts, along with what appeared to be a dock.

There was once a track field behind the school yard that served no real purpose.

Buraza Town was accessible through Ayano's bedroom. Ayano was able to ride a bicycle around town. There was a small timer/HUD in the lower right-hand corner that documents how long it took to get to school and Ayano's longest wheelie. No matter how long she stayed in Buraza Town, she would arrive at school on time at 7:00 AM. When she went to school, the HUD showing the time taken to get to school would turn red.

This version of the town was removed in the May 1st, 2017 Build.

Second Appearance

The town was updated in the January 1st, 2016 Build. There were houses located around the town. The player could see a shrine and a tower. If the player took a right at the end of the street, the player could see a lighthouse in the far right corner of town. There was a hospital near the school. There was also a gas station.

As of the March 15th, 2016 Build, the sky was a dull brown, rather than blue. The color had been changed between brown and blue several times since this build, and was finally blue as of the June 3rd, 2016 Build.


Main Article: Controls

The Control Menu for biking. June 3rd, 2016.

Press C to access the Control Menu.
  • W: Forward
  • S: Reverse
  • A: Left Turn
  • D: Right Turn
  • Left Shift: Pedal faster
  • Enter: Press if stuck
  • ~: Reloads the level
  • 0 to warp to school.
  • E to Jump (unless Ayano is at the "Go to School" point)

Mouse Controls

  • Scroll to zoom in or out, from a view from behind Ayano to a bird's-eye-view that overlooks a good chunk of the town.
  • Move the mouse to change the camera angle (unlike gameplay on school grounds, this does not affect the direction of Ayano's movement if she began moving before shifting camera angles).


  • When riding the bike in the old town, Ayano could get stuck in sidewalks, walls, roads, and at various elevations.
  • Ayano could float upwards. It's unknown what caused this bug.
  • When entering the school, the game occasionally crashed.


Burazu town from mountains
  • If the player uses Falcon Mode to climb up the hills outside Akademi, Buraza Town can be seen.
  • There were no NPCs seen while biking through Buraza Town.
  • The music played while biking was the Pokémon Omega Ruby / Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Battle Resort Theme. However, it will not be in the final game, as it is copyrighted. YandereDev confirmed that any music from any franchises that are used in current builds will be replaced with music with a similar tune.[3]
  • The name of the town was released on the August 12th, 2015 Build, which reads as "brother" in Japanese phonetics (ブラザ).[4]
  • The player could ride towards a wall and then repeatedly press Enter to go above that wall. C would not work.
  • Buraza Town is located west of Tokyo. YandereDev has actually picked out a spot on the map for it and might share it one day.[5]
  • YandereDev imagines that Saisho Saikou bulldozed a small town and made it into Buraza Town for his daughter, however, he may change this.[6]
  • As of September 2015, there was less than a 50% chance of the town getting fully implemented into the game.[7] Yandere Simulator would be designed under the impression there is no small town.[8]
  • Besides Yandere-chan and the shopkeepers, there are 15 characters in the street scene[9]:
    1. Witness-chan, standing at the front of maid cafe.
    2. Yui Rio, walking through the street.
    3. Yuna Hina, walking through the street.
    4. Koharu Hinata, walking through the street.
    5. Mei Mio, walking through the street.
    6. Oka Ruto, walking through the street.
    7. Kokona Haruka, sitting on a bench at the front of hair salon, with her date.
    8. Kokona's Date, sitting on a bench at the front of hair salon, with Kokona Haruka.
    9. The Yakuza, standing at the dark alleyway next to the ramen restaurant.
    10. Yakuza's co-worker #1, standing at the dark alleyway next to the ramen restaurant, talking with co-worker #2.
    11. Yakuza's co-worker #2, standing at the dark alleyway next to the ramen restaurant, talking with co-worker #1.
    12. Ramen restaurateur, standing behind the bar at the ramen restaurant.
    13. An unnamed woman, walking through the street.
    14. Kencho Saikou, standing on the boat on the sea.
    15. The mother of Amai Odayaka standing behind the bar at the Odayaka bakery.
  • The casual outfits worn by Yandere-chan and Kokona on the street are likely a nod to the YouTube video "Driving Your Rivals To Murder."
  • YandereDev is planning a game mechanic where if the player kills someone in the town, the school's atmosphere would lower as well.[10]
  • It is likely that the player will be able to eavesdrop on the present rival's conversations when she's eating at the ramen booth, providing Ayano with useful information.
  • YandereDev has stated that Ayano should be allowed to roam the town until midnight, but access to the school would stop at 6 PM (thus Ayano's time between 6 PM and midnight can only be spent in town and at home).[11][12]
  • If there is no small town added, the game will skip from Friday to Monday.[13]
  • If a small town is added, Ayano could use the weekend to gain extra study points, to stalk Senpai,[14] to roam around the town, earn money, find collectibles, and sabotage Senpai's dates. The player would still get an option to skip to Monday, though.[13]
    • Those dates would be with girls that don't attend Akademi, thus being girls separate from the ten main rivals.[15] Failing to sabotage a date may result in a Game Over, so skipping the weekend may not be an available option, depending on which direction the game's design goes in.[16]
  • If the beach is available, YandereDev would like to add some beach-themed elimination methods to Yandere Simulator.[17]
  • YandereDev imagines the town being out in the countryside, connected to other towns by a train, so the town should have a train station.[18]
  • If the police spot Ayano committing a crime and see her face, it will result in a Game Over.[19]
  • Some buildings will be able to be entered, but not every building. There will be events that present opportunities to eliminate rivals.[20]
  • YandereDev likes the idea of a stray cat or dog that the player is able to keep, but it would require cat models, cat animations, programming time, and a two week push back date.[21]
  • YandereDev is thinking that, instead of a whole town, one large street with a diner, houses and some other things. This would save on modeling costs.
    • This was implemented with the reimplementation of the town in 2019, which appeared in the October 19, 2019 Build.
  • The removed students that were available as "interactive" characters can be seen on the street.
    • Kokona Haruka is the only character in the street that was not removed.
    • The male Rainbow 12 and Victim-chan are the only removed "interactive" students that were not added to the street.
  • Before the November 15, 2019 Update, the gift shop was a music store.


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