• Raibaru And Arms Forever
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  • It'smeClara

    I reckon most of the people here have no clue who I am, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clara, I joined wikia in early 2016 and was fairly active until 2018. A lot has happened since then. I have a daughter, a girlfriend, a university degree (Bachelor of Nursing), and my own life. When I came across this wiki, and read through all my old forums and messages, I am going to be honest; I cried tears of joy. The wikia brought me so much joy, and it pains me a little to make such a post like this. However, life goes on, and I have other responsibilities. I don't know if anyone will actually read this and think "Ah, I remember her, I miss her,". But, I felt it was neccessary to make a post saying goodbye, even if it was just for myse…

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  • The Dankman


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  • Maven1010

    Sorry actually.

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  • PrincessLOL90

    Okay, I just seen something news on YouTube that Yandere Dev is mean? I mean, I kinda don't believe it. But, at the same time. I do! 

    Alright, so, I heard that he is prideful and doesn't listen to others on how to improve the game. I'm not a Yandere Dev hater. But, I just found this out. So, I'm scared. I always wanted to meet Yandere Dev. But! I'm afraid of he doesn't like me for trying to make the game better, or trying to say he can change. I sometimes watch Yandere Dev's video's when I was 14 I started playing the game. Not knowing the game developer, or the Wiki's Fandom for Yandere Simulator. 

    I'm now 16 and ready to try out the game again. My parents will not like the game developer if he is a turd! And if course. I don't think that!…

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  • YaoiLover&Supporter

    OK, listen. JUST FUDGING LISTEN! So there is this girl at school who I have a little crush on. She is fastest female runner in our class, and I am the fastest male runner. We were playing a game as a class. The two of us were the last people running, so we were not looking where we were going, so we accidentally bumped into eachother. That was awkward! (^^")

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  • Azukine Yanete


    June 2, 2020 by Azukine Yanete

    Hi! ^w^

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  • Horuda Pursesu

    I'm making a wiki page for The First Aishi. If anyone wants the google docs link to help, let me know.

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  • FrostheartA


    May 20, 2020 by FrostheartA

    Im Frost! Nice to meet u all!

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  • Aquamarianamina

    Yandere Simulator IS set in an anime eviroment. However, so me concepts may be a little unrealistic. For example, whacking someone with a dumbbell will most likely result in a concussion, unless you have top strength.

    YandereDev should add different killing features based on the strength of Yandere-chan. I know Yandere Simulator is not meant to be the most percise game on earth, but that's just my opinion.

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  • Toloru

    When i try to open the app, my antivirus move to quarentine because  "it's infected. " That hapenned two times and idk what to do. Is that normal? What should i do?

    (srry for bad english i'm still learning)

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  • PresiVladiNedi

    The other day something crossed my mind and I’m thinking about it since so I decided to share it with you. So we all know that Yandere dev is working on Osana for quite some time (I think it’s over three years but correct me if im wrong). In every video he says that Osana will be implemented soon but that didn’t happen.We all know that you can add her and the other rivels to the game by using the document with all the characters names. The only problem is that they are buggy. The other thing is that Yandere dev likes to surprise us often with easter eggs or new characters and other things. So what if he was lying to us about working on Osana the whole time? What if she is finished years ago and now he is working on the last rivels and inst…

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  • IIWishII

    I've been thinking (With the help of another person) Yanderedev has always been talking about making it harder to hide and easier to be caught and I just thought of an idea, what if he adds a janitor or 2 that are kind of like the nurse in a way because they carry their janitor room keys in their pocket also, they are like the student council and a teacher because they go around the school but they don't investigate around the school but they actually go around EVERY ROOM to clean and if they see you doing something "bad" they can also send you to the counselor's office. I kinda like this idea because, he/she is going around looking for rooms to clean or things to pick up and throw away but they are also capable of finding you and getting …

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  • Sunyx.edits

    Rival Elimination

    April 27, 2020 by Sunyx.edits

    For a while now we have been aware that there was going to be 10 rivals in the final game. As fans, we must imagine methods to ‘eliminate’ these rivals using the techniques we had gone through in the unfinished yandere simulator. Kokona Haruka being our practice rival was help for the final game knowing now we can kidnap, poison, drown, matchmake, torture, befriend, and so forth. Anyway, I thought I would go through the elimination methods and pick out some methods that will work best on our lovely little rivals.

    1. The first rival of the game is Osana Najimi, the childhood friend of senpai and a rival that has kept us fans hyped since 2015. Osana is a childhood friend and we know senpai is going to be severely depressed if Osana died so I tho…

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  • Sunyx.edits
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  • Sunyx.edits

    I have seen multiple discussions about ‘Info-chan possibly betraying Ayano in the final game’ so I thought I might look into it and come to a satisfying conclusion for myself using the information we know right now. Currently, we are aware that Info-chan is NOT a rival which makes her out of that loop. After reading a few comments on it I realize that I am on both sides of the spectrum. Info-chan betraying Ayano would probably be one of the biggest plot twists in the game considering that Info-chan as been there since day 1 for Ayano and has provided a lot of information...but what if we think of it as a way to bribe information out of Ayano to one day sabotage her and ruin her chances of getting senpai. Let us go back to the theory on Inf…

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  • Queen of Idiots


    April 19, 2020 by Queen of Idiots

    What's the non binary version of a king or queen, for just in case

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  • Ayanoaishi000

    for once i came up with a cool elimanation the basement elimanation to get this elimanation you have to do it on friday and only friday you have to tie your rival up in the basement once you get her in the basement scroll all the way down and theres an option that should say Talk i came up with some cool voice lines so get ready

    (ayanos voice lines you really want to know why You annoy me you disgust me you make me mad and you really tought your gonna have taro no you wont have him never will (evil laughter)

    (rival voice lines) What are you gonna do to me WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS W-What!! IM SORRY Wait why do you have a baseball bat What are you gonna do with that? NO DONT COME ANY CLOSER STAY AWAY FROM ME NO NO NOOO (Screaming)

    After then ayan…

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  • Aphmau6000


    April 10, 2020 by Aphmau6000

    hi am a new member to this wiki if anybody could recoomend some good pages that would be highly apperitaided

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  • KKokona Harukaa

    Ive been playing yandere simulator ever  since the kub scouts played it and i always wondered what if there was a mode where you play as the rivals what im saying is i would like to see a mode like a hide and seek tag sort of thing kinda like the friday the 13th game and each rival has a ability Osana has the ability to  distract ayano  by saying baka And she can run faster Amai has a frying pan giving her the ability to knock ayano out for 5 seconds and that makes her stronger  kizana has the ability to Hit ayano in the head with a baseball bat causing ayano to have a headache for 5 seconds oka has the ability curse a knockout spell on ayano for 10 seconds asu has the ability to punch ayano hard as hell  um i dont feel like adding hannako…

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  • Psg137409

    Saki's comments

    April 7, 2020 by Psg137409

    I saw on YouTube that Saki could comment on the Intenet while kidnapped. Is it like magic or something (I know its a bug)? Who knows how Saki could post on the Internet with her phone while being tied to the chair!:)

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  • Galaxy-The-Husky

    Ok This Is Really Weird To Me But Riku Sounds Like A Youtuber I Subscribed To If Your Wondering Who It Is It's CraftedRL But Hey That's My Opinion To Me They Sorta Sound The Same I DON'T KNOW OK!!!

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  • KanaoTsuyuriRolePlayer

    Can someone tell me how to save my rinmaru avatar? I 'm new that's why...

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  • Rozko

    What is this?!

    April 1, 2020 by Rozko

    This is now Tanks wiki... and it's completely different! Who did this and why?! This is the original YS wiki! Has it been hacked?!

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  • Luren2.0

    AYANO'S B-DAY!!!!

    April 1, 2020 by Luren2.0


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  • Musumealltheway

    Hi everyone! This is the first post of my blog! Ok so today me and the bullies all went out to the finest restaurant! It was great. Our school is currently shut down due to coronavirus but it's okay because I still hang out with my besties! All the rest of the bullies are staying for a sleepover and it's gonna be great! We are watching fresh prince of bell air since it's one of the greatest shows. Oh it's gonna be so fun. Hana I on snapchat snapping pictures of us all and sending them to gema taku! He is so cute! I took a pic of all of us together and put it on my story lol! Ok well that's all for now! Thanks for reading musume blogs!

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  • Cxlivvv

    lmao can someone help me

    March 27, 2020 by Cxlivvv

    heyy so i just got yandere simulator onto my computer and the game has been extracting files for 10+ hours is this normal?

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  • Tephra

    New Wiki Manager

    March 25, 2020 by Tephra

    Shrev64 and I swapped assigned wikis, so I am now the new Wiki Manager for the Yandere Simulator Wiki.

    I have known YandereDev for some time (we first spoke in 2016).

    Anyway, I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. So if anyone ever has a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall or message me on Discord at Tephra#2372.

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  • ChloeTheRainbowStar

    Konnichuwa!I am Kuroe Ruzon!

    If you translate into English it means"Hi I am Chloe Luzon"I am player in Yandere Simulator but I would never kill anyone,at first,my class is 2-3,even though...I always stalking Ayano just because...she kills someone because her beloved Senpai,his real is Taro Yamada,I am the member of Drama Club because I'm always having a drama.I just hate Kizana Sunobu just because she thinks Oka Ruto is creepy,but no way,she's not creepy.Today,we got lockdown here in Japan cause of this virus,so anyways that's all and I hope you enjoy and I will go somewhere here in this fandom,I will see you guys in this fandom bye!

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  • KanaoTsuyuriRolePlayer


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    March 17, 2020 by SAKURACHA~1

    If you want Yakuza, share your opinion. If you don't, then don't post a comment on this blog post.

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  • A random student

    Yo names A random student but please call me Randamu. I’m currently 15 years old and will be turning 16 in October 23rd and currently, a sophomore in high school. I got into Yandere Simulator in 2016 because I had a bunch of Yandere Dev vidéos in my recommendations so I was like “why don’t I give it a try” and here I am, head chat mod of the Yandere Simulator wiki. I joined the wiki in October 17th of 2016 back when I was almost 12 but I created my first ever wiki account Fangirl918 back when I was 11 years old in 2015. Being with the Yandere Simulator staff had been a dream for me since I joined and I still can’t believe it had came true at first, I thought I would never become staff due to the amount of applications I created and were he…

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  • Jackboog21

    Been awhile since I updated. Sorry about that. Here's an update.

    • Added 4 new hairstyles; PigTails, and 3 alts for various hairstyles.
    • Added Journalist/Mysterious Tape 3.
    • Began implementing the school.
      • Very little has been added.
    • New "Graphics Profile" in settings.
      • Fast, Pretty, Super and Custom are the options.
      • Fast: Particles off, FPS 1/2, Shaders off
      • Pretty: Particles on, FPS 1, Shaders on
      • Super: Same as Pretty, except FPS is 2
      • Custom: Any customization you do
      • Note: Fullscreen and Vsync settings is not effected.
      • All future settings will respect your profile.

    • Updated Spanish translations.
    • Students now react to gameovers.
      • Violent gameovers will result in them being shocked
      • Non-violent just makes them stop talking.
    • If the Miku Mode Easter egg is on and you'…

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  • DanganronpaRein

    What I Do

    February 1, 2020 by DanganronpaRein

    What I'll mainly do on this wiki is work in the Discussion page. You'll be able to see polls and some questions I would ask on there. I might also do some of the pages on the characters, like Oka Ruto and the Rivals page. Please enjoy my content here and I bid you adieu!

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  • Luren2.0

    Hey guys! Luren2.0 here! have u guys heard of "Yandere Rap Battles"? (please read this right now). Well, here it is rightnow. Yandere rap battles is basically a rap series that is created by Michaela Laws. And if u wanted her to make more rap battles, u have to pay her to do more. 

    If u want more information, click on that link below:

    Make sure to click on this link and read this blog so u can know whats happeneing. If u have a question, seguesstion , and a request, make sure to comment down below on the second blog i made.

    Enjoy reading and listing to the rap battles.

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  • Ayanoyanderechan1


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  • Smileygurlie

    My favorite characters

    January 21, 2020 by Smileygurlie

    Rival chan

    Info chad

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  • Jackboog21

    Yesterday was the final day of Community Connect. We started with recap of yesterday. After that a speech about branding, media, SEO, and several other business things.

    The final session was about their commitment to us. After that I went to Disney World for several hours and had fun with 3 others.

    Now I'm mostly packed and getting lunch later with the 2 I flew in with.

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  • Jackboog21

    Today at Community Connect they showed off UCP.

    UCP doesn't look drastic and will begin rollout within the next few months. It will use the latest version of MediaWiki 1.33, and will feature a new Visual Editor. Mobile editing is also a major thing UCP has.

    The new user pages look alright, not too much of a divergence from the current system. Albeit it doesn't look as clunky.

    Some minor updates to Discussions was also showed off. It'll be losing "Filters" in place of a clearer "Category" system, but it's only made more prominent. It's not completely redone. Perhaps a larger (or smaller) change is that each post will appear smaller, thus allowing more posts to be shown at once.

    While I asked about what'll be replacing Comments and Message Walls…

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  • Jackboog21

    Last night was the opening welcome event. We had a buffet at Splitzville (I had a veggie burger and fries). During Dinner I was hanging out with SlyCooperFan1 and we spoke to several Fandom/Wikia staff.

    We talked a lot about Discussions, Maps, and SEO. It was informative and I talked about Discussion's having a lack of organization.

    Today is a packed day and I'll be heading to breakfast in a few hours.

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  • Jackboog21

    I've arrived to the hotel. After 2 planes and hanging out with 2 awesome fellow attendees along the way, I'm now unpacked and in my PJs.

    Tomorrow nothing will be happening until late since I arrived early. I'll make another blog after orientation.

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  • Jackboog21

    Hey everyone. I'm going to Community Connect that is being held by Fandom/Wikia in Orlando. This event lasts from the 17th to the 20th, though I arrive a day early.

    I'll be making more blogs over the course of the trip and keeping you guys up to date. At current I'm fully packed and ready to leave later today.

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  • KawaiiKunWolf

    3 Years

    January 9, 2020 by KawaiiKunWolf

    So hello

    Guess who hasn’t posted a blog in a year? >> MEeeeeEEeeeEeeEEEee. But all I wanted to say was wooo 3 years contributing to this wiki and 4 of just lurking around. Since people don’t really check my blogs, there really isn’t much to post here.

    I guess it’s been a wild 3 years on this wiki, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and see a lot of them leave. In this span of 3 years, this wiki has probably gone through at least 2 different waves/generations of people. Since I’ve been here, there was:

    • Large amounts of activity
    • A full Live! Chat
    • Lots of active staff
    • Slowdown of activity
    • The mass disappearance of the previous generation
    • A huge drought
    • YandereDev’s scandal phase
    • Trolls and vandals coming on this wiki
    • Another drought
    • The wave of chara…
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  • Kanna Kamui897
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  • Petey1112

    Launching Error

    December 24, 2019 by Petey1112

    Hey guys, I just installed Yandere Simulator. However, I couldn’t play it because of this error. How can I fix it? Here’s what it looked like.

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