Not to be confused with glitches found in the game.

Bugs can be planted by Ayano Aishi to acquire information for Info-chan, which can be exchanged for favors. They have not been fully implemented yet.


Ayano is able to plant bugs in pre-determined spots around the school in order to help Info-chan gather secrets and blackmail. This is an alternate option to taking panty shots.


Place bug HUD. September 1st, 2017.

Currently, the bugs can only be planted. Each bug Ayano plants will give her 5 points on the services menu.


There are currently ten locations where Ayano can place bugs:

  1. Under the printer in the Faculty Room.
  2. Under the right side of Kocho Shuyona's desk in the Headmaster's Office.
  3. Under the chemistry table in the Science Club.
  4. Under the table in the Photography Club, near Fureddo Jonzu.
  5. On the opposite wall next to the delinquents.
  6. Under the first sink in the Shower Room.
  7. Under Megami's desk in the Student Council Room.
  8. Under Megami's laptop in the Meeting Room.
  9. On the railing by the rooftop ventilation shaft where Osana Najimi and Raibaru Fumetsu have their conversations.
  10. Underneath the eye chart in the Infirmary


  • Bugs were implemented in the September 1st, 2017 Build.
  • There was previously a bug you could place by the Outdoor Cafeteria, but since Kokona no longer has a phone call there, that bug was removed.
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