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Ayato Aishi

Student Info
Role Protagonist
Class 2-1
Club Player's Choice
Persona Devoted[1]
Crush Taro Yamada/Taeko Yamada
Strength Dependent on Physical Education
Appears Week 0
Voice Alejandro Saab [2]

Ayato Aishi, also known as Yandere-kun, is the male equivalent of Ayano. At this time, this student is merely hypothetical and does not actually exist.


"Many people have requested the ability to play as a male protagonist instead of a female. This would take a lot of extra time and money, since a male protagonist could not be added to the game without male equivalents of all of Ayano's animations and voiced lines. However, if it was to happen, what would "Yandere-kun" be like?

One possibility is that Yandere-kun - exactly like his female equivalent - is an emotionless boy who feels no reason to live...until he meets Senpai, and finally begins experiencing the same emotions and sensations that everyone else can experience. Yandere-kun would seek to eliminate anyone who threatens to take Senpai away from him, because Yandere-kun doesn't want to lose the one thing that makes him feel alive.

Another possibility is that Yandere-kun is a naturally sadistic person who requires an obsession to give his life meaning. He has marked a girl to be "his" - his property, his possession. He's hunting down anyone who flirts with Senpai because it's like a game to him...a game of death.

What kind of person will Yandere-kun be? Will there even be a Yandere-kun? Only time will tell."[3]

Easter Egg Mode

As of the March 8th, 2017 Build, a playable Yandere-kun is now available from the Easter Egg menu as an experimental mode. As he has not been fully implemented, NPCs will still address him as Ayano or Yan-chan, and his voice, such as when laughing, is still feminine. He will always wear Male Uniform 3, regardless of customization. Furthermore, his appearance will not change while wearing a gym uniform or school swimsuit, or while nude, though the censoring steam is still present. As he is just an Easter Egg, these things are to be expected.

Yandere-kun can be combined with other Easter Egg modes. However, he will wear his uniform under the Easter Egg outfit. To combine another Easter Egg mode, other than DK Mode, the day must be reset.

As of the March 15th, 2017 Build, his hairstyle has been changed and his smirk has been removed. Instead, his expression is now stern and serious.

Yandere-kun's in-game model. March 25th, 2017


Yandere Dev wants him to be named with "Yan" in it so the name can be shortened to "Yan-kun", just like Ayano.

Yandere Dev initially considered naming him "Hayanari",[4] which means either "Falcon Success" (隼成) or "Great Force" (逸勢). However, since another character now has that name, this is likely not in his plans anymore. In this Reddit post, YandereDev also expressed positive opinion for the name "Yanosuke" (彌之助 or 弥之助), which has various meanings, but stated that, in his opinion, the best name would be "Yanagi", which means "Willow" (柳) [5], because it's short, snappy, and has a double-meaning to a type of knife, "Yanagi-ba-bōchō" (柳刃包丁), a Willow Blade Knife.

As of the October 31st, 2020 Build, Yandere Dev has confirmed his name in a blog post: Ayato Aishi.


  • YandereDev pictures Ayato Aishi as a sadistic-looking version of Senpai.[6]
  • YandereDev does not find the idea of male yanderes appealing.[7]
  • Ayato had his official debut in Yandere no Sutoka, rather than the main game.
  • While this character is not meant to be Ayato, the Blush Blush character Cole is based on him.




Yandere No Sutoka

I want you all for myself...Senpai.
— While searching for the player.
I don't want anyone to come between us!
— While searching for the player.
Come on out, Senpai...
— While searching for the player.
Come out, come out, wherever you are, Senpai...
— While searching for the player.
Don't hide from me.
— While searching for the player.
If I can't have you, no one can.
— When the player gets caught by Ayato.