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Berserker Mode.

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Killing Uekiya Engeika with the Drakeslayer.

Berserker Mode is an Easter Egg Mode in Yandere Simulator.


To activate this mode, the player has to press F7. When pressed, Ayano Aishi will become a berserker, sporting a black berserker outfit, obtaining black and white hair, and have one eye shut. A Drakeslayer will also appear on her back. When the sword is held while moving, it will leave a white trail.


Ayano is able to attack NPCs with the Drakeslayer. In order to wield the weapon, the player has to hold R. If the player presses the drop button or makes Ayano crouch while holding the Drakeslayer, it will return to her back instead of dropping. The School Atmosphere also gets lower, Ayano runs faster, and the music changes.


  • This Easter Egg was implemented in the June 1st, 2019 Build.
  • Despite the fact that the Drakeslayer is a sword, in the June 1st, 2019 Build, when stealth attacking students, instead of using the Katana animation, it used the Baseball Bat animation.


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